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Nov 16, 2004 by ladychicago

I have had my Moto 810 for about 2 months now, and everything is great so far. Way better than all the other Motorola phones I've used so far. The reception is great, I've had maybe one dropped call in 2 months!!
Also the camera has night mode so you can take better pictures at night or in dimmer light. There is now integrated bluetooth, but so what?? The phone works when I need it and I can buy an adapter if I want to use bluetooth. The speaker phone and ear piece volume is great too.

-Great reception
-Can personalize phone many different ways
-Loud speakerphone(people on the other end can't even tell they're on speaker!)
-Loud earpiece volume
-Easy menu and phonebook
-Loud ringers
-Better camera than on most phones
-Battery life is good

-Sometimes, ringers I have set for contacts, go back to default ringers whenever it feels like it, then changes back??(not a huge deal though)
-Phone gets easily greased up or scratched if not careful with it
-The alarm is not simple,you have to enter in a bunch of crap just to set it.

Other than those small things that don't bother me, the phone is great. It works when I need it most, and thats hard to find with these phones that have all the unnecessary stuff like the Motorola 710( and we know how that phone turned out!!...well, at least after verizon crippled it!!)

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Best Motorola phone yet for US Cellular


Oct 17, 2004 by jhigday

Great Camara phone..
Great sound....
Great functionality...
Great Options....
Great Service...
Great Coverage...

Bluetooth needed to be 5.0

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Nice little phone


Nov 13, 2004 by mattallica

I am using this phone with US Cellular service in Madison, WI.

Large easy to read screen with *beautiful* resolution.
Good quality pictures from the camera
Little (personal preference)
Flashing "status" LED , I think thats neat.
External Caller ID, a bonus.
Excellent reception, and the option to manually select analog mode, for when you're out in the sticks.
USCC includes a holster, extended life battery, and ear piece.

Audio quality, unfortunately. Compared to the 3 CDMA LGs that I've owned. Also, I had the moto V400 from cingular, and the audio quality on that phone was amazing, I was expecting a similar experience, but didn't happen.
Too many side buttons.. c'mon now, moto, all I need is to adjust the volume..
The flip seems a little flimsy while open and closed, I just think thats a Moto thing, as was my V400.

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V810 is a good phone


Sep 19, 2004 by ee4tech

I gave the 810 a 4/5 rating because it is a good phone, but there a few things that could be better. I picked up my new V810 last week from US Cellular and overall I am pleased with the phone. Most important to me was a phone that was small in size, reasonable in price, and took good quality pictures. The V810 is a nice size, but it is boxy and it doesn't slide into my pocket quite as easy as my old v60. Price was reasonable at $130 with 2yr contract. The camera is only VGA~300k pixels, but the phone really takes nice pictures. Here are my pros and cons:

Small size
Light weight
Good quality pictures
Good quality voice sound
Very comfortable fit for talking
Display is sharp
Sturdy antenna
Good selection customizable color options for the display
Easy to navigate menu
Can assign pictures to contact list so that when someone calls you their picture shows on the display

Boxy(as small as it is it still feels a little bulky in my pocket)
The time and date on the inside display can't be moved or hidden. The display is smaller than most anyways and when you put a big fat time and date on top of it it takes away from whatever you set as your wallpaper. Would be really nice if I could hide it or move it to the very bottom.
Can't take video
Not bluetooth enabled
Styling looks more like the LG flip that was out a couple of years ago. Phone may look older than it is.
Can't change outside covers
No external picture display for picture caller id
More memory for pictures would be nice

I know it seems like I gave the 810 alot of cons for a phone that I rated at 4/5, but for me the 810 is a good phone. I would have given it a 5 if I could have moved or hidden the time and date and if it would have been a little less bulky. If you see the 810 and you like it then chances are you aren't going to be disappointed. I can't comment on web access because US Cellular doens't have that coverage in my area yet. Hope this helped!

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If you can't Charge IT!! What good is IT!!


Sep 30, 2006 by pppp4

I Was extreemly happy with the phone until it was out of WARRENTY!!

Yes you can gues the phone would not charge and you know from the other posts for this phone it is a fault with the phone:
and posted on another forum!!
"The official notice from Motorola to Technicians I believe tells them to swab the contacts of the phone and charger with alcohol. This in only a temporary resolution to the overall design flaw of this charging port.

