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Mar 27, 2011 by Glitter25

Im not sure if people just didnt give this phone a chance or what. I have had it for about a week now. I think its pretty amazing!

~Super fast
~HUGE keayboard, makes it super easy to type
~OS 6.0
~battery life is amazing compared to 30 other phones Ive had
~The 5mp camera is amazing!! Even with it fully zoomed in it takes amazing pictures!
~Super easy uploads to facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.
~Its a flip phone!
~Vibrate is strong
~Ringtones are clear and loud
~Loads of memory for tons of downloads
~User interface is smooth
~Small, light, compact, fits anywhere.

The only con I really have is it takes some getting used to when taking photos. I wish the camera placement was up higher because alot of time I end up taking a photo of my own finger lol. But its not that big of a deal when the camera take really great photos!

Ive owned 5 different blackberries and so far I honestly believe they hit a home run with this one! Good Job RIM!

At First Was Reluctant Due To Flip, But Now Very Impressed!


Dec 12, 2010 by SEM

Upgraded from the Blackberry Bold 9650 to the Style about a week ago. After a solid week of use I have a very good feel of the new phone. Overall, the phone is fantastic.

- Battery Life (Typically getting 1.5-2 days use out of one charge with average use.)
- Flip (Wasn't sure how I would adapt to the flip phone again, but I like the smaller form of the flip.)
- Camera (The camera quality on the Style is amazing, much higher quality pictures than the Bold.)
- OS6 (I have to admit I did download the leaked version for the Bold and was not impressed. The actual OS6 on this phone is great, much smoother than the leaked version.)
- Abilities of External Display (Was very impressed that music could be controlled from the external display, especially with Pandora. The only downside is cover art is not displayed with Pandora on the external screen. I also really like the ability to view messages on external display.)

- External Display (It is nice having the external display but I wish there was more customization such as wallpaper.)
- Only One Convenience Key (This is a very minor con, but I did like having the option for two convenience keys.)

After everything is said and done, I really believe that RIM excelled on this product. For anyone out there giving this phone a second thought because of the flip, just give it a try. I was very put off by this design, but now I truly love it and might find it hard to return to a bar style Blackberry.



Nov 8, 2010 by bford1988

Traded my HTC Evo for this phone and am very pleased. True, Android phones can do more than Blackberry, but the simplicity and longer battery life are completely worth it to me. My main phone uses include calls & texting, Pandora, taking pictures, MP3 player, and frequent look ups on the internet. This Blackberry's keyboard (like all high end Blackberries) makes texting quick and easy. I love BB's mp3 player, especially compared to other phones. Another cool thing is you can sync it with iTunes using Blackberry Device Manager.

Last but not least I'd like to say the camera is awesome!! Many new image editing options and the auto focus is unreal. Much better camera than the Evo in my opinion.

Solid Homerun


Nov 4, 2010 by johnespo

BlackBerry hit a HOMERUN! with this phone. First of all, I am a fan of BlackBerry devices and use them for what they are made for (i.e. they are not set up as a toy to play games on).
The flip hinge is SOLID. The phone feels great. I was surprised by the larger keys as compared to any other BlackBerry I have owned. OS 6 is a real nice improvement over the previous OS's and it puts BlackBerry in the playing field with more "fun" OS's like WebOS, Android, & Apple.

What I really like is that this is a flip phone. No more locking my keys every time I put the phone in the case or my pocket. I bought Zagg shields for the screens, but the inside screen with well protected now. It is a perfect size when flipped closed, but gives you plenty of real-estate when opened.

Here's my one complaint... When looking at photos or watching Sprint TV, I wish they will upgrade the OS soon to allow Landscape mode on the screen. I know the phone as a whole is not really setup for Landscape, but it would be nice to take advantage of that aspect ratio.. especially if the kids want to watch some Sprint TV in the car.

In Style


Aug 8, 2011 by Lizzzi

I am not sure why this phone is not getting much attention its really a super nice phone.


Great Call Quality
Nice Keyboard
OS 6 Very smooth
Great Battery Life
Loud notifications
Flip phone, not more pocket dialing.


Can't think of any!

Love my Style


Aug 12, 2011 by Kristyn4839

Let me first say that I am a long time customer of Verizon Wireless and that I switched to Sprint not because of the phone but because of the customer service. I have had almost every type of phone out there but always end up coming back to Blackberry. So when I decided to make the switch to Sprint and this phone was free I felt why not give it a try. I'm so glad I did!

Remember when really all they had were flip phones and you groaned (or at least I did) when they started becoming predominantly candy bar type phones. Well this is a Blackberry AND a flip phone. It may not be as flashy as the new phones scheduled to come out soon or do as much but it serves my purpose... to make phone calls, text, email and BBM.

I realize that Verizon has better service when it comes to call quality and dropped calls but this phone works fine in my area and I haven't dropped a call yet. I attribute that to Blackberry more than anything else.

So... if you miss you flip phone, don't care about playing games on your phone 24 hours a day, and want a Blackberry this phone is for you!

probs w/ video... but I like BB 6.0 OS


May 10, 2011 by kantokahsdid

I was a little impressed with the 6.0 OS on the style. The video tutorials weren't very informative and were lacking.
Speed on this BB, however is great! We have seen a few problems with playing media files on this and that is one HUGE down-side for the customers who really like this flip-style w/ a full keyboard phone.

Came from Evo


Nov 2, 2010 by phonejunkie843

Blackberry's solid hardware comes together to form this sturdy flip phone with FULL qwerty (non-touch) OS6. The battery life is way better than my EVO, but not quite what Blackberry users are accustomed to (Heavy user). The keyboard is rather flat, but still a good keyboard (to say the least). My only gripe is that the few apps that I am accustomed to having on a blackberry are just not developed yet for this new OS (non touch screen). No ebay, paypal, mobile banking). The browser is still slow/sluggish, yet renders full pages 97% better than the old Blacberry versions. Also, I wish one could watch the 'sprint tv' and 'navigation' and other videos on the external LCD. Looks really weird in my car using navigation with the flip wide open. Even the LG lotus on Sprint had more external LCD capabilities. Otherwise, I'm very glad I switched back to my crackberry roots. Ill be patiently waiting the development of apps for the style 9670.

Big change of mind. Not on the bandwagon anymore.


Nov 4, 2010 by landmarkcm

So tried this phone it is ok for what it is. But I realized just how much better features wise & easier to use Android is! So switched to the Transform. The Styles camera actually wasn't that great (poor placement no good apps for it) keyboard just ok. Lack of apps, I wanted etc. Plus touchscreen at least to me is easier then this. I do applaud there effort with OS 6 but realized missed android ESP when trying to scroll on a web page to find something with this phone got annoyed! I was anticipating this device too I was all stoked to get but it let me down. They really should have made the front screen more usable for the camera. Also apps are expensive on BB $19.99 for Vlingo. Free! on Android. I am gonna out on a limb here (may get some slack lol) but I almost wanna say BB=boring even for a business user. Who wants to scroll through a bunch of stuff in the menus to get where ya wanna go also messaging is a pain! as it clumps everything together. Anyway Android is more fun and you can be productive too. Again I applaud Rim & initially was really campaigning almost for the Style, but I think Rim is slipping. It does look nice ill give it that.

Telus pulls another boner!!!!


Dec 23, 2010 by Ed1

The Style may have been a good phone but Telus (Tell Everyone Lies Useless Service) has chosen to cripple it as it has with all the Blackberry models they carry. Namely no picture messaging, no video messaging and no games! Check out Bell’s website they say theirs is fully functional.

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