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So very durable.


Nov 9, 2006 by linavo

This phone is so awesome. It's like the only phone i know that does not have camera but can receive pictures! I love it. really. You can sing and record and use it as a ring tone The ring tones are so awesome. Better than those new phones that they are out now. You'd think a little phone like this would not hold so much information, but it has so much things to do with it. My husband has had this phone for like more than 4 years. He did an upgrade and got a new one. he has kept it since it is our memory phone... when we were dating and i just tried turning it on like 3 days ago and it did! I love it! I wish it wouldn't have discontinued. Maybe Ericsson should come out with the same phone. Best phone!

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Great Phone


Sep 22, 2003 by Bradley Kodesh

This phone is a joy to use. The reception and sound quality are excellent, and the phone is compact and exceptionally light.

The only disadvantage: the calendar/organizer is very basic and not terribly useful.

All in all, though, I'm very impressed with this phone (especially since it was free) and highly recommend it.

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Great Phone


Apr 10, 2004 by FlipMode

This phone is absolutely a great free phone for AT&T or Cingular. This phone has excellent reception for being such a small phone. We have had nothing but success with selling this product since we received it and I highly recommend it since you can pretty much get this phone for free.

Pros: Outstanding Battery, all the necessary features, good ringtones, easy to use, great reception, compact, clear and crisp speaker, and a nice bright display.

Cons: Display needs a little bit better resolution for picture viewing, it needs bluetooth (but it won't be free if it ever gets it), and it needs a slightly larger keypad (for big fingers).

Overall: 4 out of 5

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Great little phone


Dec 8, 2003 by ralph0722

This phone is very good. Reception and sound quality are excellent. Ringers are ultra loud. Screen is ok for a phone of this price range. Very colorfull and customizable. Nice size and weight. Menu is very intuitive. Battery life is very good. Quality of the plastics are good and durable. Camera is optional. MMS, ringtones,wallpapers,themes,alarm,autokey lock,picture call id,GPRS,Photo Messaging and alot more. I totally recomended!

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I love it


Nov 19, 2003 by MissHowBad

I love the phone. I have had the phone for about 1 month and I love the features and games, and the reception is great. i was hesitant at first about getting it, because I wanted a flip phone, but i will get that next. this is the cutest little phone.

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Durable and cool but not water proof


Sep 22, 2009 by narn3049

I loved this phone and it was durable. I've tossed and tossed this phone and not once has she broken. However the washer and ocean can kill a phone, the washer the phone survived, then i went into the ocean like a year later, forgot it was in my pocket and ruined it.

I really loved this phone and boy was it sad to see it go. I will miss you sony sony

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Excellent, reliable calling/texting phone


Jul 23, 2007 by Starbuck

I got this phone for FREE back in 2003, and I still use it today. The great thing about this phone is that it is a PHONE FIRST! This is so important. There are so many of these phones lately that cannot hold a call worth anything or the battery runs down within an hour. (I'm exaggerating but you get the point) This phone will not disappoint as a PHONE, it connects, holds calls, and will give you the time after the call, tell you who called, who you've called, and what calls you missed, and will let you send and receive text and mms messages. Very solid, dependable, AND reliable.

Excellent battery life
Excellent signal strength, this phone holds calls when I am driving on the freeway through multiple counties between metro and (almost) rural areas.

Feature packed-
*reliability (many phones are just disappointing)
*color screen
*polyphonic ringtones (some are plenty loud)
*countdown timer, stopwatch (these come in handy!)
*has normal obvious features (calculator, calendar, alarms, predictive text input, call list, call timers, games, color screen)

(you get what you pay for with this free/cheap phone, so most of these cons are simple comforts and luxuries)
*Wish it had bluetooth, then it would almost be perfect
*Incoming and outgoing call list too short
*The menus are SUPER slow - still reliable
*Directional pad could be bigger

To do this phone justice...
*people have said the screen traps lint and dirt
This is not fair...there is maybe one speck under the screen on mine (after 4 years of using it), in other words, you have to really treat your phone badly (or have a linty, filthy bag/car/pocket/purse?) for it to get dust and lint under the screen
*yes it is a cheap phone...it's free / less than $50USD new! so the construction is not bullet proof and if you drop it 3 times a day it WILL break...some people do not treat their phones well and should expect this sort of thing

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Feb 24, 2007 by motoman12345

its a decent phone not too many features great for teens the call quaility is pretty clear and it has a color screen but no camera not that bad

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Just Fine - Love the small size


Apr 17, 2006 by stephjaneen

Love the small design. Not a huge fan of the flip phones. I just loved that I could stick it in my pocket. I never had a problem with signal strength or clarity in California. Held up well. I've had it for 2 years and dropped it a hundred times. It's only now starting to go out.

It's too quiet. I don't think I'm hard of hearing but I had a hard time hearing the person on the other line when I was in my car and stuff like that. Screen too hard to see in the sunlight.

Overall, I was pretty happy with it, for as long as it lasted. I'm not happy with the fact that we have to upgrade our phones every year or two. But for the first couple years, it worked fine. Right around the two year mark it really stopped working... won't charge, calls getting dropped.

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Good for about a month


Mar 13, 2006 by allials

This phone was awesome at first.. and I stress at first. It was very appealing to a Freshman in college, it had pretty good ring tones, it was small and it was FREE through Centennial Wireless. About two months of owning the phone it started to act weird. After I went away to college and came home my service had greatly declined. Now I get almost no service in my apartment and it frequently does very strange things and almost locks up. I cannot wait until my cell plan is up and I can get a new phone. I have definitely learned a valuable lesson, do not get the free phone when you get a new cell phone plan. They usually suck!

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