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Fat Boy!!!


May 7, 2005 by screwyt

Wow, what can i say? Fat Mama! I went from a SE T610 to this puppy! I absolutely couldn't bare the size. The features and functionality were unparalleled, yet the size was just over-bearing for me. Ended up selling the phone because of that.

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May 3, 2005 by denverspence

I just experienced the most frustrating exchange of phones with T-Mobile one could ever experience. That being said, I was excited to get the new Nokia 6600 with blue tooth, speaker phone and tri-band technology. On the plus side the Blue Tooth works great, haven't dropped a call and very good clarity. On the con side, the phone numbers display in micro font with no spaces or dashes between area codes and prefixes. Even the younger crowd agreed it was small. I also haven't been able to figure a loud ring tone. The camera and video features are cool and do work fairly good, but I didn't buy the phone for that. I would also say the phone is not extremely user friendly and the prompts don't come in the order I would like them to. It is basically a small computer making it frustrating to use. I have had the phone turn off automatically on me when not being used and it takes for ever to boot up. A phone shouldn't have to boot up. It should be on or off in my opinion. Would I buy it again. Nope.

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OK phone + Symbian = Winner


May 1, 2005 by outsideAG

After having used this phone for about a month I am extremely pleased with it.

The phone itself does have some shortcomings. It is relatively slow, doesn't have stereo audio, and it is a bit large.

That said, the Symbian OS absolutely rocks because of the 3rd party applications that are available for it.

On the phone I can browse the internet with Opera, play MP3s, play Gameboy games, watch videos, etc.

Aside from the advanced feature, the basic functionality on the phone is very good as well. I get decent signal and sound quality, the SMS interface is very well polished, as would be expected from Nokia, and the UI is reasonably quick and easy to navigate.

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Apr 7, 2005 by allanl

I've had Nokia's for years, and while this one is packed with whiz bang features it is disappointing for its primary use - a phone.

Before buying, I'd urge you to actually use one and not just handle it in the store.

On the plus side it's packed with features, including BlueTooth that works fine - it's really a tiny computer that is also a phone... and that's the negative. As a computer, or PDA its weak since the screen, while large by phone standards, is still tiny to really do anything on.

And remember, this is a PHONE first and foremost which is where I have my biggest complaints...

When you dial a number, you'll need to check the screen to see that the number entered is correct. You'll do that because the keys are tightly packed in and your fingers will likely press two keys at once.

I hope you have a magnifying glass, because the number displayed as well as most of the pop up options are tiny.

It's as though Nokia has segregated 90% of the screen for fancy features rarely used and leave just 10% for the day to day use.

I've have many Nokia's and while this is the best for features, it's the worst as a phone.

Sorry, try something else or at least trying using one. You'll see what I mean ... if you have a magnifying glass.

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its almost got to be perfect and almost has everything i needed for a phone


Mar 6, 2005 by sweetie143

i just receive my phone... i love it.. but the thing is it should have more time to save a video and not just a second. i work as a tech representative of one of the phone carriers (not nokia), even if i work on them i love nokia ever since the day i first use a phone. well back to this, i love the phone features pictures quality, ringing quality and even the loud speaker is good, the size and shape for me it good its almost got to be perfect and almost has everything i needed for a phone, aside to the video time capacity of recording it.. its should have been longer and not just 9 sec. i am not telling to make is really longer at least a minute will do.... but all in all i love the phone so far..............

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Not Worth Buying It!


Feb 18, 2005 by adv4500

I Bought my Nokia 6600 on September 2004.
I bought the phone for its bluetooth and infrared features that would allow me to sync my Lotus Notes Calendar.

- bluetooth
- IR - syncs with my IBM Laptop

- While talking on the phone, the speaker quits working (I'm not talking about the "loudspeaker"). I would have to power down the phone to make it work again.

- Syncing my Lotus Notes Calendar - There are entries in my Notes calendar that never get transfered to my phone. I have not been able to figure out what's going on.
- Slooooow Interface
- Bad, Bad, Bad - Voice Recognition!
- Signal Strength below average.

Overall - I would NEVER BUY this phone again.
It's been 6 mo and I'm still waiting for the www.letstalk.com phone rebate.

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Poor quality


Dec 15, 2004 by saru

I work in the field on telecommunication, and this phone is not that good, nowadays nokia is just relesing new phones every week with the same features but different styles and the people are just buying them without realising, so concering this 6600 its just a poor quility phone for its features, and BAD TFT screan, its actually not TFT, BAD speaker quality, SLOW device, its processor is not powerfull nor its RAM, so overall i wont recommend it to anyone, so if you want to buy a good phone just do for a Sony Ericsson P-Series phone, like the p900 or p910i, thats all.....

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Very Efficient, Very Thorough


Nov 29, 2004 by randalb

I have had this phone for six weeks now, and have found this is a very quality piece of hardware and is often times underestimated solely based on its fairly bland appearance.

Excellent display - big, clear, and bright
Joystick - instead of a D ring - nice and useful feature
Versatility - can be your one-in-all device for voice, text messaging, MMS, xHTML and WAP
Bluetooth - no problems with any connections as a modem to my Pocket PC or voice over Bluetooth headphone
IR - works with Pocket PC no problem
RF - the reception on T-Mobile is excellent in the Puget Sound area of Washington State
Camera/Video - fun and pretty decent quality as camera phones go, but still not going to replace your stand-alone digital camera
Voice Commander - activates many apps by pressing a button and speaking the command, then the app turns itself on - very nice
Digital Voice Recorder - useful on the go feature
Speakerphone - highest quality I've used on a cell phone so far
MMC Card - packaged with 32MB MMC card for storing all those apps, videos, pics, voice notes, and such
SIM Card - can take it with you to your next GSM/GPRS phone
Wow! There's even more but I'll stop there.

Battery life could be longer
Backlight has no control to keep on longer if desired - goes out after 15 seconds if nothing is done
No wi-fi

That's about it... It's a fine piece of hardware and I have had no complaints on processor speed for my usages on the software end. Until there is the all-in-one perfect unit this with a Pocket PC and an unlimited data plan is the way to go. I figure one more year and we'll see the perfect blend competitively priced.

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Way more than a phone


Nov 18, 2004 by atatistcheff

I knew this was a cool phone when I ordered it but I had never touched one before. First, I was a little concerned about the size but it's very manageable and only slightly wider than my old 3390. The screen is AMAZING, it's bright and very crisp. I had no idea it would replace my iPAQ PDA. I can sync the calendar and contacts list with Outlook which totally rocks. The number of Symbian applications is also tremendous. Using tzones, I can send mail, browse wap sites and even real web sites although not recommended very often.

The joystick also should not be neglected. This is much better than the flat rocker button on most phones.

My biggest complaint is that tie voice recognition sucks. My 3390 was great at that but the 6600 just seems to have problems to the point that it's unusable.

-IR and Bluetooth
-Sync with Outlook
-Big screen
-Joystick navigation
-Voice memo
-Speakerphone is handy
-Great business accessory

-Bad voice recognition
-No stereo output for .ogg or .mp3 music
-Menus a little slow sometimes
-Tzones limits TCP ports so MSN won't work using AgileMessenger

Overall this is a great phone and the best one available in my area for now. I look forward to the next generation which I hope will be the same size but have a clamshell design with a full keyboard built in.

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6600 reasons to love it


Apr 4, 2005 by godsmackjrd2

this is phone is awesome...it has so much that i don't use...i get tired of phones so quickly ..but i find new things about this everyday...

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