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Poor Performer


Feb 16, 2008 by kav2001c

My first cellular phone was this old model. It had very poor volume and dropped calls constantly (which makes me wonder as Rogers claims to have the best coverage in the Toronto area). The most interesting thing about this phone was the customizable plates. But even years ago this was a poor performer.

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who built this??? chrysler???


Nov 22, 2003 by dslack432

OK. On my 3rd in about 7 months. I get MAYBE 10 hours on a battery IF I don't talk at all. The no service thing is getting old REAL quick. As is the outbox for text deleting messages as fast as I can send them. I'm giving this phone a one based on the fact that you can get cases and other things very easily for them. That's about the only good thing about this phone.

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Replaced Model


Jul 22, 2003 by Mr T

This model has also been replaced by ATT wireless with the Nokia 3560. This phone has MANY flaws. From the phone freezing, to the car symbol coming on. This phones get 1 star for the size only. Many battery problems and your lucky to get a year out of them. Don't get mad at your service provider if your warranty's up and they won't cover it. The warranty's actually from Nokia and they're just middlemen. Call Nokia yourself!!!!!!

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Work fine for a little bit


May 14, 2006 by wired2634

My main problem is the phone would power off by itself. Signal problems incurred after it was installed and removed from a portable speaker base for vehicles. had charging problems, phone would charge sometimes and other times it would say its charged when its not. the head set jack would not work correctly and the ringing speaker would not ring sometimes. I was on a partner company of AT&T called edge wireless.

If you enjoy any of the above this is your phone.

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good if you dont drop it!!!!!


Jan 19, 2006 by motoman12345

i was able to keep this phone for a whole 2 weeks the when i dropped it everything went crazy!!!! it wouldnt charge at all my phone service offered to replace it free but i went with a motorola!

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Jun 25, 2003 by Thomas Costello

I began Cingular service on a used/battered 8260, and eventually had to replace it just because it was soo battered. Cingular provided me with a free 3360 which in the beginning seemed to have a defective battery. Battery and phone went to FL, battery was replaced, phone was tested. About a year later, the keypad lock stopped working. I sent it in to Nokia, and the phone was replaced. I am now on my second 3360, this one with a Li-Ion battery. I'm concerned that the keypad will stop working spontaneously, but other than that, I've not had any major headaches with this phone. I am curious about moving to a Nokia 3595 which I understand from some rumor is a trustworthy, "solid" GSM phone. The question is how solid and trustworthy Cingular's GSM coverage is so far. We'll see.

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Not bad, really


Jan 6, 2006 by tszefr

In the waning days of TDMA, I find this to be one of the better models available. Got mine for a couple of bucks at the Salvation Army thrift store. Easy to find an OEM face plate so it looks like new.

Nice recessed display - scratch resistant.
Does good job with text/email.
IR port. Great for adding phone book.
Easy to find OEM face plate.
Standard headset works.
Nice discrete buttons.

Rather heavy for its size as of 2006.

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best ever


Jan 6, 2005 by the 07boi

i got this phone for my first phone...all i can say is this is th ebest phone i have ever owned!!after this i had motorolas and lgs but this phone beats them all. the best recpetion and quality of any phone!

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Weak Phone or Weak AT&T Wireless?


Sep 28, 2004 by zzz_101

Both my wife and I had Nokia 3360 phones from AT&T Wireless on a shared “family” plan for two years this month.
We had troubles from the get go with dropped calls and weak or non-existing signal in most areas we happened to use these phones (Los Angeles and Orange county CA). We lasted through the two years contract mostly because we simply don’t use these phones that much (500 minutes calling plan and we never came close to exceeding it). We blamed the AT&T Wireless service and swore to dump it when the contract expires.
When I called AT&T Wireless to cancel service and admitted that we cancel because of weak coverage they said that the phones we have, Nokia 3360, are known for bad reception. Now we are not sure any more whether we experienced troubles related to bad wireless service or bad phones. Either way, AT&T Wireless does not deserve our business. They furnished those phones with the calling plan and if they knew they were bad then shame on them.
Now they offer free Nokia 2260 or 3560 replacement phones as temptation to keep our business. I checked these phones here on phonescoop.com and found out that Cingular used to offer and has discontinued them. Not sure what that means, doesn’t look good though.
We are switching this week to either Cingular or T-Mobile; tough call, decision not made yet. Both offer Nokia 6010 and reviewers on this site gave rave reviews for this phone. Either way we decide, we’ll take Nokia 6010 for phones.

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Finally moving on


Sep 18, 2004 by tigerpsychosis

I signed up with AT&T back in 02 and I got this phone because it was the cheapest. It got the job done that I needed at the time but as the months went on things started happening with it.

- Battery wouldn't last for very long.
- Barely lasted for 50 minutes when talking on the phone.
- Ink in the screen started to LEAK and I ended up replacing it with a new Nokia.

After having the phone replaced with a new one about a year later things started going down hill with it also.

- Voice message would stay on the screen (that little icon at the top) even if there wasn't a voice message.
- Text messages wouldn't send.
- I would press a key and it would have a lag time on it. Ie: pressing 5 and then 10 seconds later the 5 would show up on the screen.

I dunno, I finally got some money and am bascially fed up with this phone and changing. I would recommend for a teen who doesn't have to use it very often, but for adults who need it for business purposes I would not recommend it.

- Loud ringing.
- Hard vibrating.
- Clear when giving/recieving calls.

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