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Motorola v60


Feb 2, 2005 by seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Though lacking some nice features(camera, color screen, downloadable games etc.), the v60 is cheap, and affordable.

-Nice sleek cover
-Buttons big; easy to press
-Has a new "Push To Talk" button
- Has voice notes, helpful for busy need-to-go-places people.
-Simple, easy menus
-Phonebook can have edited "voice recognition" so when you go over the name, your voice says it
- Has an external screen

-no downlaodable games or ringtones
-Screen can never change colors i.e Blue background but still black writing
-Battery sometimes not dependable
-Network never works or pays to go on

Basically this phone is for beginners who dont want to spend alot of money on extras and like the "phone" part of the phone. Thanks for reading :D

v60s... A Very Good Phone!


Nov 10, 2004 by dnielsen1

I had a v60i for about a year before I got
this phone. I didn't think any phone could
top my v60i but I was wrong. The v60s is (for
the most part) a very good phone.

I live in Northern CA and the signal strength
is the best of any phone I've ever owned. It
has a very sturdy construction, including the
antenna on this model. My v60i's antenna was
pretty cheap and always broke, but the
antenna on my new v60s seems to be a great
improvement. It's a stub antenna that does
not extend, and is very well built into the

The battery life on my v60s has been very
reliable. I am using the extended battery
that I used on my v60i (which is a year old)
and it still holds a good charge.

The contact list is nice because I can type
in a persons FULL name without having to
abbreviate or use initials!

The speakerphone feature of this phone is
AWESOME! I don't have to use a headset in the
car anymore, I just set the phone down in
the passenger seat with the speakerphone on
and I'm good to go. I can set my phone down
across my living room and still talk to some
one just fine.

The ringtones are good, better than the v60i.

This phone also has a good quality voice
recorder for voice memos or just recording
the person you're talking to on the phone.
If I don't have anything to write with I
just record people giving me phone numbers
or travel directions. I also record reminders
for myself. It's very handy.

Well, that's about it. To sum up... This is
a very good tri-mode phone with great signal
strength. It has good features that are very
useful. It is built very well... good solid
construction. The speakerphone is just great,
and it works well.

Verizon would be out of business without the
v60 series of motorola phones. It's the only
quality phone that Verizon offers.

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Works fine for me


Jun 25, 2004 by dmine45

I've had the v60s phone for about 2 months now. Works pretty good in digital mode, but battery life is a bit on the short side compared to the v120 series. Calls are loud and clear, and the speaker phone is a plus. A nice solidly built phone. No whistles and bells, but I don't need them either. Down side is a so-so standby battery life and so-so analog reception (digital though works better than the v120c & v120e I also own). I've never had the missed call problem that some mention, so I assume I have an upgraded firmware. Overall not a bad phone.

It's been solid thus far


Aug 22, 2003 by Jeff quarell

I have just received my v60p and its been working great. Sound quality is amazing along with the loudness and speakerphone feature. PTT is pretty good and will only keep getting better over time. The battery life could be better, and that will also improve over time with software updates for the phone

Overall - Very nice phone!!

My V60p Experience


Aug 22, 2003 by erikclarke

I find this phone extremely useful as a communication device. It has the absolutely loudest ringing tones I have ever heard on a mobile phone! It is compact, yet solidly built. I am using it to maintain communication between myself, my fiance and my boss during my work day. I also purchased the very well thought out leather case for each our phones (gotta please the honey). The unique construction of this case enables the top portion to stay affixed to the LCD screen (no sliding back and forth as I open and close the flip (nice :) ). Oh yeah... did I say that it has loud rings and speaker phone features. Fine communication device. In Brooklyn NY, the 1XRTT works fine in the neighborhoods I travel to and work in. I believe that although the perfect device has yet to be invented, for solid reliabilty and quality communication, this little phone sits alone at the top of the heap!

