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Not so sure


Mar 24, 2005 by phonegenius

I bought this phone the day it was available in my store. I paid retail cost for it... $359. The first few weeks it was the coolest thing I had ever owned. Then the battery read invalid battery and then I couldn't get it to take a charge even with a new battery. After the first few weeks, my phone has gone down hill. I sent it in for repair and it seems to be working fine now, but I use it less than 10 min a day. I wouldn't recommend this phone unless you have a back up.
There are Pros and Cons:
Pros: Its small, it takes awesome pictures it comes with neat features, it looks nice on your hip.
Cons: battery/charging issues (all the people I sold the phone too also had a problem with one or both of them) Doesn't have a web feature on it.

Overall, I don't know I would suggest it. My hands are tied. ( I def wouldn't pay retail cost for it)

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Excelent Little Phone


Feb 6, 2005 by nizzy1115

I got this phone the other day and i am greatly impressed with it. I previously owned a keyocera slider and it was great until it broke a few months after i had it. I loved the size of my slider and i saw how small this phone was i was amazed. It has so many little features that make it wonderful to use. The digital camera has so many options it is really neat like night mode, sepia, etc. Its menus are soooo easy to use too. There is only one thing i don't like about this phone and thats the external display shuts off after 30 seconds to save battery but there is no option to keep it on forever. Besides that this phone is near perfect!

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Just Might Be The Next Best Thing


Feb 4, 2005 by USCell_Sales

I've had this phone for about two months. I always wait a while before posting a review just so I can experience everything the phone has to offer. This is by far, the best phone I have ever had. The reception is just amazing, and the screen is clear and crisp. The camera is just another great touch. I think Motorola has really outdone itself.

*Great style, with nice compact size
*Powerful Speakerphone
*Screen resolution is amazing, with great display
*Easy to use and very user friendly
*Amazing reception compared to past phone experiences (including Samsung, LG, Sony Ericson, and Audiovox)

*Camera could be a 1.2 Megapixel
*MP3 player would be nice, similar to the V710

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Happy with v810


Sep 20, 2004 by fincher

I give it a 4.5. The lack of Bluetooth, video, etc. is missing the point of this phone. It's not outdated in terms of styling but this, of course, is a matter or taste. It's a great tri-mode CDMA phone that fits nicely in your pocket or in a holster. Huge display, speakerphone, and stubby antenna! If you want all the bells and whistles, this is not the phone for you.

Great size and weight! Cannot emphasize this enough. Not bulky at all for me and I prefer a more "boxy" look with rounded corners than an oval shape -- great sleek styling.
Excellent internal display
Good build-quality
I've always like the Moto phonebook; yes, it gets bashed, but I like it and the enhanced features from that found on my v60i.
Great speakerphone
Great OEM swivel holster
Nicely spaced keypad

Smart Key does not function as in previous Motorola phones such as the StarTAC, v60 Series, i.e., it does not allow for sending of DTMF tones; user must use "OK" button or right soft key. Not the worst thing, but I'm so used to my other Motorola models.
Vibe/Ring Alert Setting does not allow for a ringtone to be used for text message when its set to vibrate even though you can change this setting, it will vibrate. This was not the case with the Timeport 8767 or the V60 Series.

External display text could be a bit larger but I like the OLED.
Battery life with slim 750 mAh is okay, which is why it shops with the extended battery.
Camera is fine; lots of cool options but a camera is not a priority though I do mess with it.

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An awesome phone!


Feb 12, 2005 by mslpanthers

I received this phone the other day since my last phone broke. This is a great phone I must say. The camerea is loaded with features and the phone itself is light weight. I could hear people fine and they could hear me good too.

-Many Camera options (including Nightshot)
-Great Sound
-People can hear you clearly
-Menus are easy to use
-Many options on phone
-Great battery life!
-An awesome headset to use to hear and talk with.

