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Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket


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Better than iPhone


Apr 12, 2012 by simoniam

I work with most types of phones as I am an IT guy for a bunch of Doctors who have to have the latest and greatest.
The iPhone is kinda cool and sexy BUT.....

Pros of the Skyrocket:

4.5 screen
ultra fast
get extra storage
CONTROL (open source and files are accessible. You can even turn off the carrier data off)
Touch screen is on point with iPhone.
Run media player and your turn by turn GPS and then go to the home screen and use Voice Recog to text a friend. AWESOME!

I would love a longer battery

I got three of them for my family. Works for business and pleasure.

Great Phone!


Apr 4, 2012 by jelleyjr

Let me start off by saying, I have had the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4s before I bought this phone. I have now had it for two months, and the only concern I do have is battery life. I have tried everything suggested, but the battery life just doesn't seem to last more than a 6 hours when using the phone on regular basis. Other than that, it does good. Have noticed on occasions, when playing Angry Birds (darn addictive game) for more than 30-40 minutes, the back of the phone gets over heated. Worries me a bit, because of reading reports of past phones, made by Samsung, that have had battery explosions. Should I be concerned? Don't know. I was an Apple die hard, but after using this phone, I truly love the Android system. It is more flexible than the iOS system, and the graphics, WOW!!! I truly love this phone, and will probably never go back to another iPhone. What I hated about the 4s was it kept running data packets in the background. I am on a data plan, and after a couple of days I got a text saying I went over my allotted data. Then 2-3 days later it sent me another text saying I did it again! Checked the phone and for some reason I WAS! The Skyrocket, I have played games, surfed the web, ran iHeart radio, basically everything, and hardly every get NEAR my 2GB of data. No background programs. This is a great phone, and really enjoy their products.

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Skyrocket a real Rocket


Mar 5, 2012 by tphone

The Samsung Skyrocket is a great and powerful phone it has plenty of memory 16gb and it also is capable up to 32gb with a microsd card. The pros are many:

OLED Screen
Easy to Customize
Battery Life is great for an android
(we heavy use can go pretty much a whole day)

Not many cities have LTE
A lot of ATT apps (bloatware)

Very satisfied with the phone and great buy....I recommend this phone to anyone that likes a strong phone for business needs and to have fun with.... It can handle it all...



Feb 22, 2012 by ThaLos

I love this phone i went from the Motorola Atrix 4g to the LG Thrill and now to the Skyrocket and i can honestly say this is the best phone i have had. battery is way better than the lg its faster than the atrix 4g and it has a bigger screen.

-battery life is greater than most
-screen size perfect
-very speedy
-slim and not heavy at all
-camera is perfect and the video quality is outstanding

-the bluetooth cuts off every now and then and makes me reboot the phone to get the bluetooth to work again.(i rely on the bluetooth alot)
-like most phone now it does not have an indicator light for when its charging which i relied on when charging(sometimes it didn't charge)
-they don't make many accessories for this phone or any phone at that just the iphone... eewww...

i guess thats all i can say...
P.S. My year and a half old daughter also loves it

samsung sky rocket II


Feb 11, 2012 by glockman45

I would give this phone an excellent rating except it does not really like to retrieve my AOL email there is a definite problem there. I tired several different things called samsung, AT&T but each said each phone maker has a different system samsung just doesn't like AOL. I have to use a third party app to get my email quickly. If I didn't have a business email address attached to aol for like 16 years I'd be well pleased with this phone. This is only my second true android phone so am fairly new to this.

super fast
8 meg camera is great with flash
downloads fast
16 gig built in
light weight
super thin
everything you'd want in a phone plus some

a little big
bad email retrieval for AOL
battery life so so not bad but not great

Fabulous - my 1st smartphone


Jan 31, 2012 by BadFrog

Android OS
Perfect combination for the Skyrocket, my 1st smart-phone.

Freak'en simple to use as it is naturally intuitive ! Many of my PC "thoughts/experiences" can be directly applied to the UI navigation.
There is absoluelty nothing shabby about this phone. It really does deserve to be referred to as a flagship Samsung phone.