If you own a phone post v60, there is a 99.7% chance you have experienced it. I have seen it hundreds of times. Replacing the system connector doesn't work, replacing the phone doesn't work.

It will take a complete revamp of the charging system/design to resolve this all to common problem."
The worst thing is I still have over 9 months left on my contract - which equates to over $280.00 if I have to cancell out!

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it's ok


Jun 8, 2006 by halfpint_77

I have had this phone for about three months. There are a few things about the phone that I am not happy with. There is no alarm clock (seems to be a thing w/ moto), the external display shuts off after a few seconds, the camera could be a lot better with night pics, and all of the crap on the display inside the phone covers up your wallpaper pic. What is the point of having wallpaper if other things are in the way on the screen??? Overall, I am not very happy w/ this phone, I will probably not buy another moto. I have had two other moto phones and I wasn't pleased w/ them either.

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My review


Apr 22, 2006 by Molli

I am only 13, so it is not a big deal that I have the best phone, but I do not reccoment this phone to ANYONE that seriously needs a phone.

1. you can drop it over and over and over again and it will not break!!
2.It has fun ringtones.
3.It has picture..and takes good pictures..

1.The battery life sucks!
2.you cant take pictures in the dark
3.there is no covers to put on it.

there is a lot more things but those are some of the basics.

I think this phone if for a young user, this phone I don't think would be very good for an adult for work or anything like that. This was a good phone for me to get for my 12th birthday...and also just want to stress..i have dropped it down the steps, I have dropped it standing on a table..I have even dropped while we were pulling out somewhere in the car...so this thing is a good phone when it comes to dropping it and banging up..so i do definitly reccomend for younger users..

thats all!!!

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Wost phone I have ever owned


May 24, 2005 by ColdWhiteLight

I would have to say I was extremely disappointed in the Motorola V810 that I got from Cellular South. I had upgrade from a Mot. T731 to this V810 expecting a great quality phone. Little did I know what I was in for. For one thing what is up with the external display????? Who makes a phone that turns off the clock??? Motorola has never done that with any other phone and it was a shame they started with the V810. I found the camera seemed to be very slow with response time and took horrible pictures compared to other phones I have seen that claimed the same quality. Another complaint I had against the V810 was that it was very slow over all to any commands whether it was trying to get into the phone book, or get into a game. Overall I am being nice to rate this phone a 0.5. There is nothing good to say about this phone. I know the last time I was in a Cellular South store they were no longer carrying the phone, so I assume that they pulled it due to many other people having the same problems.

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DON'T go there .. stay very far away!


Apr 29, 2005 by iman805h

I'm a 4 month-er.. seems like a life-er.

I give it a zero because of hellacious charging issues. If you can't put gas in the tank - it gets you nowhere. Don't waste your money .. the phone is worthless. I thought it was the cat's pajamas - and charging issues were from day 1.

I'm a busy professional and made the mistake of not taking it right back and exchanging it.. I thought it was an inconvenience I could live with. Charging .. No Charge .. Connecting .. Disconnected .. Invalid Charge, chiming the whole time like it's got multiple personality disorder. It quickly got progressively worse and reeked havoc on the battery as well.

Verizon did a good thing by not picking this phone up.

Had it in five times - having it checked, replacing the charger, etc. US Cellular rep lied right in front of me and said the new charger was NOT doing the same thing (I heard it chiming!) US Cellular manager has been feeding me the standard sales lines 'we stand behind our products' (but we won't get you out of it or replace it), we'll send it in for a couple weeks or a couple months to Motorola for you (how nice of them) and do you a favor by giving you this incomperable crappy beat up loaner phone free of charge. (happy happy, joy joy).

Regional Manager seems to be more flexible.. time will tell. I'll have an answer Monday.

And I had sent them so much biz.

In all my years I've never had such a bad cell experience - much less one that the company wasn't happy to correct.

I will check reviews before purchasing from now on!

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A great PHONE


Apr 4, 2005 by Tom1944

I live in the boonies, and really have had problems with reception. I went as far as installing a Yagi antenna on a 60' tower, running LMR400 to a 60dB repeater, and then to a Stealth antenna inside the house. I was able to get 3 or 4 bars then compared to the prior zero. With the V810, I can shut off the repeater.

Pros: Fantastic phone. I do not know about the camera, data, etc. I don't need, nor use it. I purchased the phone because I saw its reception capabilities.

Cons: Unlike my V60s, you cannot just push a button on top to activate the speaker phone prior, or during a call.

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