-No real audio ringtones
-Camera could be 1.2 Megapixels
-Could have bigger LCD screen on front
-You could have a feature using a camera with phone closed.
-You cant close phone when using speakerphone or headset.

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A Real Winner!!!


Sep 18, 2004 by kenstee

I had a v710 and returned it within a week due to all the problems the worst of which was low earpiece volume. I also didn't like the heavy weight.

My mandatory requirements were modest. Tri-Mode. Small. Light. Solid RF. Speakerphone. In short, I wanted a great performing phone that was top notch on basic phone functionality. I really don't care about web access, access to email, games, custom ringtones, cameras, etc. In short, I want a phone not a PDA, digital camera or laptop.

I will comment on what this phone has NOT what it doesn't have. One should know the specs of a phone before you buy it and not trash a phone in this review because it lacks features that weren't included in the first place.

So here goes...

Pros: Lots.
- Very good, solid RF
- Great earpiece volume!!!!!!!!!!!
- The display is very vivid and easy to see/read. To me it
is very crisp as well. Screen/Outer display is easily
visable in daylight/sun.
- It's very light and not bulky
- Logical menus and address book function
- Very good lighting/backlighting in the keyboard
- A solid feel and build quality
- Speakphone works well with acceptable volume
- Can set indicator lamp to show if phone is on or off
when it is flipped shut.
- Loud ringer
- Acceptable number and variety of ringtones.
- Many ways to personalize the phone displays and alerts

Cons: Very few.
- Speakerphone could be louder. But, is still fine.
- Build quality could be a tad bit better
- Wish outer display was bigger

- I haven't tried the camera. So can't comment. But, I
could care less about a camera. And none of
the"disadvantages" matter to me.
- Battery life: Haven't fully tested. But, seems good. It
comes with the extended battery though.

No phone is perfect. Bottom line, for me and my needs the 810 blows the 710 out of the water on basic phone functionality. If you need a small, dependable tri-mode phone you should definitely consider the v810.

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Not for headset, signal quality, battery life


Jun 16, 2005 by Zambini

When our contract came due for renewal 8 mos. ago, we switched to the V810 from Nokia (don't remember the model, but gave the Nokia's to the teens so they are still in the family) If you just want a phone to make and receive calls. This is okay phone for that - if you are in the middle of a lot of towers where signal will never be an issue and don't mind the cutting feeling the phone gives your ear. It also takes pictures, poorly, to put on your wallpaper or send to friends - for a price.

Pros -
it rings, dials, takes pictures, accepts a headset

Cons -
You have 2 hours talk time on a full charge. Only a short warning period before it shuts off if you are talking on it. Very inconvenient.

Poor charge time-4 hours. Very unpleasant surprise after our Nokia's one hour charge time.

Signal quality stinks. US Cellular in the foothills of the Ozarks - Missouri and Oklahoma mostly, though do travel into the city regions of OK and MO. Definitely a phone issue, not service. We can have the Nokia and the Motorola in the same vehicle and lose signal on the Motorola or pop into roaming while the Nokia still has signal indoor is not roaming.

Already had the phone repaired because the earpiece connector for headset was loose. Have been told I sound like I'm talking from a pond. Never a problem with the Nokia. Not a good choice if you use a headset often, as I do.

Every cool feature the phone has is a paid for service thru US Cellular - sending photos, text messaging, games, etc. So are useless to us since we won't pay the price.
Have missed calls when external buttons were accidentally hit and set the ringer to silent or turn down volume.

Voice activation requires you open the phone to push the voice button even with a headset. You have to leave the phone open until you get a ring or it will disconnect. Our Nokia has a button built into the headset for that purpose.

I'm definitely not a fan of this phone and will see if I can get rid of it ASAP

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Great Phone


Jan 16, 2005 by sweethoney58

Out of all the phones I've owned, this one is by far the best one I have owned.


