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Pretty good


Oct 9, 2011 by 123456qwerty

Pros: Big screen with a great display
fast loading
lots of free apps on the android market
great touch screen
a lot of personalization
very easy to sync with any computer and mail account
Great camera and video

The battery life is very short. Have to charge it every night
Call quality isnt too great. At least in Dallas

Overall:I would definitely recommend this phone. The biggest problem is the battery life, because if you dont charge it every night, you will run out of battery by noon

Impressive!!! I Love it


Aug 12, 2011 by ested23

I just bought this phone yesterday after a few months of trying it out and I must say....I LOVE this phone. I never thought that I go to android from blackberry...drastic difference between the 2 operating systems. Let me get straight to the point with the pros and cons:

PROS: great sound and call quality, camera, picture and video is clear and smoothe, internet speed is pretty fast, the apps, the screen display, ease of use, the touchscreen is fluid, messaging is simple as well. Oh!!! The gingerbread update is A LOT better than the 2.2 Froyo. Major improvement!

Cons: battery life (kind of weak), and missing front facing camera.

I still give this phone a 5...regardless. the cons are very minor issues. I recommended!!! :-)

charging port


Jun 29, 2011 by bahamas242

phone is awesome but the charging port becomes shaky after a while I've had my phone for two months and this just start happening so the phone has to go in the shop. if htc can improve the charging port this phone would be flawless,but i love my inspire to death.

Fantastic Phone on AT&T


Jun 17, 2011 by aejaneczek

The Insipre is fantastic phone. Great feel and finish to the phone, I love HTC build quality, so much better than Motorola and Samsung which usually feel cheap and plasticy. Also fast downs speeds with HSPA+, now I know it's not true 4G and it's not LTE, but I constantly get 3.5-4 mbs down EVERYWHERE and when I'm in a fast location I've gotten up to 10 mbs. With LTE on Verizon IF you're lucky enough to stand just right in the right spot you'll get 10-15 mbs down, and if not you're on their ancient slow 3G that typically runs at 0.5 mbs. Also great camera, takes great pictures in low light, they don't look washed out or overexposed at all. Overall this is a great phone, especially at the price point, I picked mine up at RadioShack for $29.99.

I am inspired about the HTC inspire 4G


Apr 30, 2011 by seansAfollower

This is my 1st touchscreen device and I have to say I love it! My previous device was a Nokia E71X and the difference between this device and that is night and day. The HTC inspire 4G is a device that can do it all.
I love the customization with the phone, you can truly make this an individualized phone. The apps that come with the phone are great and operating in the android market is easy and fun! When purchasing this phone there are certain apps that are necessary like android app killer and battery fu, and lookout security which are all free.
The battery which comes with the phone is very poor if you use the phone like I do(running pandora, sirusxm, MLB app through out the day)I upgraded to a 1300mah battery and it has improved, still have to charge the device in mid day to use the device at night. Highly recommended to get a solid case and screen protector the second you get the device, well worth the cost!
The SD card that comes with the device holds enough memory for my liking(have over 56hrs of music on it, and still have 3GB left). My GF has an iphone and I look at the screen and it's tiny compared to the inspire, sorry apple.
*Important note* If you plan on using this phone like I do a unlimited plan is very highly recomended(used 13GB in 1 month). Overall this is a great phone and I plan on sticking with it for a long time. Follow me on twitter seansAfollower

HTC vs iPhone


Apr 12, 2011 by screwyt

I want to switch to an Android device from the iPhone (for various reasons) and purchase the HTC Inspire to see if I will like it.

I really do like the Android OS.

Synopsis: for the money and the simple advantages listed below. This is a really nice phone as an alternate to the iPhone

Better than iPhone 4:
- price
- screen size
- OS (subjective)
- universal charging plug

