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A really Good Phone


Jul 15, 2002 by Pam Johnson

I have only owned this phone for about a couple of weeks but i have always had great service with nokia's this phone can go on w/o being charged for days and have no problems it has a lot of neat ringtones and gives me better reception than i had with my previous phone that wasnt a nokia i now have no reception problems and no dropped calls this is a great phone i recommend it highly!!!!

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Good phone


Mar 13, 2002 by Alex Kappes

I think the 3360 is an excellent phone with the brighter LEDs and the larger font/screen to read. Size wise I like it and is very close to the 8260 and I purchased a Li-On battery for it and that makes it so much lighter and lasts longer. I like the phone and the IR. That makes typing numbers and names so much nicer.

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Durable Performer


Sep 26, 2006 by Tom Bombadil

I'm about to upgrade from my 3360, after using it for 4 years. It has been a reliable phone, with average reception, and below average battery life.

The original battery died after two years. I replaced it with a cheap, larger capacity battery that I purchased off of eBay. The replacement was much better.

Along the way I dropped the 3360 unto hard surfaces four times. It survived all of them, but the last one broke one of the latches on the back cover, so it isn't too secure anymore.

Signal reception was okay, but not great. There were several locations where others could get a signal and I could not. On the other hand, it rarely dropped a signal.

My biggest peeve with it was that the battery drained very quickly when you were in a low signal area. Even after a full recharge, if I used it in a "one-bar" area, it would be completely discharged within 20 minutes. And if I left it on in a "no service" area, it would be discharged within 2 days even if I hadn't used it once.

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Very poor phone


Jul 29, 2003 by Jamie Carfi

I will begin with the good points: Small, relatively easy to use, holds plenty of numbers.
Now the bad: Poor reception in normal everyday conditions and locations, battery life sucks, battery continually pops out of snap that holds it in place (very poor design) echo, screen goes blank, phone turns off and on (probably due to battery popping out), one of our phones just stopped ringing altogether, messages may not arrive for days, dust accumulates under cover. Overall the worst phone we have had.

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Give and Take Choices


Apr 25, 2003 by Dan Carawan

I sell mobile phones and I got tired of carrying a phone on my belt. I chose the 3360 in order carry a phone in my pocket without having to worry about breaking off the antenna. I understood that I would not have as good a reception as some other phones but I wanted the pocket thing. It has turned out to be a good phone for me. (I have seen that it is hit or miss in getting a good one.)
I especially like the infrared transfer capability. I can input all of my numbers into my palm pilot and keep them safe there. I can transfer my "Business Card" to someone carrying a palm when the need arises.
The extended life battery is a must! The standard OEM battery is only good for half a day for most users.
SunCom on the East Coast is switching over to GSM and all of the current TDMA phones are going to the crapper because of the service change, so watch out for this if you are about to make a purchase!
I am excited about the new 3-G phones that are coming out, like the color, flip, Motorola and the Palms with phone capabilities. Good things are on the horizon so don't think that any phone will carry you more than one or two years at the most!

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Please write down your phonebook.


Apr 14, 2003 by Adnnachiel

Okay, I'm just going to tell you a few things that are wrong with this phone :
The keys will freeze
the display will go blank
the phone will power off/on
will reset time
call log will stop working
will not power on
Just a few things, these are issues with the phone...just to let you know/

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The worst pice of crap


Jan 22, 2003 by ralph read

I totally hate Nokia! I'm so displeased with this crap phone. I had it with Cingular and the phone is so unreliable! The battery is dismal. The phone freezes out and it turns off and on by itself!! Its possessed!!! They changed by warranty for a new one and the other one was worst! I slammed on to a wall and the next day i spent $135.00 on a Sony Ericsson T60d. And i love it!!! The best cell phone! I would never go back to Nokia! Ever!!! Crap phone!!!!

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Jul 18, 2003 by Tams MacD

This phone is extremely user friendly, easy to navigate, very simple, has all the basic options. Very efficient when you want to send a txt message, however, if you want to make a phone call expect some difficulty. First off all, unless you really enjoy the sound of your voice coming back at you when you speak, the echo is extremely irritating. As others have mentioned before, the phone shuts itself off spontaneously, sometimes it freezes, and then theres the always popular "no service" when you know damn well your in a perfectly good coverage area. Power Cycling your phone usually takes care of that little snafu. The battery life isn't bad if you use it right, keep in mind it comes with a Ni battery so you have to let it discharge completely before popping into the charger or you'll lose some of your battery life (memory develops). At least it works - most of the time...

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Aug 13, 2003 by Carolyn Bryan

Some people measure their battery life in hours. Me? I just use seconds. You may think this is a battery problem, true. But I'll never know. AT&T Customer Service (I must laugh as typing this oxymoron) is so twisted, that I was accused of STEALING phones that were sent to me BY THEM as replacements! (If I was stealing useless hunks of plastic, I woulda grabbed some lawn chairs down at the K-Mart, they woulda been more useful.) The battery was so bad, it would actually die EVEN WHILE PLUGGED INTO THE WALL. After spending two hours being abused by their reps on the phone telling the SAME story 5 times, I got nowhere. For those of you looking for meaningful someones in your lives, I expect you'll be able to spend many productive hours cultivating relationships with these reps.
This phone does have simple to use menus and interface. For those of you technogically impaired or scared of words like "interface" this phone is probably for you.
It enters roam whenever you get behind an obstruction, such as a layer of fine dust or some other impediment. Reception varies from terrible to unbelievably bad, but it might improve if you actually lived in a cell tower.
Echos, missed calls, and complete system resets are the norm not the exception.
Overall this phone is actually pretty impressive, unless you actually want to speak to another person who is in a different room than yourself.

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This phone is a piece of crap


Feb 21, 2003 by Michelle Bostick

I have had 6 of these phones through Suncom/AT&T in a years time.Every time I went to replace it the price of switching seemed to get higher and higher.I have sent my Nokia 3360 to Nokia in Florida and they tested it and said nothing was wrong with it but replaced my battery.The phones(with Suncom)do NOT work well in or outside the house or buildings. The 2nd to last 3360 I had called people on its own and wouldnt keep time or numbers.The 3360 I have now-the one I shipped to Nokia-wouldnt let me call out and/nor people call in.I am now looking for another type of phone.

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