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Worst I have owned


Jul 19, 2011 by Mikey C

I used to have the droid 1, then the droid x. Both were solid phones. This phone is not. My biggest complaint is the screen. It is supposed to have a better display than the droid x, but it does not. The pixel grid can clearly be seen and pictures look blotchy. I have only had this phone for about a week and it has power cycled twice already. I regret switching from the droid x. On the positive note Ninja blur is pretty cool, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that does not have the unlimited data plan.

Traded in my iPhone 4 for this!


Jun 11, 2011 by Cellular Phone

Hello! I have had this phone for about 2 weeks now. I originally upgraded to the iPhone 4 with Verizon (which I did love), but when a friend showed me his Android device, I decided to return my iPhone and get the Droid X2.

What I love about it:

-HUGE display! This screen is a monster and it is as big as my iPhone in length and width! One of the largest displays I've seen on a phone, almost a tablet size really!

-Fast processing. The dual core processor is amazing. Web browsing is amazing as well!

-Most apps are FREE. I was a moron who paid money for my Angry Birds when on Android it comes free. The only app I did buy was the premium version of Docs To Go (but you can get the basic version for FREE).

-It syncs beautifully with PC or Mac, no iTunes needed, nothing is locked to your phones OS, it is open and free!

-I was able to transfer most of my iTunes music to my Android phone as it is compatible with MP4 and MPEG4 files! This includes most videos (except the protected videos like my Simpsons episodes).

-Phone gets great reception. Motorola is known for designing good hardware.

-Phone feels solid, nothing cheap here!

-Removable battery! Apple products carry a risk because you have to pay money to ship your phone into a repair center or you have to drive for miles to go to an Apple store to replace the battery. With Android phones, simply pop it out and replace it yourself!

-8.0 MP camera is amazing! Videos are fun to shoot.

-The phone really is a PC and cell phone all in one.

What I did not like as much:

-Battery life isn't as good as the iPhone. BUT! I did buy the extended battery from Verizon which is wonderful and it only added about a milimeter of bulk to the back of the phone, and my case still fits perfectly!

OVERALL: One of the very best phones on Verizon's network. I highly reccomend it!

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Mixed Feelings


Jun 8, 2011 by stavxros   updated May 6, 2013

Verizon Droid X2
Stock Android 2.2.2

-Large screen (540x960).
-Has not had a dropped call yet.
-HDMI mirror mode is pretty cool.
-Fast USB connection to computer.
-Dual core speed.


-Will not hold a 3G signal. It keeps switching between 3G, 1X and No Signal every few minutes.
-Will not stay connected to Verizon Network Extender while wife's Droid 2 Global keeps good connection all the time.
-Screen colors not a vivid as Droid X (could be due to increased resolution).
-Battery drains extremely fast (due to signal issues).
-Headset volume softer than old Droid.

I am on my 3rd Droid X2 within 2 weeks. The Verizon NRB tech has been very helpful troubleshooting the phones and Network Extender. We have been trying to figure out what the problem is. After all the testing the most suspect programs are the pre-installed Motorola layer and the weather and news background services. Overall the X2 has potential. It just does not want to keep connected to the Network Extender. I am willing to give it just a little more time before switching to a different model.

Major dissapointment


May 29, 2011 by wjspector

Bought it on the 26th. I had the thunderbolt, and liked it except for the battery and weight. I was told the x2 is the droid x on steroids. I like the size and weight. HDMI mirror is cool,battery is good, screen is nice, but phone seems slow overall. It force closes way too much, it shuts it's self off on it's own, and requires a battery pull before it will turn on again. And Verizon says it work as designed. Went into store to go over the problems i was having with the x2, and to exchange it back to the thunderbolt. Nope. Even though the phone shuts off, force closes, and is slow, the rep said it was working like it was supposed to. The store reset the phone and said it worked fine. So if the problem doesn't happen in 20 minutes, I'm a liar. I Pulling it out of my pocket finding it off for the 2nd time today is not working as designed. Called Janet, regional manager for Verizon, haven't heard back yet.

My family has been with Verizon since they began in southern California, and this is the way they handle a problem?

Very poor Battery Life


May 22, 2011 by skase

I own a Droid X and was planning on getting another Droid X for another family member when I saw the X2 was in stock. (I thought this was going to be out next week) It was the same price as the current X(just no mail in 50.00 rebate) . After 2 days the battery life is horrable (compared to my X) With Wi Fi and Blue tooth off I'm still at 4 hours until the 15% low battery warning.At least my X goes the whole day. So I am wondering if I can turn off the Dual Core option, I assume this is killing the battery. The phone is much faster and responsive than my X and interface is updated. I hope the battery life issue is fixed soon. It makes the phone almost unusable if you need to use apps during the day without the AC connected

Droid X2


May 21, 2011 by DJORDAN

Could have been more, but not bad at all. Sold Tbolt to get this one and I'm very please with it so far. Love the speed and battery life soooo much better than Tbolt. 4G I don't miss at all LTE needs H.E.L.P!

