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went from iphone, and love the inspire


Sep 30, 2011 by zttn1975

I love it!!!

Pros camera is great, can turn off internet as to not use data package, easy to use, great graphics, and lots of games to download.

Cons all the preloaded apps from ATT.

Overall wonderful. I wouldn't trade it fro another iPhone.

Decent Phone, GREAT HTC


Sep 3, 2011 by thesargster4

I am a very universal person when it comes to adapting to phones, however i am very picky on how they 'perform'. The features of an android (I.E. widgets, tons of games, etc) are all great and using this as a personal phone is great. I use both the Inspire and the iPhone4. They are on my side at all times; i find that the Inspire of course has much more customizability, user tools, etc.. However, like usual.. The android's battery life cannot be matched to the fantastic longevity of the iPhone's. Overall i would recommend this phone to anyone that wants a device with a ton of awesome features like HTC Sense and 4G capability. Overall, i still tend to use my iPhone for business use, primarily because of battery life.

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Close, but no Cigar.


Jul 21, 2011 by zerotsm

PROS: capacitive touch screen is easy to use, but on my sample, recalibration was necessary. As shipped, one had to touch to the right of the virtual key that was desired.

Lots of free applications are out there, and most of the paid applications are under $5.00. I settled on TimeClock Free, RealCalc Scientific Calculator (free), Note Everything Pro (paid) and Mileage Tracker (paid) to replace the functionality of my old PDA.

Phone can hook to the Internet via AT&T's 4G, 3G or Edge networks, Wi-Fi, and even off your computer via the USB cable.

The HTC Inspire of the few smartphones that one has some control the length of the touch tones on. You cannot hold the button forever and have it work, but it will play for up to 2 seconds and you can also send short bursts, so for my use on transmitter remote control systems it is adequate.

It's possible to use almost any email system, I linked my phone to a good old POP3 account that I have under my own domain.

CONS: Poor RF sensitivity, at least compared to my Nokia 6030, in part due to the totally dumb location of the cell phone antenna on the BOTTOM of the phone! One has to hold it by the edges to avoid detuning the poorly placed antenna. The cellular antenna also probably had to be as far away as possible from the GPS antenna at the top of the unit. The WiFi antenna is located on the left edge of the phone with the screen facing you, thus it can be detuned unless you hold the phone by just the right edge, which makes it hard to use the screen.

Poor speakerphone audio quality both coming and going. If turned up loud enough to hear in a noisy environment, the distortion sounds like it's in the 20% range. Callers also reported that they can't understand me if I use the speakerphone.

These two "cons" were the deal breaker for me. Too bad; I really liked this phone otherwise. I boxed it up and sent it back within the 30 day free trial period and my quest for the perfect smart phone continues.

I LOVE this phone!


Jun 9, 2011 by xenalli

I know there are so many great phones out there and for me saying this is the best it would be bias. I owned many phones, and I probably loved them all at one point. except for those i kept for a day. LOL

Well this phones is super fast, the display is amazing judging in comparison to many reviews outhere. I love the HTC scenes and the dynamic animations 8mp camera with MANY features for editing and taking pictures. the pic quality is amazing. i develop one of these babies 8x10 quality, super nice. Lots of setting to play with, LOTS of customization in comparison to many ugh fruit phones outhere ;)

What I don't love, is the fact that is only 8G in memory size, and it doesn't come with a memory card. SO, I purchase a 16g MC.

OK, NO front facing camera? I don't understand why, WHY, cut me out of this luxury? (pss I probably only used the front facing camera twice to try it out on the Iphone 4) SO NOT a BIG deal for me at least . However I did took some self portraits with it.... WAIT

There is a "PORTRAIT" feature on the 8mp camera which allow you to take picture without having to use any button. WHOOT!?

Yes, so it detects your face and it takes the picture. PRETTY neat HUH?

hmmmm lets see.....

NO HDMI hook up?

EH who cares there is no NETFLIX yet on Android.

Sound, not so loud =( tiny speaker

But if you can get your hands on one of this babies DO, you are going to be INSPIRED!

I traded my Atrix for this... VERY satisfied!

Reception issues


Jun 6, 2011 by isprobi

This is a very well built phone since it is mostly aluminum with a Gorilla Glass screen. The HTC Sense interface is the best for Android in my opinion and adds allot of functionality.

- Snappy performance
- HTC Sense user interface
- Good camera
- Sturdy construction
- Good phone for the AT&T contract price

- Signal reception is not great so it occasionally drops calls in low signal areas
- Like all Android phones battery life is poor and the fact that the battery slides into the side of the phones means options for extended battery are limited.
- No front-facing camera
- No HDMI output

HTC Does it again!


