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Cool Phone, Poor Performance/Software Issues


Aug 31, 2002 by Ken Arcand

I work in the wireless industry have for 10 years. Service is almost always dependent upon the provider, proximity to towers, weather conditions, being above ground, being indoors vs. outdoors (never forget cell phones were never meant to be used indoors). HOWEVER, some phones don't work as well with some providers: with all conditions being similar (due to chip set mfg vs. switching software, etc.).

Having said that, the T68 does not have as good of reception in the Chicago area as other phones on w/ T-Mobile (VoiceStream's new name).

It certainly is cool, a little to small for me, with great graphics and games and connectivity features. It is horrible when it comes to locking up - similar to a computer freezing up and having to do a hard boot Ctrl/Alt/Del with your computer (or by removing battery from handset). For no reason, it gets to beeping at times; it powers off at will (YES, the keylock is on): yet doesn't supposedly have any kind of power-save mode.

Volume is good, but it does distort at higher volume levels. Headset is either defective or the worst working headset "out-of-the-box" I've ever had.

Lastly, NO WAY does the battery last as long as advertised. I'd say either 3.5 hrs talk or 72 hours standby or a combined 2 hrs of talking w/ leaving on for a straight 48 hours).

I'm switching back to my Motorola P280, which I feel is the best phone (it and the V60g) T-M is utilizing in the Chicago market right now.

Built in Bluetooth is why I bought this phone


Aug 1, 2002 by S Shaw

But there are three main problems with it: 1) it takes a long time to process commands-- when you push a button there is an obvious delay before the command executes; 2) the phone book is a pain in the a-- to use (in part because of number 1) but also because it is not quick and easy to save numbers of incoming calls or numbers in your call list (which is a huge negative, especially when you're driving and can't look down to enter in a name properly); 3) the navigational nob in the middle is very sensitive - you have to be precise when you press down or it will just move to the side or up or down.

Also, I have only had the phone for three weeks and out of the blue the buttons stopped working. I popped the battery out and put it back in, which seemed to fix the problem, but it was mysterious and unwelcome nonetheless.

GSM and bluetooth are the two main things going for this phone in my book.

Impressive features, lackluster reliability


Jul 2, 2002 by Kevin Harter

The T68 is by far my favorite phone that I've owned. It has a wonderfully bright color screen, tons of features, great size and weight, and decent reception.

There are two reasons I cannot offer a 5.0 rating. First, the sound quality is tinny (although much louder) compared to any Motorola I've used (currently a V60g).

Second, I have just sent my phone in for the second time within the five months I've owned it. Turns out that the first time, they didn't fix anything. Within one week of returning it, it proceeded to do the same exact things: shut off by self, go from idle to "Enter PIN" automatically, lock up in games and menus, and (most importantly) act like it's connecting to call and immediately return to idle screen. Hopefully a new firmware update will be the trick. We'll see!

Ericsson seems to be a pretty decent company with which to deal - tech support was quick and friendly and return time has been less than a week!

My only complaint with this process is the fact that I cannot buy a faceplate for the phone... anywhere. If someone knows where to get one, please e-mail me. I'm serious....

Not a bad phone


Aug 5, 2002 by jamesmh

The T68i is an 'ok' phone.

I like the colour screen, IR, bluetooth.

I do not like the sound quality, user menu/navigations, frequent software crashes in the regular menus and games.

Reception is as good as my Nokia 8290. But for this money there should be less hissing/noise on the line. This went back to the shop, I'll keep my 8290 for now.

nice phone but buyer beware!


Jul 25, 2002 by bryan smythe

Myself and at least three acquaintances have purchased this phone within the last few weeks.

In general, the phone works well as long as you don't travel outside of the network. It really does tick me off when people argue that all networks are the same... AT&T is horrible! I cannot use this phone inside of my house and I live within 5 miles of a tower.

I complained about the lack of service at home and was told "Well, it is a mobile phone" What the f?! What if I want to receive or make a call inside of a movie theater or shopping mall or restaurant?! Out of doors the phone works well.

horrible reception


May 28, 2002 by mch

This phone is going back to the store. Good points: The colour screen is very nice. The user interface is actually quite good. It has multiple connectivity options, and they all work flawlessly (cable, IR, bluetooth).

However, I'm still returning it because the reception is horrible. I can't place calls where other AT&T GSM phones work well. In addition, there is a buzzing noise coming out of the speaker whenever I place a call in an area where the phone indicates the signal is weak.

All those really cool features are nice, but if I can't use the phone to make and receive calls where I need to do so, the T68 isn't really all that useful.

Ericsson T68 GSM


Apr 30, 2002 by Carlos Mino

When I was first introduce to the unit, I loved it, especially the color screen and menu one, but after using it for a month found my self wanting to smash it against my desk, dash board,bed,and even on the road when most of my dropped calls occurred besides no network.
I'm in the wireless industry, and I need to be communicated, like in any other business we drop a call, we loose money, I personally give these phone a 2.5 rating, and I will move on to a more reliable phone, sorry T68 but for me you did not work.

Really amazing


Jul 29, 2002 by Rob D

This is the first GSM tri-band phone I
have owned, and the first without a
flip-cover. (Which was always one of
my requirements, until now.)

Signal response is great, usability is
great, bluetooth (it powers the browser
on my Handspring Visor) is great, no
problems to report, no flaws.

Very very nicely done.

- CG

Great Phone


Sep 13, 2004 by jection

This phone is fine if you like small phones.

I enjoy the Ir and bluetooth connectivity that is built in. I use it for a dial-up modem sometimes.

This phone also pioneered how Sony Ericsson makes their easy to use menu system. I find it quick to do just about any feature, eliminating the need for shortcuts.

Good attempt at an early GSM phone.

Not for me....


Jun 10, 2003 by Joe Signals

As one of the pioneering color phones, the T68 took a leap few were ready to try...and it shows. The phone is slow when navigating menus or accessing features. Plus, i have to repeatedly attempt to dial out to connect. Even the awesome battery life can't save this piece of junk. I was so frustrated with the connecting delays , this phone took a tumble off the balcony. I shelled out the $250 for an outright Motorola v60...the best investment I ever made.
This phone gets a .5 rating for its redeeming battery.

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