Wasn't The Greatest


Jan 30, 2005 by CameraPhone

I thought this phone (v60s) was absolutely great when i first got it, but over time i realized that you cannot download any ring-tones or any games, which leaves you with the regular ringtones, which is fine if you prefer that. I'm not sure if its my service (Cellular-One) but on some days it just doesn't show me if i have missed calls or if someone called me at all, if i get a text message sometimes it shows it on the front and sometimes it doesn't, i guess it has a personality of its own. it has a small screen with 2 colors - green and black, which does get very boring and unattractive, It does have a animated menu options, voice record has come in handy, and fun, but it does get dull after awhile,The date book - well it says it has an alarm but if you set it for 5:50 A.M. (example) you have to say if you want the alarm to go off 5 minutes before, 10 minutes before etc. Which becomes a pain, has no snooze, but most of the time i sleep through the alarms anyway. People have said that when i put them on speaker phone it sounds like I'm talking through a tunnel and they're echoing, which really isn't that great. I personally love the volume if I'm in a noisy area i can turn the volume up without taking the phone away from my ear, also works for speaker phone. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me!

Takes time to work out


Aug 21, 2003 by Jason Lowe

I purchased this phone the day that it came out. I think that it will take some time to get working like a Nextel phone. I am not a fan of Nextel, but it was not good. If I were to talk more than 5 seconds on the PTT, it would not transmit. It only worked about 15% of the time and when it did, it took anywhere from 3 to 15 seconds to transmit. According to VZW Tech Support, Christmas will be the time to get it again. They said that all the problems should be fixed. For now, I went back to my old phone. The speaker is awesome though and I think it is by far crisp and clear.

Pros: speaker is clear at a loud volume, color is professional, stub antenna, great manufacture!

Cons: alert sound is like a kids game, battery life, strength and durability, holding the PTT button to connect the "One-to-One" between phones.

Skip this one, save your $$$


Mar 19, 2004 by tac2827

I really did not like this phone. I returned it for the Nokia 3589i. The Motorola had very poor reception in my area, Denver, with Verizon. I found the buttons on the side more annoying than helpful. Whenever I talked, I was trying to hold the phone as to not hit those buttons. Near impossible.

The battery doesn’t last that long, about 2-3 days for me talking only 60 minutes or less. You can buy another extended-life battery, but more $$$.

The alarm absolutely stinks. It’s just a little chirp. Very easy to miss it.

It does have a speakerphone, but coupled with the poor reception, callers could not hear me. The directions for this phone are not organized well. If you look through the manual, it seems almost all topics are repeated in two different sections. Why not just put everything on one topic in one place. That would be too logical I guess.

I’d skip this phone and save your cash.

Major Flaw!


Apr 28, 2004 by jstrait

The Motorola v60s has "side keys" that are always active while the phone is closed, I contacted Motorola and this cannot be changed. These buttons include: "Smart key" (dumb key really), volume control, voice button and speaker-phone-on/off.

FLAWS: These buttons when pressed by mistake in your pocket/briefcase or anywhere else you're not "careful" can cause the following annoyances:

1. Missed calls when phone switches itself to "silent". (I missed 12 calls in the first 2 days alone.)

2. Loud ringing phone during times you don't want it when phone switches itself to "loud".

3. Everyone around you clearly hearing your caller when answering after your phone has switched itself to "speaker-phone".

4. With time I may have found more but fortunately I won't find out. I'm exchanging this phone for a LG VX-4600.

PROS: If you don't mind being 'careful' with your phone and only need something simple this may be OK for you.

CONS: Missed calls if carried in your pocket... I really don't need another one, who can afford to miss calls?

Worth the upgrade from anything


Aug 21, 2003 by SorcererOD

If u use your phone alot and would be using it with someine who has one also its the best if u want a speaker phone in a flip its loud clear and really loud.
The antenna no longer pulls up thank god (all u V60 owners no what im talking about) They finally made the menus animated. I love this phone over my V6oi its a little thicker but actually feels more eurgonomic.
The Push to Talk is clear and easy to use, puts a beat down to nextel.
Signal Strength seems to be even better than previous models in the series.
If u are wondering if u should buy it i say yes u will love it and it only gets better with time

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