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The best phone I"ve had


Oct 23, 2004 by Froggy

This is my 2nd phone, I switched from Cingular to Verizon Wireless. I didn't want a flip phone, because they are uncomfortable in my hands.
This phone is like a Godsend. I can see the display even in full daylight in the sun.

The phonebook doesn't have to be accessed through the menu. Why do people list that as a Con? It's just 2 keys and send to call someone, not 4--> just start spelling the name of the contact, it will pull up the list for that letter- SO convenient.

The ringtones it has are soft and sweet, but if you download others, they are loud enough to hear over the wind and rock music in my convertible. Silent mode is my (up) shortcut- very convenient. Texting is simple. Dropping it on concrete didn't hurt it.

Cons: It tends to have poor battery life when I go into analog areas- my friend has this phone w/ an extended battery and has no problems, but I don't have one yet.

Awful Navigation


Jan 15, 2004 by heygod

I don't know who did this (VZ or Kyocera), but navigating to the phone book is terrible. Isn't that the feature we all use most.

the quick nav keys (four directional one) do not go to the phone book like previous Kyocera Phones. Instead, you can go to VZ download apps (right), connect to the Internet (left), messages (down), and one short-cut key (up). The thing is that you can't assign that short cut key for the phone book.

I don't know about the rest of you, but he most commonly used feature on my phone is the phone book, and this phone requires four steps to look at it.

I'm taking the phone back to VZ -that's number three.

LG 4400 bad reception
LG 6000 bad reception
Kyocera 414 poor navigation

My first cell phone


Jun 11, 2004 by Java cat

Yup, it's my first. I bought it a few days before departing for a rendezvous with friends 3,000 miles away. It's the new Verizon Pay As You Go plan.

The problem with the plan: when you're out of your home area, to place a phone call - *any* phone call, even back to your home area - one must dial the phone number once, then, when prompted, enter the phone number a second time. The second number cannot be accessed by the stored numbers in your phone. Ever. Therefore, one must have a list of the numbers one might want to call or a photographic memory, or you can't place any phone calls, obviating the point of a cell phone with a memory that stores phone numbers. The numbers I was calling were all 10-digit numbers.

The other thing? The Kyocera manual is incorrect as to how to access voice mail. The access number is NOT *86, per the manual, but instead is #738. *86 is only for monthly service phones. #738 is for Pay as You Go phones.

To find out the above? I spent 1.5 hours in a Verizon service center near where I was vacationing. In turn, they had to get the info from the national Verizon service center - it was news to them. If I hadn't been a pain about refusing to leave until I had answers, they'd have sent me off without the final word from national service center. National service center's comment about the #738 issue? "Oh yeah, they changed it but they didn't change the booklets."

Once I was knew why the phone was asking me to again enter a number I'd already entered, and was resigned to the limitations, it was bearable if annoying.

The phone itself seems fine to me, but, you know, first phone; I wouldn't know any different.

But now I know why people like having cell phones! It's a *fabulous* way to meet up with people who are themselves traveling!

Disappointed about important features


Dec 29, 2004 by dcmotown

I thought the phone was quite a bargain until I had it for a short while and encountered some problems with important features.

1)The digital/analog mode switching has made it difficult for me to complete calls in some areas where service should not be an issue.

2)I am on my second phone in 4 months, because the first unit developed a problem where the earpiece port stopped working. Unfortunately, the same problem exists with the replacement. I can't use a handsfree device with it.

3)The battery life is not robust.



Dec 13, 2004 by Bluue7bunny

To put it easily I HATE this phone! It is worse than my old school nokia 3585.

Pros: nothing that i have really found. the cool features are things you get on any phone that you buy.

Cons: Where do I start? I have had problems with this phone from the very beginning. I have problems with hearing my own echo over other people. I have problems with dropped calls and not to mention i don't receive calls. I sent it to get "fixed" and after over two months of waiting I got it back and I still have the exact same problems. I would not recommend this phone to anyone even if they need a cheep one.

not a good quality product


Dec 5, 2004 by vzw2010

phone was made very cheaply.battery was out sourced by third party,resulting in most recalls for the battery.custom ringtomes from get it now sound pretty good on phone.battery life is pretty bad,if phone is used less then 60 minutes in a day will have to charge it.data cable speed 14.4kbps is very slow,as well as software for it,not very user friendly.over all an entry level phone.not really worth the price though

pros:good sound

cons:bad signal,switches in a full digital service area to analog randomly,battery life is terrible(could be because of the defective battery),hands free ear pieces dont really work that welll with phone,voice activated dialing does'nt function properly.

cons:bad display,

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