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Great(With Upgrade)


Nov 28, 2011 by keyshacell

This is a pretty decent phone. it has a good keyboard both touch screen and a slide out one. a large or medium size camera which has great clarity for pictures. it can be alittle slow and lagy at times but when i upgrade from elcair android 2.2.1 to froyo 2.2.2 the phone performed much better so great phone i would definately recomend this phone.



Nov 27, 2011 by Rasheen

This phone is incredible for messaging and navigation. it's only 99$ @ virgin mobile with a very cheep unlimited plan so you get what you pay for. it's touch screen is very responsive making it a great android phone. if you luv txting it has 2 keyboards, a touch screen and a slide out keyboard the buttons give that comforting feel.also wi-fi
1.Slide Out Qwerty Keyboard
2.Good size touch screen
3.3.2 Megapixel camera
4.Notification Bar
5.Android with over 300,000 aps
1.battery sometimes shorts out
2.wi-fi is alittle fuzzy sometimes
3.glass screen instead of plastic(breakable)
4.Dosent have mobile hotspot
5.freezes sometimes

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Samsung Interception or Deception?


Jan 31, 2011 by LameWireV3

The Samsung Intercept is the "affordable" cousin to the Moment. Let's just call it a replacement. It seems that when something "good" comes about technology never ceases to amaze me to roll out something newer and what is supposed to be better.
I own this on the Sprint network with the $69.99 everything plan and it has been worth it for the most part. There was a roll out of the Android 2.2.1 software which, in my opinion, makes this phone worth while.

Full slide out keyboard with full number row
Smaller and Compact among the smart phones
SD Card reader is not under the battery door
Loud ring/media player/notification
MP3 ring tones
Wi-Fi for when I'm at home
Clear ear piece/speaker phone/blue-tooth

185MB-192MB memory for app storage is not enough for power users
Slower processor makes it tough to multitask
Drops signal quite often
Buggy as in reboots randomly
Soft keys don't work as well as I want
Center "scroll" button is useless

Overall if you're not a power user this is a great phone for you. Uses the Android platform which I think is amazing.

Stay tuned for my Galaxy Tab Review



Nov 27, 2011 by ChickenWing12345

AWESOME FOR MESSAGING thats what i wanted and that's what i got with virgin mobiles unlimited plan a touchscreen and a slide out keyboard moi caliente if you like texting samsung intercept is moi neccesito

ok phone but......


Sep 21, 2010 by yankeefan316

ok ive had this phone since july my bro who is a store manager at radioshack sold me the phone i also was an employee there for 2 years.anyway on too the phone im on my 4th count it 4th intercept already!!!!!!!all with the same issues connectivity problems since when do you have to constantly reboot and do numerous profile updates to connect to the web?wired4fun i read your review about the internet problem this is a common problem with this phone!!!!!!i was told by sprint at a corporate store that if i have the same problem with the 4th one they can send me a different phone but it has to be the moment or hero?excuse me why do i have to downgrade for a problem that has been troublesome with this phone?dont get me wrong battery life is incredible and i love the layout but this problem is ridiculous.please everyone stay away from it if i have to battle to get an evo or epic i will

Confiable y útil


Nov 28, 2011 by PhoneSanchez

Me encanta este teléfono porque puedo mensaje de todas mis amigas con la diapositiva de teclado y cuando yo no pago mi cuenta todavía puedo usar mi wi / fi y luego en Facebook y hablar con mis amigos que yo lo tenía de Sprint, pero luego se puso a Virgin Mobile ya que los planes son la forma más barata y como es Android puedo descargar aplicaciones útiles para muchos y la cámara es perfecto porque me encanta hacer fotos sólo con es no puedo encontrar ninguna contras



Oct 18, 2010 by imfinethanks

Here is my quick cell phone history: Sanyo 6700, HTC PPC6700, BB 8300, BB 9000, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Pre, and now this abomination.

Although the majority of my phones have been smart phones, I have never considered myself to be a “hardcore” phone user but rather a phone enthusiast. I do not have the need to sync multiple email accounts, nor do I make or receive hundreds of phone calls daily. This is to emphasize that my needs are basic and should be in NO way taxing on even the lowest of entry level phones.

