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itz a good fone for beginners


Nov 15, 2004 by musicalfruit113

this was my first fone that ive had for about a year and a half. i now have the nokia 3200. like i said in the title, this fone is good for beginners that dont want a lotta features. I dropped my fone a couple times so i didnt have a real good time with it.

Blue light (no other nokia fone has this!)
Compact (sorta)
can use nokia 3360 faceplates. REAL COOL! (since the nokia 3360 has the most faceplates)

itz sorta heavy
the square buttons r kinda annoying
cant change title from the original one (ATT, Cingular, etc.)
TDMA fone. rumors r that eventually, companies would "phase out" the TDMA fone service
bad reception and battery when u dropped it a lot!

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Does the job


Oct 22, 2004 by canddmeyer

Nothing fancy about this phone. It rides 3 bands so always works anywhere you go. Voice quality sometimes scratchy, but I believe its an ATTWS issue since it only happens at home & nowhere else.
Backlight can be used as a powerful flashlight in the dark. Having the always there analog band keeps us in service where most phones can no longer venture.
Only recommendation would be for Nokia to put the microphone on the keypad side of the phone because where its at now is sometimes covered just by holding the phone causing the other end to hear muffled speech.

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Great Phone for Newbies


Oct 6, 2004 by erica79

I have used this phone for a year on Suncom's network and it's still working as good as new! The blue backlight makes it easy to see the display in low or no light and the phone is durable enough to survive drops.

Pros: Great phone for beginners, easy navigation, blue backlight, calculator.

Cons: Power button on top making it easy to accidentally turn off.

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Very good or very bad? It depends


Sep 1, 2004 by scipio7

I work for a wireless service provider that pushes these phones to heebs stuck in the 80's that still swear by TDMA.

Generally, the new issued 2260's seem alright (by heeb standards). Reliable, compact and better built than many fones costing five times as much money.

Beware the reconditioned 2260!! Someone in quality control at Nokia was asleep at the conveyer belt. Several of these fones purchased would not even power on when they were received (never found out if it was faulty power cell or the fone itself).

The Nokia 2260 can be a real crap-shoot, decent or not even working. At least it's a small wager.

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1 Years Experience


Jul 28, 2004 by anotherUsername

My service is with SunCom, a member of the AT&T Wireless Network.

The phone is a little large, but still easy to carry and use. The call quality I've had over the past year has been about a 6 or 7 out of 10. I hear some echo's now and then when I have a decent and good signal.

The headphone jack is not standard. I cannot use headphones made for anything besides the Nokia phones. Minor annoyance, but worth mentioning.

The contact list has a single entry for every number, even if they are for the same person-no multiple number entries for people.

The "FIND" option has too many steps. On my last phone, a Nextel, I hit "8" for TUV letters and it jumped to the "T" names, hit 8 again and you get "U" and so on. On this Nokia 2260, you 1) press CONTACTS, 2) (different button) FIND, 3) hit the letter/number, 4) hit FIND, 5) scroll to the number. It's usually faster for me to just scroll through the numbers until I see what I want. Unless the letters I need are between I and S, I just scroll to them.

The biggest pain for me-no alert for voice mails. If I get a new voice mail I get a single audible tone, but there are no further tones. If you walk away from the phone and do not hear the tone, if you don't look for the VM Icon, you'll never know. I've gotten some important messages that I've missed because of that.

The backlight on this phone is bright, really bright. I was reading a book and the power went out one night as I was finishing a chapter, at 2 am, this light was enough to read by.

Even though the keys are exposed, I seldom call a random number (plus you can lock the keypad)

Good battery life. Warning: Once the first bar drops, the rest of the bars go away quick, a 30 minute call will kill it. Battery life is acceptable.

The ear bud that comes with the phone (cheap) works really well. People seem to be able to hear me fine, sometimes better than without the earbud.

Good for teens, not for professionals.

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2nd worst phone I have had


Aug 10, 2004 by Robsickovdaphones

Ok I gave it a .5 because it worked for a day and i like the blue screen. Thats good since it is hard to read other phones in a theater when you're making out with your girlfriend. Other then that, This phone sucks. First I have had this phone for 42 days now. I complained that this phone isn't working and letting me get my phone calls. I press send but it has already gone to voice mail during the first ring. Second, it goes to roam and drops the call, you cannot dial back because there is that error noise you get like the cell service is busy. You have to end the call to recall which cost you another call. Third, I cannot charge this phone. Half the time the phone is dead. It will not take a car charger. I have been suckered into over 6 car chargers for nokia phones and 4 batteries. None of which work. I can take out the battery 100 times a day and reset the phone. Nothing will let me charge it until I go back home and plug it into a wall charger. So it is unreliable to take anywhere. 4th, I have been to AT&T 10 times about this phone which I have to drive 10 miles or more to tell them it isn't working. They give me every reason why they wont replace the phone, now the Warranty for 30 days has expired, and Hey, they still wont replace the phone with a different one or take it back. I have to buy another phone. The point is, Every phone call I get usually I cannot answer most, I have to call a voice-mail to see who called and call them back. So now I have 3 phone calls to every one I should have paid for. Multiply that to a month and I have over 1500 minutes in calls or more a month in which really is about 300 minutes. Before this phone was the crappy phone just like it I had problems with just about the same kind. Before that was the 5160, not a bad phone but had some problems. I think these and other problems are Nokia brand problems, Now wonder their stock is down. Don't buy this phone unless you need to make the last phone call before jumping off a bridge. Rob

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Ok Phone


Apr 16, 2004 by sHaNyM

This phone is nice because it has a bright blue light and has some exclusive features. I have had this phone phone almost a year and I had to recently get a new one because once you put a new cover on the phone, it becomes extremely hard to push the buttons. Nokia's generally work better and their keypad lasts longer with the original cover.

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good phone


Mar 2, 2004 by tyegrif

it is cheap, works good, and is an overall great deal. it'll do the same job as the 200 dollar phones. cant go wrong especially considering the price of this model!

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Jun 16, 2003 by Melissa Hutchinson

thios phone is great. it is attractive, light weight and it serves it purpose.... i reccomennd it as soon as it is available with att.

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