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Great overall phone for teens


Aug 6, 2004 by a.smith89

My carrier is Unicel in Rural Minnesota, and despite the area I'm in, this phone always gets great reception and the battery life can't be beat. This phone has slightly more features than my previous phone, Nokia 5165, and is much nicer looking. I tend to abuse my stuff, and this phone is durable enough to withstand my abuse.


Great reception where other phones show no service.

Call quality is great, i can always hear them and they can always hear me.

Battery life lasts me 4-5 days with average use



TDMA phone, all the new networks are either GSM or CDMA

No color screen, most new phones are coming out with color.

Not as many features as the new GSM or CDMA phones.

Bottom Line:

If you want a reliable phone with great battery and reception, but don't need all the bells and whistles, look no further than the Nokia 2260

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a good upgrade


Jun 18, 2003 by coziamnumber1

if you work in cellular sales it is an easy phone to pitch, the size is right, nice backlighting not to bright, and the nokia interface is easy enough to teach a monkey how to use. the only downside is that it is heavy for a phone of its size but it provides for a stronger battery life. also the 3360 face plates fit the phone perfectly if a customer is upgrading from a 3360

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A Dixie Cup and string serves better


Aug 12, 2004 by abbazabba

Ah the Nokia 2260. At best a mediocre phone that will place calls. It basically has the software of the 5165, in a smaller package. Unfortunately, it doesn't have anything near the reception. Having had this phone, and talking to others who've had it, this has been the major drawback. Inside a building, with this phone, you might as well be in a bomb shelter. Unless you live in the middle of a highway interchange with a tower in your backyard, expect no digital coverage in a building. Does your rate plan depend on you being in digital? Too bad. I was nervous about switching to GSM service. After my 2260, anything was an improvement.

To be fair, the phone will operate fairly well in densely towered areas. If you're more than a mile from a tower, chances are, you get nothing.

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not recomended


Dec 3, 2003 by chewbacca

pros: it looks cool, great battery life,
cool blue light.

cons:way too heavy, the buttons are too stiff for having the soft keypad,not too many accessories for it.

over all i think that this phone is allright but not something i would have bought on my own it is a good deal being that i got it for free from my carrier. i didnt think it was much of an upgrade from my last phone(3390 i was on a gsm plan).
my advice dont pay for it.

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A little disapointing


Jul 21, 2003 by Jason Rubin

PRO's: cool blue backlight, very simplified user interface, good RF

CON's: very basic phone, NO MULTIPLE NUMBERS PER CONTACT!, UI can be a little too basic for some users

*NOTE: this phone does NOT have polyphonic ringtones as the description states.

I would highly recommend this phone for first-time cell users, but the rest of you should avoid it. I can't believe that any new phone would only have one phone entry per number?! I think the older 3360's have more features than this one. It does look cool though.

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Jan 18, 2006 by motoman12345

this phone has to be the worst nokia out there i only kept it for a couple of weeks!!!!!

neat blue backlight

phone echoes when you talk into it
terrible service
no cool settings
big and bulky
hard to hear out of
on tdma network
dosent feel good on ear
and about everythhing else on this phone

overall: choose something else!!!!!

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junk phone


Jul 18, 2005 by HIPHOPNATEDOGG10

this phone is junk. It doesnt even have a color screen! It gets so hot it burns your ear. dont buy it!

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Great little phone!! Recommended.


Jan 24, 2005 by ChrissyLove123

I'm not fond of Nokia's, but my husband has this phone and he loves it. He travels and he uses the alarm on it because it's VERY VERY loud! He makes and receives calls. ...and that's about it.

It is a very simple phone. Great for someone who just makes and recieves calls. I, myself, like to play with the features and customize everything. So, it's a great sturdy phone for a teenager or someone not really interested in having a phone other than necessary communication. But, if you are like me and like a lot of features, this is not the phone for you.

CONS: Few features, takes only Nokia headsets that don't ever work, only a few volume settings and it's difficult to change them.

PROS: BRIGHT blue backlight, LOUD alarm (good for a traveler), rarely drops calls, LONG battery life, can buy a charger ANYWHERE, can talk while charging phone, very sturdy and dependable.

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Great Phone


Jan 17, 2005 by ndevous

This is a great phone if all you use it for is talking and/or text messaging which is why I use it. I've had it for about a year and I've always had great reception. I bought it as a Free 2 Go phone from AT&T. It's small, the buttons are easy to use, good reception, and best of all, the minutes seem to last forever. Only bad thing is that this phone has practically no cool features. No color screen, no polyphonic ringtones, no cool games, etc. But I like it. I went back to this phone after experiencing a horrible time with the Nokia 6010. I'd rather use this one.

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It was ok


Dec 21, 2004 by racergirl27

I had it over a year. it was a good phone but not for my area.i never got a good connection. But i didnt have very many problems with it.. I would just rather have a colored and more up to date phone. but thats just me

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