I did NOT go into this phone jaded and expect it to be some super phone. I did my research prior, and felt that it was a good starting point and sufficient for my needs.

PROS: Android 2.1

CONS: Everything else.

The worse thing about this phone is the lag! At first I thought it was due to the widgets that I ran. But after removing those (and performing a complete factory reset) it didn’t help at all. Today I run the phone absolutely stock in fear of lag. No applications, no shortcuts, no widgets. Yet some how, incoming phone calls will ring half way through before showing any hint of caller id. Heavy lag is still preset through all aspects of the phone. Keep in mind that task killer is functional and there is no multitasking occurring. Opening up anything in the phone is a MINIMUM three second delay. There is no sense of fluidity, and frankly this phone has become a chore to use.

Looking to improve your Intercept via rooting? Not possible. No one has rooted the Intercept yet. Rooting is PHONE SPECIFIC. So no, your phone will not be a mini EVO.

It is so unfortunate that such a great operating system has to be paired with such poor supporting hardware. Although Android is still a viable option for the future, the Samsung Intercept has successfully ruined the user experience for me. For those of you who research before they purchase a phone, save yourself the headache and please do not buy this phone.

Buyer Beware!


Sep 5, 2010 by jjinosteen

I am on my third Intercept and still having problems. Phone is very sluggish, drops calls especially when receiving call waiting then phone freezes for 30 seconds or more. Data stops working very frequently and phone has to be rebooted. Sprint denies any problems with the phone. When I went to the Sprint store with my second bad phone they admitted the phone had a software problem, but it was not something they could fix. They sent me a refurbished phone because I was past my 30 days (only by a few days). After receiving the third and now refurbished phone I began having the same issues, I took the third phone into the Sprint store and they did a hard reset and said that should fix the phone. The phone still has issues. The two main problems are dropping calls (especially when a call is coming in) and losing the data throughout the day at which point the phone has to be rebooted. Now the only options Sprint offers involves me spending more money for another phone and extending my contract for two years. I pleaded with Sprint for hours and hours over the phone and through e-mail to help me get the phone replaced. I was not asking for a free phone or for them to replace the phone at no costs. I simply wanted a credit for my phone and to be able to purchase a replacement phone at the contract renewal price. I used my husband's upgrade, so I only have one year left on my contract. They would only allow me to buy a downgraded phone (with no credit on the Intercept) or they said I could pay $105 to buy out my contract and then purchase a phone at the 2-year contract price. After over 10 years as a Sprint customer, I canceled my service. Do not buy this phone you will be sorry!

AWESOME PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!


May 3, 2011 by mcntn

When I first acquired this phone last November, it had alot of problems, low battery life, slow, lags, lockups, etc. I wasn't too happy with it. It came with Android 2.1 with the promise of a 2.2 upgrade. So, despite having all of the problems that I did, I waited to see if the update would fix all of those issues. The update came out last month ( April ) and all of the complaints I had about the phone went away. It runs smooth, very quickly and responsive. The battery lasts longer now than it did before and it has built in task management now. Something it did not have with 2.1. My kid has the optimus V and this phone works better than her's does now. In fact, my kiddo is constantly trying to trade with me now after the fact. Anyways, if you're going to buy this phone, avoid the 2.1 version, or get it upgraded ASAP, or just verify that you're purchasing the 2.2 version and you will be pleasantly satisfied.

A downgrade from the Moment


Jan 29, 2011 by virgocurtis

I owned the Samsung moment this past year and liked it. I figured I'd update after 1 year with Sprint so I went in to the store and was directed to the Intercept. I thought it was the upgraded, newer version of the Moment. It is NOT. The main issue for me is the resolution of the moment is noticeably worse than the Moment. My Moment's resolution was excellent.

When I looked up the Specs of each phone I see the Moment has (320x480) higher resolution, than the Intercept (240x400). Quite noticeable.

I'm going to return it and find a better upgrade for my Moment. Wish Sprint people had told me this was the "cousin" of the Moment and not the evolution of it.

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