Jun 6, 2011 by steves850

This phone is simply amazing. HTC caught my eye with the amazing HD2 (minus the OS). I am an android fan-boy but I have had at least one phone from each of the of the competing operating systems. I appreciate the competition as it always seems to spawn creativity and innovation, but right now for me, Android is king. I know this will cause the iOS fans to protest in the streets but I need the freedom that comes with Android. Now to the phone-

Well built - This phone feels great in your hands, the Cliq XT, iPhone 3GS, and even the Captivate feel a bit plastic and almost cheap. This feels like a million dollars.

Speed - With a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and 768MB RAM this phone can handle any request I send it in a breeze. With a boatload of dual-core processor phones coming it seems HTC is a bit behind the curve but you would never know when using this phone. I feel the Inspire is still a contender while keeping the cost low.

HTC Sense - I know this is gonna be a bit controversial because a lot of people don't like any "Skin" or overlay added to their Android and I understand that. Motoblur breaks the android OS and I'm not crazy about the TouchWIZ from Samsung but I feel HTC gets it right. The keyboard is the best one I've seen offered by any Android device.


I have very little CONS about the phone itself I suppose. My biggest gripe would be that its not true 4G nor will it support it when(if) At&t adds LTE to its map. What it does offer is souped up 3G or 3.5G as I call it.

Battery Cover - I don't like how HTC designed the battery cover. The back is a sold metallic piece with two removable tabs. the Lower one which shields the SIM and Micro-SD card is a normal sliding cover, the battery cover on the other hand has a slight indent which is designed to slide off with some pressure from your fingernail, this hardly works and usually takes a coin or something similar. Replacing the cover is another pain in itself.

Just Ok


May 2, 2011 by cellgal22

I am a iphone person at heart but I like to go outside the box and try new things.


*Screen Size
*Live Wallpapers
*Quick Office
*Able to download Slideit Keyboard
*Slide down Status Bar
*Haven't Dropped one call


*E-mail Client is a Joke. Took me 3 hours to set up my accounts and even then they would stop working and have to be re-done.
*Unable to download non-market apps- Have to root it which will void the warranty. So Dumb.
*Bloat Ware- Unwanted apps such as Blockbuster, My AT&T and Live TV. etc.
*Battery Life Sucks. Apps Constantly running in the back ground, WiFi always searching
*Camera is grainy and lacking.

Overall just an OK phone.

love this phone


Apr 21, 2011 by Momakat

This is the first time I have done a review on a phone. For years I have been a Nokia supporter, I found that a lot of the other operating systems were clunky and hard to operate. I never was a fan of windows on the smart phones.

This is my first Android phone and I love it. I find it very responsive and it fits my needs in most ways. Below are my Pros and cons.

Very quick even with multiple programs open.

Good signal strength even though 4 g is not yet in my area.

Plenty of apps in the Android Market, some good free ones as well.

Sturdy feel, doesn't feel plastic or cheap. The large display is a plus to me.


Battery life, I come from a phone that had great battery life and I do miss that.

ATT or HTC depending on who you talk to will not allow android apps except from the Market. This has caused me to not be able to read my ebooks that I already have.

Overall I love this phone and the cons are not deal breakers at all.

Extremely Inspiring :)


Mar 27, 2011 by stevensocal

Here it goes. I have an iphone 4 and the Ispire both and I have to tell you. I am amazed at what this one can do. The screen is awesome the speed of processor and the way you can customize it, blows away the iphone in a lot of area's.
I have always been a fan of the iphone , but I have to say. This is the first phone, that I have seen, minus front facing camera, that can even come close to the iphone.
HTC, got it right this time. The only con that I can find, same for many others say is the battery life.
Oh well, same with Iphone and most smart phones.

If you are someone who is tired of iphone and wants something a bit more and fun to use, try this one. I doubt you will not like it.
There are very cool apps you can't get on the iphone that you can on this phone , that will make your life easier.... Nice camera and video, flash is awesome .. First Iphone killer so far :)

The best android on the market


Mar 26, 2011 by sinbad

This phone is an amazing phone, I've used all of AT&T's Android phones, and I've used the iPhone's as well. This phone blows them all out of the water by a landslide victory.

-Speed of data down load and upload amazing
-Screen has great color
-Camera and Video amazing quality
-Operating system is very quick
-Apps work amazing on the phone
-Memory is great as well
-Very user friendly
-4G is amazingly fast
_Screen rocks
-Sound Quality is fairly loud and clear

Took Verizon this long to release a victorious phone

I recommend getting this,

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