- really fast internals
- really fast data, too
- crystal clear phone calls
- fantastic screen and resolution.
- charge the phone every night and it runs all day.
- I keep 2 or 3 applications running all day
- screen can be seen very clear in any light
- clean screen with yur T-shirt, anytime.

It's just the "berries" for a phone. Yah want the full details, go see the Samsung site. They are too, numerous for here.

- slippery body .. but I bought a protective skin that negates that short coming.
- no more than that !



Jan 30, 2012 by thedave1029

best phone on the market to date. fast, big screen, pretty good battery life. gave my iphone 4s back to get this and worth every penny.

Shoot for the Stars


Jan 6, 2012 by ztadkins

Cut to the Quick

Battery Life:
26 hours regular use (also has preinstalled battery saver app which works better than most apps you can download)

Screen and Size and Form:
The screen is crisp, responsive, doesnt smear with fingerprints (3 days with phone an havent had to clean it yet). I have large hands by most accounts so the size is perfect, and the weight is barely noticable compared to my previous phone (comparison later). I bought the white model (a little i-phone envy) and am very impressed by the setup and design. The function buttons have a warm blue glow that really adds to the phones design. Additionally, the volume buttons are set up perfect for adjusting the volume mid-call. The Usb charging port placement is functional, and a breath of reprieve from all of the side charging models.

Data and Reception:
4g in Williston N.D. inside a building made of shipping containers, need I say more?

Hate to bash other phones, but why buy an iPhone when you have an 8 gig sim card and a 64 gig (largest so far) sd card port.


Power Button:
The placement of the power button on the side is both a pro and a con, leading to not only to quicker access but also to turning the screen on when putting it into your pocket.

No doubt the dual cores are fast, and dial down when you dont need them, but extended time in the pocket leads to very warm thighs.

I have owned several outdated phones over the last couple of years. My first "smart" phone was a pixi, and boy did that phone take some abuse. I got my money out of it and it is now my comparison phone. The LG Thrill I just replaced was outdated the minute it was released and thats all I have to say about that. I am really looking forward to ICS. Hopefully I dont get left behind again.

Better than my iPhone


Dec 16, 2011 by danyella321

I work for AT&T and I go through several phones a year. I recently had an iPhone4 and it crashed on me. I decided to upgrade to the Galaxy S II..what an upgrade! The apps are very similar. My iTunes transferred over (Double Twist app on any Droid phone). The screen is beyond impressive. The speed is absolutely amazing. It is very user friendly. I sell this phone often for that particular reason.

I was very worried at first that I wouldn't be able to adjust from my iPhone to this Droid. The toughest issue is the lock button being on the side instead of the top. This more easy to customize than the iPhone. I wouldn't trade it back!

The camera is an 8mp with a flash and a forward facing camera. Swype texting is so much fun and super fast! I also use the Wi-Fi hotspot which is great. It is very thin and light yet very durable.

My only con is the battery life, but I am on the phone most of the day so that's to be expected.

If you are considering this phone, get it. It's my favorite phone thus far. It's most definitely NOT a waste of money!

It's the Rocket to the Sky


Dec 12, 2011 by nexus316

Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket

Bigger Screen
LTE capacity
Very Customisable
Easy Sync with the PC
Dual-core Processor
2MP front camera
13.1 GB internal storage
Intuitive system

The price
Squezze you have to babycare it
Battery life its not enought if you won't deactivate all useless thing's
LTE only avaialble on certain areas
If you get a call during LTE the call makes the device to drop to 3G and not 4G & when you hung the call the device does not comes back to LTE by himself until 15 min have been pased or force it to LTE once you end the call

The Skyrtocket run's soothly but actuallly there are another device in the competition but this is one of the best device in the market nowdays, the most part of the bussines, geek's user's want to get the Skyrocket due his high functionallity and the ton's of app's you can get for free.

The device also has the AMOLED display perfect for watching videos, movies, pictures almost everything look's smooth and clear on that screen.

It's an good device, if you have the money and the unlimited data service to completely enjoy the internet experiencie on LTE data speeds.

Actually with the data download limit's you can't enjoy watching a movie online directly from the device.

But actually this its a good device to have.

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