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Nov 21, 2010 by bry1023ny

Coming from Verizon with the original Droid, this phone is a HUGE upgrade! EVERYTHING about this phone is better!

- FAST processing speed (1000Mhz)!
- BETTER screen (brighter, more vivid colors).
- FULL web browsing (nothing mobile)... full video streaming, full Flash support.
- EXCELLENT call quality (turn volume all the way up though).
- WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, and HOTSPOT all work great with fast connections.
- GOOD battery life (on par with every other smartphone I've owned).
- "Touchpad" easy to manuever back and forth with the cursor when composing text messages.
- SOLID feel in your hand, excellent construction.

- No keyboard... but this saves you on overall thickness of the phone, and adds to the design. Plus the screen is big, so the virtual keys are a good size. Also supports SWYPE technology.

3G service on the HSPA network is fast. If you're on the EDGE network, it is slow. 4G is only available in metropolitan markets so far. Haven't tried out the 4G, since it is not available in my area yet... but it's great knowing that when it does become available, my phone will be ready for it, and I don't have to pay anything extra.


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This phone goes Ham!!!!


Nov 18, 2010 by dameyale

This phone is great. First and foremost . it came in great packaging. The camera is very solid. The processor is fast ( coverage for 4g could be better in Raleigh, NC). The screen resolution is great.Music player is great.Only improvement I can see is for htc to add dolby surround sound like they do on the new HD7 phones. this phone is best T-Mobile has. Also this website is off tha hook. Im in this website like everyday. very informative and honest about the phones

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Love this phone


Nov 17, 2010 by Alewis420

This is the best phone that I have owned yet. I came to this phone from the Samsung vibrant. The only thing that I dislike about the phone is that internal memory is lower than that of the vibrants, at 16GB. However; the Camera flash on the 4G is a great feature. The flash also acts as a flashlight, witch there is a app preloaded on the phone. The blazing fast Internet speed is a great addition in making this an amazing phone. Another amazing feature about the 4G is the ability to expand the home screen from 5 to 7 screens, witch I already filled with apps. The biggest con on the 4G is the volume button doesn't have a silent setting on it. To select the phone for it's silent mood you have to do so by going into settings and select it manually. However, the android App market saved the day with a wedget that always the user to select silent and vibrate from a home screen. Even with the cons of the 4G I have no regrets with this upgrade at all. So, for all of you thinking about upgrading to the 4G I would recommend going ahead and upgrading.
P.S. As fare as the memory problem HTC made up for it by throwing in a 8GB SD memory card.

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Very Nice


Nov 10, 2010 by donwaun4998

I have a Vibrant and the 4g my touch, let me first say that it is hard for me to pick the better phone but i would have to go with this phone over the vibrant simply because samsung keeps failing to deliver promises. I have had 3 vibrants due to problems with handset, including when they sent out the j16 update. My phone would not turn on afterwords. Htc has their ducks in a row and even though this phone only comes with 4 gb of memory and a non AMOLED screen, unlike the vibrant, it is already updated to the 2.2 FROYO and can do everything the vibrant can and then some. the 4g network is blazing in Pittsburgh, and the front facing camera for video calling is cool too, if you have someone else that has the capability. 2.2 moves smoothly and the UI is nice so that anyone can figure it out. The battery life is decent, especially if you have experience with androids and know the tricks of the trade. with a few settings and a good knowledge of how to close out of all your applications instead of just hitting the home key, my phone last me a couple of days with moderate to heavy use. Overall Great phone, with great features, great UI (User interface), great speeds. Now if we could only get T-Mobile to source their call center in the US. We would be Golden!!!

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The Best Phone Ever


Nov 10, 2010 by mrtasle

I've never given a phone a 5.0. This has everything. Great speaker, Screen is Gorilla Glass. Touch is very responsive. 4G speed blows 3G out of the water. I don't care what T-Mobile calls it. It works. Battery life isn't the best. It's about the same as any other Android phone. An update went through the phone to allow WI-FI calling.

