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Excellent RF and featureset, slow operating system


Jul 8, 2004 by Volareman

PROS: The bountiful Features: Camera, Bluetooth, Speakerphone etc. TONS of Symbian System 60 software available.

CONS: Big one for me.... Operating system speed (user interface speed). SLOWWWW.

I was hoping this would be the phone of my dreams, love of my life, all that stuff. While the featureset is exactly what I'm seeking, when it comes to moving around on menus and navigating through the phonebook it is SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. If you're the kind of person that is used to zippy menus etc, please try this phone beforehand. Hold one and scroll through the phonebook and then pretend you have a customer on hold and someone in your cube and you're going through the book trying to find another number. It's just not that responsive. Dunno if that's just the CPU or programming. Oh well.

I love the Bluetooth and the camera quality is all I'd expect. Useful for taking a quick photo and emailing it immediately to somebody. Speakerphone is surprisingly clear-- I've had people on speakerphone who just don't believe me when I tell them they're on speakerphone.

If you're in a fast-paced environment and don't want the phone holding you back, I wouldn't recommend this. Otherwise, no problems. The 3.5 reflects it's rating to ME due to slowness. If it was zippy, I'd easily give it a 5.0.



Jun 28, 2004 by jli

the nokia 6600 picks up a great signal. i also own the t610, and the reception is substantially better. i almost always have complete bars of service. i have had the phone for 2 months, and i have yet to drop a call.

extremely pleased with this phone. would HIGHLY recommend!!

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Great phone


Jun 28, 2004 by GSMBrie

Over the years I've used many different phones from several manufacturers. This Nokia 6600 has been the first one to actually fit all my needs.
Nothing is perfect however, but this is as close as I've come to having something that it.

pros: Good battery life, Symbian OS and availability of software, nice size, big bright screen, bluetooth connection. Excellent reception.

cons: (and Nokia is fixing this with the 7150) resolution of the camera, inability to get longer the 9 sec's video with standard camera and 40 with 3rd party software, choice of MMC card instead of higher capacity SD memory cards. (these are all really my only complaints) I use the camera and video quite a bit so am looking forward to the higher resolution and longer recording time of the new Nokia.

All in all a truely wonderful phone with PDA features. I'll be getting an infrared keyboard with drivers for this phone tomorrow so am anxious to test it out. Wish Nokia had a bluetooth and drivers for this phone but it's not an absolute necessity. The T9 predictive text works well.

Very happy with it.

Overall a Pretty Good Combo


Apr 2, 2004 by samizak

Overall this is a pretty good combination phone. I have set it up on AT&T GSM in the NY area and I am also a Verizon Wireless customer so I can compare that as well. The GSM coverage in NY is not as extensive as Verizon's coverage, but when you do have coverage the sound on the phone is much clearer and less echo.

Now for the phone:

- Bluetooth was easy to set up and works very well
- Same thing goes for infrared
- Can sync contacts and calendar with Outlook
- Camera is pretty good but you don't really want this as your only digital camera
- Email client works well
- Speakerphone, but can only be activated after dialing or receiving - you cannot dial on speaker

- Menus need a little work
- No stylus or Qwerty keyboard as inputting information with the joystick and keypad is quite cumbersome
- Not a flip or clamshell so need to keep the keypad locked so as not to inadvertantly make calls
- GSM coverage not that extensive in NY area (especially in Westchester

Overall, this is a pretty good mix of PDA, Phone, Camera, etc. I you live in an area that has good GSM coverage, I recommend this phone.

Great Camera Phone, Menus need work


Mar 21, 2004 by robb0995

I picked this phone up in Singapore for someone else, but have totally fallen in love.

The most impressive thing about the phone is the camera. The image quality is stunning for a phone and has really changed my perception of phone cameras. It also takes full-motion video (but for really short periods even if you have extra memory. This is never explained why)

I've grown pretty accustomed to the Sony-Ericsson way of navigating a phone's menu, so take this with a grain of salt if you're a long-time Nokia fan. I find the navigation a little cumbersome, with commonly used settings buried awfully deep in the phone. Make sure to try this out if you're concerned.

The size is something I thought might be a problem, but actually, it's nice to have a phone with some substance to it again. Phones had gotten awfully small, and it's nice to see one with some size, but still a very comfortable form factor. It's perfect for a guy's hand, but women might prefer to keep the smaller phones.

The screen seems to be scratch-resistant, as I normally obliterate the screens of most pocket electronics, but this one has stayed in pristine condition for several weeks now.

Finally, the voice quality is great, including the speakerphone, which has actually gone undetected by some callers.

It's a very attractive phone that I highly recommend when it comes out in the U.S.

Very Good Phone


Apr 8, 2004 by ibnturab

I've had used the Nokia 6600 for 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it. Perhaps the best part of the phone is the operating system. The Symbian OS is great because there are many companies and people producing software programs for it[many free goodies]. Check out www.my-symbian.com for an idea. I can surf the internet with an internet browser i installed by Opera [ I have checked out BBC news[www.bbc.co.uk], Aljazeera English News[http://english.aljazeera.net], Yahoo, I can also use this phone to check my hotmail account[with some software installation].
The camera quality is great compared to other camera phones. I owned the Ericsson T610 and the camera quality there was very poor. The video recorder is a cool feature, although the software that came with the phone will only allow for a 10 sec segment. However, there is some commercial software availabe that allows for much longer video recordings.
You can also play MP3 music with it along with Real Audio files.
The RF for this phone is great [ like other Nokia phones] and the speaker volume is good.
The menu can be rearranged to make it suitable for your needs. Also, there are 2 softkeys that you can set to shortcuts.