Front camera would have been nice, but even they are over rated.


quit complainin


Feb 14, 2012 by svaltierra83

This phone is the best phone that I had in a while. I had the dx and loved it, once this one came out i had to upgrade. Comparing this phone to everyones iPhone 4 and 4s from work this phone played and uploaded you tube videos quicker, had more options as far as open source and what can be done with it (rooting and hacking). The battery life was good and i put all my phones to the test. I had no complaints with this one. After my old dx kept rebooting after the 2.2 update and kept power cycling, i had made a good choice upgrading. I never had any problems with either of my dx's (other than the software upgrade on the old dx). I now currently own the Razr but still miss my dx2 and dx at times. They were very durable and had dropped them plenty of times. These phones came in handy for my 7 yr old and 8 yr old as started phones. For those of you that complain about battery life IT"S A DROID WHAT DO YOU EXPECT. check your settings and adjust them accordinly if you have alot of stuff in the background syncing constantly the battery will not last....Overall I absolutely loved this phone. Comparing it to all other phones when it came out there was no compition. I loved the screen size, dnla option, upgraded the memory card to a 32 gig and never had problems with signal,dropped calls, or screen not being responsive. Thanx moto but still waiting for my ics update for the rzr....

Extreme Disappointment. . . .


Nov 14, 2011 by youreverydesirex3

This is my 7th or 8th droid phone. Before this, I had the Droid X , and it kept freezing on me every time I tried to use some type of punctuation, I kept asking the company for a new one every 2 months or so.It was ridiculous. I had gotten tired of dealing with it, then I bought the Droid X2 and don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore "droids" but, few months down the line, same exact problem. It's very disappointing. I am now going for the HTC Rhyme...

Pro's : 1- Good service (every now & then)
2- Excellent keyboard (but don't use it when you're angry, because it WILL freeze. and you WILL have to turn your phone off & back on again)
3- Very stylish
4- Big Camera, bright pictures
5- Doesn't feel cheap
6- Dropped at least 10933742920734 times, screen & everything else is still perfect

Con's : 1- Android Market SUCKS. they never update it
2- Force closes ALL the time
3- Shuts off whenever it wants to
4- NO silent button.. so it's either you put it on vibrate or you keep it on ringer
5- SOMETIMES if you drop the phone too much, you can break the port for the charger and then it won't charge
6- NO front camera
7- At times, when you want to set a picture as your wallpaper, & lets say you already have the way you want your wallpaper to look in mind, the phone will make it look the complete opposite
8- OH YEAH, if you download a song onto it and play the song too many times, the phone will either stop working or freeze, leading you to shut it off.

Well that's about it.

I recommend this phone to people that can handle the headache's & aggravation that comes along with it.

THE best 3g verizon phone


Sep 13, 2011 by klinger1108

I have owned several androind phones and this has been the best (on vzw) so far. Here's the rundown:
-great call clarity
-snappy processor
-excellent display
-camera/camcorder work with ease
-speaker/earpiece volume are excellent
-battery lasts all day with moderate use

-captive buttons would have been better on the bottom
-charging port needs to be on the bottom
-U/I still a little glitchy

Overall I love the phone. My cons are just improvments that should have been made over the orginal X. I can't believe people whine about this display. It's the best I've seen for outdoor/saylight use and give true color, not over-saturated.

Overall Great SmartPhone


Aug 17, 2011 by grumpy007

I got this phone the day it came out and it really annoys me that people who don't have the phone give it a low rating because it's not enough of a change from the 1st X. Well I didn't have the 1st X so who cares!
I upgraded from a EnV Touch and I liked that phone but this phone is really awesome. Like any smartphone it has a crummy battery life but I downloaded a really good "App Killer" and that has helped a lot. I usually charge it at night and if I don't play "Angry Birds" on it, I don't have to charge it until the next night. That's talking, texting and using the web browser.
The called quality is amazing and it never drops a call. Connecting to the Internet was good before the Gingerbread update but now it's reallllly fast. It also fixed a few minor annoying feature issues. The Update has made a good phone Great!
The one thing I would recommend is Not to update the Verizon Mobile software. When I did that it made my phone lose the network and freeze up to where I had to pull the battery all the time so I uninstalled the software update and it stopped all those problems. I can't use the Verizon Mobile unless I re-install the update but that's more of a Verizon problem than a phone issue.
Great call quality,No dropped calls to date.
Great Large, Clear and Bright screen.
Easy texting.
Large keypad when you turn it on it's side
Good camera with lots of options.
Easy picture uploading to facebook
Fast Internet connections.
Short battery life as to be expected from any smartphone.
Overall, Yes I would recommend this device!

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