I left Verizon after being their customer for a long time and I couldn't be happier

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Nov 8, 2010 by queenblenda

this phone truly is amazing!!! it has a fast web experience the phones touch screen is really responsive!! i really like the fact that is has the four hard keys vs having the touch sensitive buttons like on the G2 and many other phones. i had the G2 for about a week and returned because i was having some problems with it i know people will be comparing the two since there the only tmobile phones that work with there "4g" aka HSPA+ network and i would have to say i like the mytouch ALOT more then the G2.

some people are complaining about the phones speaker saying its too low but coming from a sidekick lx 09 the speaker is just as good or even better the the sidekicks.

don't have any con's really the only thing i would have to say would be the memory on the phone it's self is only about 1.04 gig's but it does come with an 8GB card. other then that the phone is awesome!! would recommend it to anyone!!

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Substance, Style & Character


Nov 5, 2010 by KeepNTouch

This is a beautiful phone with a quality build and the color options really give it character, without making it too childish. The screen display is very nice, the customized user interface shows that T-Mobile put some good thought into the OS.

The swype for typing is amazing, the call quality is pretty good and the music playback is great. The phone feels great in the hand and can be operated with one hand.

The camera takes great pictures and the network speed can be dizzying. I’m a minimalist so this works well for me, because I have everything in one complete package. A mobile phone, a music player, my email, the newspaper, a camera, my personal planner, my bible, weather updates AND even a new word for the day to help build my vocabulary. And I’m doing it with style.

This is truly an impressive offering from T-Mobile.

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....Expectations not exceeded


Nov 13, 2010 by nykolebabe

After selling phones all day and seeing the great things that most phones are capable of I was really excited about this phone coming out. So much so to the point that I added a new line just to use my other one for back up because of the things I had heard of with the battery for this phone. They do not even come close to the aggervation I have with this phone. I tried training or conditioning the battery that did not work, I am a mild user so it annoys me that I can have a fully charged battery and on my to work and not use it and pull it out on my lunch break to have a less than half full battery. Next I went from using a highlight where I got good 3g coverage to this My Touch 4g where I only receive 2g service. Customer stated that I would need a new sim card did that then they said it was the tower in my area. I see this phone for nothing as more than a conversation piece and a phone book since it takes up to 3 minutes to fully load a web page and several attempts to even down load a app. I will stick with using the internet on my laptop and may even trade in having a data plan to returning to a basic phone for talk and text. I am extremely unhappy with this phone. After seeing the ability of the Droid X and Incredible I am willing to pay Verizon high prices for great service on a phone that I can actually see the difference in. Instead of low price plans on a great idea for a phone that did not live up to its hype. 4g is now short for 4gotten!

Great camera
Responsive touch screen
Phone volume is fine
Phonebook sync

Battery life
Very slow internet 2g

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Wanted to like it oh so much


Nov 9, 2010 by vedelorme

Bottom line:
This is an amazing phone as long as:
you want to own several battery charges. One for home, one for car, one for work and where ever else needed.
Owned the Mytouch 4G for two and a half days and the phone spent more time on the charger then actual use. Speaking with the T-Mo experts they just said it was something you would get used to... that was a deal breaker. I was new to android and was puzzled why 90 percent of the apps had no "official" button to close, exit or turn-off. It turned out that i would need to get an app that would "kill" the other apps and would have to go the the app killer to turn off each app after use or watch my battery drain before my eyes....


WIFI.... coming from a bold 9700 i simply love and lived off UMA/WiFi calling. with the myTouch 4G you can literally watch the battery drain with the wife option on... so the old days of leaving wifi on in the office was ended for those short two days...

bottom line...
the mytouch 4G is an amazing phone with amazing speed and options but those amazing features do no good if you have to put the phone on a charger every four hours! Today was the final day... phone fully charged at 7am by 11:30am it was completely dead with no battery left... this was with moderate use only... if you do not mind the poor battery performance... the mytouch 4G is a great phone.

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