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Kyocera KX414 (Phantom)


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Great Phone


Aug 1, 2004 by mlissj1971

This phone has been great. I have had cellular service with Verizon Wireless for many years and have many phones. This phone is easy to use and I have never had a problem with it. I have had it since early May. I like the fact that is has Airplane mode to play those downloaded games whilst on an airplane. It's small and compact and very user friendly. The Kyocera name has been overall good. Before this phone I had the Kyocera 2235 and 2035 I also used a Kyocera 7135 for a very short while. It was just too big.

I would recommend this phone to anyone and I do on a daily basis. I sell Verizon Wireless service in the State Of Washington.

This phone is garbage.


Jan 2, 2012 by inconspicuous

This is one of the worst phones I have ever used. Calls will drop when I go from the living room to the kitchen. I have to redial each number 10 times until the correct number is punched in. Random keys are pressed when it sits in my pocket.

To get to any feature requires pushing each button several times. Most times the wrong key is pressed. I will have to clear or backspace to change it.

Pros: Decent Battery Life
Cons: Can not dial phone numbers; dropped calls; calls will not connect

Second time using this great phone


Oct 11, 2010 by l9i7y5r

I love this phone. Even though there are sliders, flip phones, and touchscreens out I would much rather use this extremely easy to use/navigate phone.

Pros: nice, soft, bubbled out buttons. Fits great in my hand. Screen is small allowing the buttons to be spaced out for much easier, no look, texting. You can choose between 4 color combinations for the screen. Recent text list allows you to choose from 9 people you texted most recently for easier texting. Fits very nicely in my hand. The nub intenna (as opposed to internal intennas that all phones are made with now) makes it so you ALWAYS have reception (in any basement, Walmart, tall metal building, or deep in a forest 20 mins away from the nearest town). After 4 years with this phone I have only lost reception once or twice.
This phone can stand up to any kind of damage including being dropped off buildings or into water and being run over (my first phone only died bc it went through the wash cycle). I have confidence in knowing that I can throw it across the room and it will be fine.

Cons: You can only see 2 lines (five or six words) of what you're texting and if you want to reword anything you texted earlier, you would have to click through each of the letters, as opposed to lines, to get back up to what you want to change; you also have to do this if you want to proofread your message. there is no camera and thus no incoming/outgoing picture texts (to be expected of a phone made that long ago). very crappy battery life. Can only hold 50 messages in the inbox, outbox, and drafts combined. you can't buy it anymore :P

so, all in all, very durable with near perfect reception and easy to hold. Fairly terrible battery life

Awful Phone


Aug 14, 2008 by bikerchick

My old cell phone died last month and I am forced to use this one until I find another one I like. This phone is terrible.

I didn't have to pay for this phone, it's on extended loan!
It's a phone!
It has more ring tones then my old phone

The battery dies quickly
Can't get/keep a signal even in a major city
I can't hear the person I am talking to and they can't hear me
The menu is difficult to navigate
Keys get pushed while phone is in your pocket, unless you use a case and then you can't even use the phone, because you can't push the buttons!
No camera



Mar 29, 2007 by nerm00

I used to have two of these on the US Cellular system.

They were awful. These phones suffer from dropped call mania. Battery life was terrible.

The rep we talked to showed me a whole box of them that they had trouble with. We were upgraded for free.

Navigation buttons

Everything else

Great Phone


Jan 24, 2007 by neh

This is a very good phone. I have it with the Verizon Wireless service. It comes with get it now, and mobile web. There is no camera. The call quality is ok, but not the best. This phone has downloadable ringtones. It allows you to change the wallpaper and screensaver.



Dec 2, 2006 by Robbie

I just recently purchased the Kyocera kx414. The problem I've been having is that it's difficult to navigate through the phone. When I try to open the menu, it won't do it unless I hit push or hold down the button hard. Another problem that I'm trying to figure out is how to charge the phone. Does anyone know how to charge the phone? I plugged it up, but the blue back light just comes on. It doesn't show any indication that it's being charged.

great simple and easy phone


Aug 5, 2006 by lynnie8

I used for a while and my son just starting on a plan used as a starter phone nice little basic phone would still have if someone had not stolen

okay phone


Jan 3, 2006 by chelsiscellphonecrazy

this is a okay phone,i've had it a little while ago

-nice and small
easy to read even in sunlight screen
good reception

calls were static

Good phone


Jun 5, 2005 by IncaDove178

OK. So this phone is definitely not up to date in the features category. But it isn't exactly a bad, or boring phone. It has a blue black light, which is very stylish and I really like it. I will list some pros and cons I have managed to maintain from this phone...

-Blue back light
-Small, lightweight
-OK ring tones
-It has games
-It has screen savers
-It lets you have a banner!! Some of the newer phones don't let you have one!
-Has voice dial and ringer profiles
-Changeable face plates... very cool.
-Volume is loud, and vibration is strong

Well, besides the fact that it doesn't have the newest and coolest features, it's a very good and satisfying phone. I have no problems or complaints. Kyocera did a very good job with this phone. And I recommend it to everyone.

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