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Good, But Not Great


Sep 26, 2011 by colochoclab

Pros: menus, durable, feel, size.
Cons: software bugs, limited apps, no customization.

I have had the LG Quantum for over a month now, and although first impressions were positive, it has lost it's luster. No the phone's fault, but Windows 7.

I switched from an iPhone 3g and was very apprehensive about switching to a completely different OS. It took a little figuring out and adding the Zune and Windows Live account to my PC. The Windows 7 platform is still pretty new but there is not a lot going on with it. The cut and paste was included in the last upgrade and the custom ringtone upgrade should arrive with Mango. If you think the Apple OS was locked down? Ugh! Windows is even worse! Can hardly customize anything. Mechanically, the phone is laid out well. It has a substantial feel to it, but is quite heavy Button feel is good and the slide out keyboard is nice. I really was looking forward to a QWERTY keyboard again, but it is a bit of a chore to use fully. No one-handed texting, two hands to drive this keyboard. The power/wake button is on top, but needs to be more prominent. The "home" button on the front will not wake the phone, unfortunately. Battery life is good, but will deplete when browsing a lot. I charge every night so this is rarely an issue.
Some say the phone is too big and or heavy, but I enjoy the weight of the phone. It is narrower than the iPhone and fits in the pocket of my uniform shirt better. Wifi on this phone is good, but it will not store multiple passwords. (Hello? Microsoft!). The Windows app market is very limited. Camera is fair and video works well. Button for the camera is awful! Touchscreen sensitivity/ scrolling is very good, but not quite as good as the iPhone's.

All said, the hardware is there, now Windows 7 needs to catch up!

Gonna head to the Android platform...


I love this phone


Sep 18, 2012 by brandencarroll

This phone is a huge wave of relief compared to my other old phone. I traded my samsung mythic (oh goodness don't ever buy it) for this. Mind you, I only spent 72$ for this phone in excellent condition from a vendor off of ebay (score!) and this is still one of the best phones I have ever owned.

Pros: Windows OS (LOVE IT), fluid, resolution is great in my opinion, camera is so so, Iike how the interface flows together really well. Messaging system is my favorite by far. Contacts system is very clean. Keypad + responsive screen to text on = great texting experience.

Cons: Touch screen scrolling takes a bit to get used to. Fn and shift key are small circles which are very irritating to use while texting. Power button is also lock key, which is a bit troublesome to hit if you want to lock your phone in a hurry. No more droid marketplace/ iphone app store.

The battery life isn't bad, much better than previous phones. I feel the infuse 4g has it beat on battery life. I'm estatic about this phone and as a whole it's been a very satisfying appearance. The interface is so clean and it contributes to the feeling of having a quality phone.

The quantum is SO close


Aug 18, 2011 by jvcmegabass

The LG Quantum is one of those phones that you love and hate at the same time. I actually went to this from an EVO 4G, because I thought WP7 looked very promising. I wasn't wrong, it's promising. It may be due to that fact that the phone gets a 4, rather than a 4.5 or 5. The phone performed only at a medium level until the no-do update, which gave it a good bump up, but still leaves me wanting more. Not having flash (again, wp7, not the quantums fault) is something that bugs me, because you know the phone is quite capable of doing all of the things it claims it can not do. Playing videos that are capbale is a dream, texting is smooth and fluid, and the phone works as advertised in the way that it lets you do what youre going to do and be done quickly. The interface is promising, smooth, and quite nice to look at honestly. It isn't all mushed up information like android, and it doesnt look like a little kid made it, such as the iphone.

Pretty but missing the clue...


Nov 28, 2010 by xenalli

The build of this phone is awesome, heavy, strong and seems very durable. Dedicated camera button is a plus. When compared to other phones the display is awesome. Very bright and the screen is very swift and it flows very well. However, the back of the phone is metal and it bends making it harder to put it back if the phone falls. The tiles are customizable however, they blah. it just seems like the home screen is boring. You cant see your wallpaper behind the tiles. There are way to many steps to do find things to many menus and to much reading. There is no cut and paste feature like in the Iphone4. Overall, i think is a nice phone it has an awesome keyboard with soft light up buttons so you can text in the dark. YOU will definitely need screen protectors because the screen is a smudge really show for themselves with this new phone.



Nov 17, 2010 by Gephyrophobia

This is my first review.

I've been highly unimpressed with the Android platform from devices I've played with and needed something a little different.

I was skeptical about Windows Phone 7, at least at launch, due to it catching tons of flak mainly from iOS and Android fanboys, but I've needed a new phone due to water damage so I had to pick this up.

Let me tell you, despite minor drawbacks such as lacking copy and paste functionality and custom ringtones at launch, WP7 is downright impressive. Simple, functional, and sleek, with most of the bells and whistles of the competing OS out the door day one. The only features I'm highly concerned about are the lack of options in settings for how long vibrations last and things of the like. I'm very satisfied with the software aside from some welcomed future feature updates.

Operating system aside, I've encountered a few MINOR bugs with my Quantum. The most major is that if you press the sleep button while the keyboard is slid out, the screen comes back on for 10 seconds with the lock screen displayed. I'm adapting to sliding it closed before pressing the sleep button, but I've been trained in reverse, and a fix would be nice.

All in all, a very solid launch device for Microsoft's new OS, and it's left me scratching my head as to why the Focus is touted as the flagship phone.

-Fantastic OS
-Sleek design, MUCH more visually appealing than pictures, I was pleasantly surprised.
-Very nice heavy-but-not-too-heavy feel, feels sturdy and well constructed.
-Keyboard is VERY easy to use, spacious and comfortable.

-Launch OS version DOES lack a few features many would find important.
-Screen bug mentioned earlier.
-Camera seems a bit touchy, some pictures come out great and some pretty poor.
-Back panel is a smudge magnet.

I would definitely recommend this device to anybody needing a physical keyboard over all other candidates on the market right now.

4.5/5 stars, probable 5 stars with future updates.

This Quantum should take a leap....off a bridge!


Sep 8, 2012 by tgc1980

I bought it and returned it within a few hours. It was meant to replace my Captivate Glide, but a broken phone as better than this one.

I no longer have it

Couldn't download apps, despite being in an area surrrounded by towers.
It was hard to text on.
I didn't spend more than I needed to

I've always been borderline about LG. This phone doesn't help. Is it LG's fault? Or.Windows Phone's fault? I'm not sure, but I'm staying away from them both.

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