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LG Thrill 4G / Optimus 3D


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Lg Thrill


Nov 21, 2011 by tag803

I've had this phone a little over a month and so far this is my 3 phone. The phone would rated a 5, the one I have had is not working:

Con: battery life no good, my screen lock keeps freezing and I can't unlock phone unless I power cycle it off, and when I take a picture or video the phone power cycles itself off.

I love the phone but these things need to be corrected. When I last to to my carrier I was advised since the phone has been replaced so many times I have the option to either wait until LG comes out with a version 2.3 or try send my phone to LG so they can try and fix it. Options no good since this is my primary phone. There should be a phone that is somewhat compatible to this phone that it can be replaced with after so many replacements. I'm hoping LG comes out with software update soon.

Absolutely Thrilling


Oct 9, 2011 by ChadLancaster

I've had this phone since launch and it has been nothing but THRILLING! The tri-dual technology really makes this phone fly, not only between screens but between apps as well! Imagine a single core as a single line of a production plant, now imagine a dual-core as a construction plan with two production line, but only one processing line, with tri-dual technology, you get 6 lines of production and 6 processing plants, each handling different parts of the phone, and that's tri-dual technology. This is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest phones on the market, and soon as the gingerbread update comes, it will be even faster, and won't use up as much battery life.

Android 2.2, Upgradeable to 2.3 Soon!
Dual 5MP Cameras for 3D Pictures and Video
Tri-dual technology
Heavy Feel-Solid Phone
4.3 Screen
Front-Facing Camera
HDMI Port, w/cord included
Expandable Memory to 40GB Total

Not the best battery life, but will improve with Gingerbread Update

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Finally "Thrill" Is A Rebranded Name That's Accurate!


Oct 24, 2011 by BrianG07

I've owned this phone for 1mth and used many features often and agree with all of the GREAT THINGS said about this phone (an Android update will come and I bet it'll be 4.0 instead of 2.3, likely by the end of 2011 due to Google's 18mth upgrade promise), but must add ONE CON! Why does this phone not have a charge indicator light?

BEFORE YOU BUY, based on BarnettJr2's tips, pick up this phone at Costco for $30 w/$FREE accessory kit (too tight case, fine car charger, & ok screen protector)(Sign up for a new Costco membership to save more!)!

I bought this phone for the 3D. This is the 2nd 3D phone available in the USA (Sprint HTC EVO 3D was 1st). LG's Thrill 4G does beautiful 3D photos and video and you can even output 3D via HDMI! I think the Thrill 4G phone w/3D is better OVERALL than the EVO 3D, even though the EVO 3D has a few better features. Note, Thrill 4G only displays 3D in horizontal view (EVO 3D can display 3D images in vertical and horizontal views), but this may just be a limit of the camera software and 3rd-party software may fix that (Common Google! And update YouTube to make finding 3D videos easier!).

Recommended hardware upgrade for the future would be 3 camera lenses on the back of 3D phones to take 3D photos and video in ALL horizontal or vertical views!

See a 3D glasses-free phone in person to appreciate the depth 3D creates! I love 3D photos, watch 3D movies, record 3D video, and play 3D games (I played 3D games on my 1986 SEGA Master System!). I'd love 3D interfaces and/or apps with 3D layered menus 3D zoom effects to manage items on small displays better. You could tilt your phone to "look around" 3D objects! Every phone should have 3D since 3D phones usually have a button to quickly toggle 3D on or off, because 3D is not for everyone, but it is for me!

I also recommend the Case-Mate LG Optimus 3D Pop! Case w/Kickstand (available @ AT&T & on eBay). Drill a small hole above the hole on the bottom to create a lanyard anchor point!

Lg Thrill 4G


Sep 7, 2011 by goonryan2005

There is only one word that comes to me after using the LG Thrill 4g. That word is quality. There are many things that a manufacturer must do to produce a great phone. LG has surprisingly done these things well. While all phone are not perfect, the LG Thrill sure takes a forward leap towards the top. I work for an AT&T Authorized Deal, and I have owned nearly every handset these guys offer in the smartphone category.
This phone takes success factors from each previous phone on the market with AT&T. It has a great 4.3" display. While it is LCD technology, and a slightly lower resolution, it has fantastic color and shines greatly. It has the same good quality feel of the HTC Inspire 4G. The performance is definitely there thanks to the dual core 1Ghz processor from Texas Instruments. The glasses-free 3D seems to work really well. It is definitely better than the HTC EVO 3D. Pre-loaded games such as Nova 3D, and Asphalt 6 3D are a blast on this phone!
There are however a few downfalls to the phone, but these can perhaps be more opinionated in places. The phone comes pre-loaded with Android 2.2, while this is a 2.3 era. The battery life could be much better. It is very similar to the Inspire when it comes to battery lifespan, but this is reduced if the 3D features are used often. My last complaint would be that the user interface is a bit childish. I prefer HTC Sense or raw Android. This however can easily be fixed with a "GO Launcher" app which is completely customizable.
Other than these 3 things, I love the phone. I think that benefits definitely overcome what this phone may lack. While there are no perfect phones out there, the Thrill or Optimus is a winner with me, so I give it a 4.5. Thanks for reading!