Bluetooth and Infrared ports are great. I regularly send files to and from 6600/pc using a bluetooth dongle.

I forgot to mention that you can USE YOUR PHONE AS A REMOTE CONTROL!!! There is a program by Psiloc that allows you to use your phone to control your TV, DVD, Satellite Receiver, [ free trial for it too].

Ofcourse with any phone, there are some shortcomings. First, the large size of the lcd screen can guzzle away battery life if surf the internet a lot. Also, there is no way to save SMS messages to your sim card like other phones. Also, the price is high [almost $500 for a new one] compared to other phones but i believe it is worth it if you can afford it]. Size is also a little large but not too bad.

Hope that was Useful

TMobile and the NOKIA 6600 The Way to Go for Business Professionals


Oct 25, 2004 by Proxcause

I was at the end of my rope tangled with wires and poor reception when I was fortunate enough to incorporate TMobile's Nokia 6600 for my wireless voice AND DATA needs. While the other companies ask if "can you hear me?” they place little or no interest in your wireless data needs. In fact I was shocked to learn that the big "V" detunes their Bluetooth model so that it can only be used with a headset.

I am not interested in phones that match my clothes. I want excellent reception, which this Nokia provides, and seamless integration with my laptop and PDA for connection to the web.
Nokia's store on Madison Avenue and 52nd had well trained staff who set up the phone with my hardware with a smile!!!

No more cables. The fact is this Nokia is so incredible that in a pinch I can even review critical faxes right on the screen!!! The downloadable PC suite for NOKIA works well. The available Bluetooth headset sets up seamlessly and has great sound as does the built in speakerphone.

Do yourself a favor and download OPERA software. It is a shame it no longer comes with the phone.

While I admit that the keyboard joystick has a learning curve on predictive text input, this phone with TMobile's pricing for unlimited wireless web, make this combination the smart way to go here in NYC.

The Nokia 6600 Will Survive!


Jul 8, 2006 by jopinion

This phone has taken me through my best experience with Nokia so far.

I'll start with the negatives (every phone has negatives), which wont take long:

It could be louder and It power-cycles itself periodically That's it!

The second day I had this phone, some idiot caused my phone to drop into a plastic cup of ice water! The 6600 immediately shut itself down. I took it apart and let it dry for an hour or two. Back in business! The 6600 was up and running again.

I love the symbian os! Even though it is a bit slow at times, it syncs with my Macs without any hassle, which makes it alright with me.
The camera isn't bad on this phone either (actually takes a better pic than my 6255i).
The phonebook on any Nokia blows away the competition. Must I go on.
I'm not alone when I saw that this is probably the best cellphone of 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Calling from Outer Mongolia...


Mar 27, 2006 by incoserv

I was considering either the Nokia 6600 or an iPaq 6515. I decided on the 6600 because:

a) the cost was substantially lower.
b) the form factor made it a tougher phone (I work outdoors)
c) I didn't think I would need a full-blown PDA.

On the first point, the 6600 cost less than half what the iPaq did.

On the second point, it certainly is a tough little device. I spend a lot of time on horseback and working with animals, and I make my calls from a mountain top, usually sitting on back of a horse. Couldn't see doing that with the iPaq. (I really do live in the countryside in Outer Mongolia, and use this phone there.)

On the third point, this thing is a great entry-level PDA, and it's handy in ways I never thought it'd be.

I even prefer the 12 key pad with T9 predictive writing as opposed to the tiny QWERTY keyboard or touch screen on most PDAs.

My only complaint, if I *had* to make one, would be that the keys are a little bit small for my fat fingers.

Also, if I have the phone turned on and am out of signal range, it takes from 60 to 120 seconds to pick up the signal when I do get into range. Sometimes I just reboot the phone.

A Multi utility Smart Phone


Dec 9, 2005 by Luckystrings

Juz bought a Nokia 6600 (White) n am very much impressed with its UI, Reception Quality, Build Quality , Color Display Quality (65536 Colors) and other advanced features like Bluetooth, Infrared ..etc ..

But lemme tell u somethin abt this phone which dissapoints me..

-LoudSpeaker Quality is not up to Mark..(Not Loud At all) ..
-Doesn't Support MP3 files .. We need to install MP3 s/w seperately..
-Video Recording by default is limited to 9 secs.. We need to install s/w for that also seperately to record more than 9 secs..
-No FM Radio..
-No Auto Lock Facility (Need to download s/w)

Keepin all the above listed CONS aside, I need to tell u that this is an Awesome phone..

-Very Good UI
-Camera is Better
-Battery Life
-Build Quality
-The Phone is lil big to Fit ma Pocket, but still can manage to carry..
-Color display is too good..
-Very User friendly Keys.. (But not better than our OLD 3310)
-Now Comes With a 64 MB MMC Card (Which is not enough for a mobile Geek, but still can manage to store some Stuffz.. )

But Overall , this phone is gettin out of TREND !!

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