Worse than iPhone 4:
- phone will scan for a mobile or wifi network so much that after charging it to 100%, after 5 hours, you have like 30% battery left.
- loaded with AT&T junk that can't be removed unless you perform some advanced (subjective) manipulations of the phones software
- insanly slow charge time when not connected to a power plug (like 5 hours)
- apps, such as NHL app, some bank apps, weather apps, look like they were an afterthought after they were built for the iOS.
- Notifications sometimes work, sometimes don't.
- I will have a signal most of the time, and then sometimes I won't.
- Wifi will either connect, or not. I have tried numerous things to try to get it to work and every time I do (if I do), than I have no idea what caused it to work
- When i brought the phone home the first day, i turned on the Wifi to connect, and nothing. It wouldn't connect. It saw the network, tried to obtain the IP, and then it would say "Disconnected". I had to find online that you have to reset it back to defaults and then re-setup the network. However, you MUST set it up during the intial setup, and then everything will work fine. Otherwise, if you bypass the initial setup and try to go to the configuration, it won't work at all. This was frustrating.
- Some of the widgets are stupid. For example, I have tried setting up to see this "two clock" widget where it will show me two time zone times. I could not, for the life of me, set the time zones I wanted. I got one set, but the other would default to wherever I was at the time.

Proud to own an HTC


Apr 7, 2011 by platemail

First and foremost, let me start off by saying WOW; HTC really outdid themselves on this device. I work for a consumer electronics store where we sell all major carriers, and previously I was using the Samsung Intercept on Sprint, the HTC Inspire is a night and day difference.
I wasn't too proud of my previous phone, and I have always been a Samsung guy, even my microwave is Samsung, but things have changed.

This phone is just as they advertise; blazing fast.

pros: -As I said before, this thing's FAST a 1Ghz processor makes browsing a breeze
-The phone is extremely accurate and responsive.
-Onscreen keyboard is smoother than others in the same class I've used.
-Camera/Camcorder is of exellent quality.
-HTC Sense
-Tons of others not listed.

cons: battery life is not the best, but no androids have notable battery life.
-as said before, this phone loves to sync everything to contacts.
-when you get the phone out of the box, the settings they have required a ton of altering for me to get it set up just how i like. (you can tell they kept in mind that a lot of idiots with 50.00$ would buy this phone)

in all, if you're looking for a speedy phone that is very adaptable, than this is the phone for you!

So far, so good


Mar 6, 2011 by Versed

After looking at both the Atrix and Inspire, I found this phone to suit my needs. It was a hard choice.

Screen, wonderful, very snappy. Getting good results on speed tests. Feel, fit an finish.

What's not so good. Well the battery compartment, but that's known and known when I purchased the product.
No 2100, but don't plan on traveling much, and can just take my N! if needed. Sense seems to like to merge all contacts from like Facebook and it doesn't allow me remove them, even after I un sync such information.

Inspire 4G - Pretty darn good


Mar 5, 2011 by Android Rocks

I had been a huge BlackBerry user for a long time and was a little apprehensive to change. If something's broke why fix it right? Well if we went by that rational then we wouldn't have some of the advances in mobile phones that we have today.

When I decided to venture away from BlackBerry I went with the iPhone to which I was pretty happy with and became attached to, though it seemed like something was missing. I had someone offer to trade me his Inspire for my iPhone 3GS. I wasn't as apprehensive to trade because I had previously used two HTC Windows smartphones before. The HTC Touch, and HTC PPC-6800. Of course both with custom ROM's, lol.

The HTC Inspire HD....... WOW !! I am impressed. There are so many apps, and the customization options are endless it seems. I didn't realize what it meant to have an "open source" phone until this one. It has taken some time to learn my way around the user interface, and I'm still learning it. I really like the Android platform. I used to be against phones that were completely touch screen, but it just takes getting used to.

4G - I live in an area that has 4G coverage and it is VERY fast. I downloaded a song the other day in less than 35 seconds, and an email with 25 pictures in 15 seconds. Blows 3G out of the water. It also hold signal very, very well. A LOT better than my iPhone, but we'll just leave that at that.

Pros - Everything, LOL

Cons - Speaker phone & ringer volume is a litte low for me, but I guess you can't win them all. Just use the vibrate function along with the ringer.

Very InSpIreD!!!!!!


Feb 19, 2011 by glamgirl

I have never reviewed a phone but I feel like this review is necessary. I have been with at&t for one month. In this small time frame I have tried the iphone 4, 3gs, wm7 focus, wm7 surround, samsung captivate and now the almighty INSPIRE!
There is no reason to bash the others, they are all unique in their own way. I have only had this phone for one day.
Let's get down to business!

Screen size
Good battery life
Doesn't feel real heavy
Htc Sense
Price $99.99 (WOW)

None at this time. I recommend this phone. It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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