Sep 19, 2011 by GulfwavesGary

Absolutely love this phone. Super fast with Dual Core Processor and dual ram memory. Great screen at 4.3 in with perfect touch feel. All the great stuff you expect from a supersmartphone. THEN ALL THE 3D STUFF THROWN IN FOR FREE. The 3D games preinstalled are remarkable. The whole 3D clarity is fantastic. It is the greatest deal for $100 that ATT has ever had. By the way, the signal stength is better than my Blackberry 9000 or Motorola Atrix. Makes the pain in rump IPHONES sick and way way behind.

LG Thrill 4G


Dec 13, 2011 by chipmatesales1

Great phone. Got mine for free! Just have to know how to work Customer Service!

Great Phone!


Sep 14, 2011 by MarkZ71

I've had this phone since the day of release. I upgraded(AT&T) from HTC Inspire.. So far, no complaints. Call quality is good and signal strength is good in most places(I live in west central Louisiana). The dual core and dual channel ram makes this phone fly! Applications load quickly. The screen is brilliant and bright. Colors are sharp. Menus are easy to navigate. As for the 3D functions...They are nice but its not something I'd use daily. It's fun to play with and use with 3D games. It is nice to be able to take a 3D still picture. Most 3D applications do have an adjustment digitally to adjust the depth of the picture for your personal liking. Overall, I love the phone!!

Pros: -Android(Froyo)..Upgradable to Gingerbread when they get the glitches out.
-Camera Quality + fwd facing camera
-Speaker Quality(loud and clear)
-Headphone jack on top
-CPU speed
-HDMI port plus cable included
-The Best Pro is..that it's not an iPhone!!

-3D button on right side bottom...not needed and or should have been a camera button. Atleast be able to reassign it.
-volume rocker switch on right side...most phones are standard on left side. and vise versa with the HDMI port and USB port on left side. I prefer my USB on the bottom.

My opinion about the Cons, are just that...opinions. The phone is great. I'm just picky about smartphones. There is no otterbox avaiable as of yet. So i'm stuck with a ballastic case..

Amazing Phone


Sep 5, 2011 by BarnettJr2

Absolutely amazingly fast, smooth & feature enriched. Screen crisp & colorful with good viewing angles n 2D & not really all that bad n 3D, that really works !! Ease of use excellent & very well laid out. Batt as good as any high performance phone. Of course 3D kills batt sooner. The one finally released is the latest upgraded version, thank goodness, so the delay was worthwhile. On Smartbench & Quadrant about 10% faster than my Moto Atrix. On Linpack Atrix 44MFLOPS - LG Thrill 3D 70MFLOPS, vids & gaming fast & very smooth, so apparently the fast Dual Core CPU & multi-channel RAM actually work very well. A real 'Look of Class' unit. Very impressed. Heck of a deal for the price. $80 @ Target, Radio Shack & Best Buy. However only $29.99 @ Costco, with free delivery & accessory kit.(case, car charger & screen saver). So wheather you're wanting a very capable Smartphone with or without 3D, hard to beat.
Don't particularly like power button on top.
3D button would b great camera button.
Only time will tell on other features.
Impressive want it, don't hesitate. Buy Now !!

Absolute horrible!!!!


Mar 29, 2012 by munsman

I cannot even describe how bad this phone is. I had the iphone 4 but gave it to my older Mother. Thus, I got this Thrill phone.
First the battery life is terrible, You are lucky to get 2 hrs of total time out of the battery.
2nd- the phone locks up all the time. You have to power off the phone and then wait about 5 min for it to power back up.

3rd- the bluetooth is horrible! My bluetooth will not stay connected. I have to then go into the settings and turn the bluetooth back on.

Summary: STAY AWAY from this Garbage!!! This phone sucks. LG simple does not know how to make a quality phone. The 3D is useless. Get ready to have it plugged in all the time just to keep the battery level in the green!!

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