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Jun 18, 2011 by RyanB

This phone is an absolute beast!I have had it for two days now and i seem to find a different function almost every hour. I upgraded from the Samsung Vibrant 3g and thought that phone had all the bells and whistles i would ever need. Well, the Sensation tops that one by a mile. The only drawback right now is the battery life. And that's probably because i can't put this thing down. A great purchase!!!

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Powerhouse! ! !


Jun 16, 2011 by newjerseybrotha

First, I must say this phone feels great in the hand, pocket, wherever you put it.

Battery (lasts all day)
Cameras; front in good in well lit area or outside, and rear camera is just amazing.
Screen (PERFECT when not in direct sunlight)
Sense 3.0
Social network integration (no need to install Facebook or twitter)
Processor (hands all, no lag)
3D effects

Can't uninstall the bloat-ware by T-Mobile
HTC Hub won't let me sign up

Overall, I recommend this device over anything doing android in the US right now. (Galaxy S II is not here yet) I feel that if you have T-mobile, this is a must have. Got this for $148.88 on an upgrade at walmart, which is better than T-Mobile's price. Also I got rid of my LG G2x, only because it had too many issues and there is no ETA on a fix.

HTC Sensation is top dog on T-Mobile!!!

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Great phone except for a few things


Jul 8, 2011 by mulderfx

Bought the Sensation at T-Mobile store. It has a nice feel to it, didn't feel as heavy as 5oz. Problems started the next day when incoming calls would not vibrate in vibrate mode; in normal mode, phone would ring, but not vibrate. After a battery pull, phone would not ring or vibrate in normal mode.

So this one was exchanged for a different one. Charged it for a full 12 hours without turning it on. Spent about 2 hours setting up the phone - contacts, settings, apps, etc - sent a few text. The battery was at 1/2 full. 8 hours later battery life was at yellow (less than 1/3?), and I was trying to setup FB. When the Sensation was at 10% (Power Save mode came on), it took about 10 minutes of fiddling around FB & contacts for the battery to fully discharge

- Solid construction
- Great screen
- pretty smooth interface
- Call quality decent

- Horrible battery life
- Drops from 4g to 3g to 2g frequently at stationary place
- Highest download speed was about 4 Mbps using Speed Test. Though this is a T-Mobile issue I think
- Inconsistent contact details. ie some contact photos don't appear in messages

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Jun 26, 2011 by kaustic

Absolutely amazing device. I upgraded from the mytouch 3g, which endured many a struggle with me.


- Everything! But more specific..

- The camera, like wow.

- The display, HTC is not known for their displays really, that's for Samsung & Apple, but they knocked this one out of the park.

- HTC Sense update, again amazing job, seamless. When compared to say the EVO 3G, it blows it away.

Cons -

- If you get the body glove case, good luck getting it off

- I imagine it's because it's running gingerbread which is still so new, but some apps don't work properly but give it time I guess.

That's about it. I'm not an idiot, I'm an extremely heavy cellphone user. Amazing phone

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Jun 21, 2011 by Jerry833

Sense 3.0
Great camera

Because of sense it lags
not that much memory
the sound is somewhat low
had problems connecting my blutooth

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Great phone but some issues to consider


Jun 18, 2011 by daddydaycare

I just got my HTC Sensation yesterday. Audio sound didn't work about 90% of time and Videos would stall about 50% of the time. Returned it and got another one. TMobile said the unit was the problem. Then their next phone they gave me had same problem. Found out that it was the "Tom Cat" free app that was causing incompatibility. Do not download. It will create problems. After removal, phone is now working normally. Its still to new...but I hope there are no more issues. And its just Day 2.

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Kinda Dissapointed w/ Sensation 4G


Aug 2, 2011 by kissmycubankitty

i've had my phone for about 3 weeks and i use it with t-mobile. it's kinda slow compared to my mythouch 4g but according to t-mobile i've gone over my 2g @ 4g speed but i never had a speed problem w/ my mytouch so lets see what happens after my new cycle kicks in

*8MP Camera
*4.3 screen
*1080p video
*Sense 3.0

*Horrible battery life
*Drops from 4g to 2g frequently
*the sound somewhat low
*can be a little glitchy @time
*download speedscould be better

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Great phone!


Jun 25, 2011 by barondebxl

Pros: absolutely stunning design( probably the sexiest phone on the market), lots of features and customizations, sense 3.0, notification light, decent battery life (for me), 1080 p recording, 4.3inch display is gorgeous and it's a pretty fast phone.

Cons: The phone stutters at time (I won't say lag cause it's not the case) but I does stutter its not as smooth as the g2x, needs a little more RAM memory, audio isn't great.

The sensation 4g is a great phone in my opinion, it just needs an update to fix the little stutter maybe caused by sense 3.0, and maybe free up a little more RAM. I was torn between this guy and the g2x and I choose the sensation because of it's customization and it has so many features. It just offers a great balance between speed and features. When I say the g2x is faster doesn't mean the sensation isn't. Trust me it is FAST, but considering that it is a dual core 1.2 Ghz I feel like the performance should be snappier. I hope you read this HTC! I Highly recommend the phone, HTC always supports it's products.

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Love the phone but has a few issues that need improvement.


Jun 24, 2011 by gr8minds

I love this phone. The phone is fast, takes great pictures and videos, Sense makes the phone user friendly. We all know about the hype of this phone and it lives up to its standards. The only downfall is the random freezing of the phone. It freezes and locks up and will not even respond to the power button. You will need to take the battery out to make it work. This has only happened to me a couple times but 90% of the time the phone works flawlessly and smoothly. I just hope they can send a fix OTA soon because this phone is phenomenal. I came from the Mytouch 4g and the G2x and this phone is better in all aspects. Besides the random freezing this phone would get 5 stars.

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Jun 23, 2011 by rarraa

Everything with the phone seems great. Only thing I do NOT understand is why on Earth would they not have HSPA + 21 mbps on this phone. The Samsung Exhibit 4G is supposed to be a mid range Android phone and yet it is the FIRST and ONLY phone that has HSPA+ 21 mbps. You would think that the top end Androids would be the first ones to have the highest data speeds.

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