-great sound quality
-plenty of ringtones
-small size
-swivel holder thing
-speaker phone is pretty good
- good external display
-good screen display on flip, can be seen in anylight
-never dropped a call yet or lost reception, and when I'm at my parents out in the sticks. My old phone would lose signal all the time out there, this one has yet to do that.
-really good vibration setting. can be felt when in holder. also vibrates quite loud, i've learned that when at work or in class to set it to silent, or the vibration gets everyones attention just as musch as a ringer would.


-camera is always a little dark, but other then that takes pretty good pictures
-froze up on me once. but that might of had something to do with i was pushing buttons to get to vm and people were calling it and i think thats the reason why it froze.
- doesn't have quick keys like my old phone did. where you just hit like the 2 and it brought up the people in the phone book abc. but thats okay.
-voice dialing doesn't always work

Other then the few small issues, I found this was a very good quality phone. In fact 4 of my friends went out and got the phone after I did because they were impressed with it.

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Awsome phone!!!!


Sep 25, 2004 by cellboy

I have to say ive had this phone for a week and i think its the best camera phone ive had so far....and ive had 6 so far.

This phone has a lot of really cool features and some that are missing. Most of all this phone has excellent rf quality. I dont drop calls where i was before and the earpiece is very loud. I like the speakerphone in the office or somewhere like that but in the car driving it serves no purpose(much like every other speakerphone out there).I like the color a nd size of the screen much better than my lg vx-6000.Dont get me wrong the 6000 is the second best camera phone ever by the way, i just think this one has some things it doesnt.like flash for the camera, smaller size and weight,bigger screen, and speakerphone.

The things this phone doesnt have that would have been nice are intergrated bluetooth,being shipped with the slim battery and door instead of the extra thick battery and door, and mp3 ringtones.some of these things are addressed in the v710 but i have a bad experience with that phone so i took it back and got this one instead. even the bluetooth on the v710 was garbage mine as well not have it cause you can only use it for the headset???!!!

Overall i didnt take any points away from this phone for not having those things because they are extras and not things that take away from the quality of this amazing little phone, like rf, earpiece volume or phonebook quality which is much much better than the otherwise great v600.

so in summation buy this phone if your on a cdma carrier and you will not be upset with it!!!!

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Mediocre at best


Apr 11, 2005 by gringacho1

I got this phone 4 months ago. I do not recommend this phone to any serious user. It's great if its primary job is to show off, but if you intend to make lots of phone calls, you may want to look for something else. If you see a phone as a tool, not a toy, give this to your teenage son/daughter, and get something else.

-Neat ring-tones.
-Neat camera.
-Neat backgrounds.
-Neat voice recognition.
-Neat looking phone.
-Neat external screen for caller id.
-Nice sound quality.

-No dedicated alarm clock.
-Too many buttons (28 to be exact)
-Chunky and thick.
-Large antenna sticking out.
-Flip-top is flimsy.
-Often side volume button adjusts ringer to silent setting inadvertently. (causes missed calls)
-Poor battery life (Full charge can talk for 2 hours max and a couple days standby max)
-Wastes precious little battery on silly shutdown and startup animations.
-Camera flash is not a "real" flash.
-Camera is poor quality (OK, this is my first camera phone, so maybe they're all like this, but in 4 months I never used the camera for anything useful)
-Navigation is difficult
-Navigation doesn't have numbered menus for quick access.
-Battery takes hours to charge.
-If you start typing a number, and take too long, it clears the screen.

-The worst: Charger connector is horrible, it uses a two-prong spring loaded connector which connects to the bottom of the phone by two catches. There are SEVERAL problems with this:
1. Sometimes you find your phone not charged.
2. It may randomly disconnect.
3. It doesn't make a good connection, so the phone bleeps all the time as it disconnects and reconnects.
4. If you talk on it while its plugged in (low battery) you have to hang onto the cord with your finger so as to not move the connection prongs.
5. If you do move the cord, the phone quickly goes to its shutdown animation and disconnects your call.
6. You have to wait through another startup animation before you can call back to apologize.

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