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Identity Crisis


Jan 25, 2011 by knuckleballer34

The Samsung Gravity T bridges the gap between featurephone and smartphone, but unfortunately, this defining trait is also the phone's downfall.

1. Good call quality.
2. Excellent keyboard
3. Web browser is quite good and exceeded my expectations.
4. Good e-mail support, Exchange works like a charm.

1. Signal strength; at this point, it's almost trite to point out that a Samsung phone has lousy signal.
2. Physical layout of the phone is awkward, reminiscent of the LG Neon series on At&t. There's no dedicated back button, and not all submenus offer an onscreen back key. It's just not intuitive.
3. Worst resistive touchscreen ive ever used. Menu options scroll wildly with the slightest touch, which is a problem on a phone that is almost solely reliant on a touchscreen.
4. I don't usually chide a phone for its aesthetics, but the color scheme is just plain ugly. I can't recall a time when such a color was attractive to have on anything.

As I eluded to in the subject, the Gravity T suffers from a classic identity crisis, which results in an incredibly awkward phone to use. It's great for calls and texts, but for anything else, including a simple scroll through the menu, it's nearly unusable. I'd highly recommend the Samsung Gravity 3 instead; its worth losing a little bit of screen real estate in exchange for a functional D-pad.



Jun 26, 2010 by Danny R.

The 'Samsung Gravity T' is so far amazing.

It's very comfortable and easy to text with.
Web browsing is fast.
The touch screen is compatible.

Hands down i have no complaints about this phone.

I would like to find covers and screen protectors.

This phone will become popular this summer.
I hope they come out with more accessories.

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Phone Issues Part 1


Sep 29, 2013 by Patback   updated Sep 29, 2013

Okay here you go: The most detailed critical review of the Samsung Gravity T t669 phone on the internet. I will write it with bullet points so you don’t feel as if you’re reading a book, but secretly you will indeed get a short book.

-Since a lot of the menus and buttons to use this phone are on the touch screen the whole touch screen goes bananas if I spill one tiny droplet of water on it. I mean, sink spray, rain, pocket sweat, you name it. You now can no longer unlock the phone from the screen, hitting any button has no response or it does a different function completely (ex: sliding the screen)

-If the text message inbox fills up then this phone tells me this - as in it wants me to delete some a.s.a.p. - before I continue doing anything. So it pops up an alert letting me know. If I ignore it then it pops up again and again every minute. So when I’m trying to delete said messages it reminds me again in the middle of choosing which messages to keep or delete, interrupting me and not only making me check a box next to a message I wanted to keep, but also clearing my checked boxes up to that point.

-The touch screen is the most unreliable part of this touch screen phone. It doesn’t respond like an iPhone, or barely responds correctly at all. *Unlock *Unlock, “Oh! That’s right! I gotta get the right angle and hold it!” *Unlock. ”Oops! I lost it!” *Unlock *Unlock *Unlock *Open. Finally.

-When I want to hit the button to check my text messages the “web” button gets in the way. Which is annoying not only to people without an internet plan, but people who WANT TO CHECK THEIR MESSAGES!

-This phone doesn’t have a very good camera, it’s only 2 megapixels and it can’t even zoom in if I’m on the "best" quality.

*This review is shortened version of the long version, it is longer on another site, but who cares. Don't get this phone. If you're Samsung, find the longer version.*

Worst, most aggravating phone I have EVER owned!


May 4, 2011 by amyz23

This is an awful phone and I would not recommend ANYONE to purchase it.

Pros: battery life

Cons: 1)Wont hang up. leaves you with 2-3 minutes of trying to hang up while your friends voice-mail is recording you cussing your phone out.
2) Say I go to push say Amber's name on my contact list.. I hit it and it scroll's OUT OF CONTROL all the way down to the C's!
3) Touch screen has a mind of its own!
4) Wont un-lock!
5) Have to open the phone to reply to people.

It is mainly problems with the touch screen..
It can be So frustrating!! I hate hate hate it! Will be getting a new phone ASAP. If I go in there and they tell me I am not eligible for an up-grade I will tell them I would like a DOWN-GRADE! how sad is that! ANYTHING TO NOT HAVE THIS PHONE ANYMORE! I WANT TO THROW IT IN THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!

A good phone


Jul 25, 2010 by MissMissa

This phone has a lot of potential for a casual geek. It has a decent touch screen and the keyboard operates at a fast enough pace to keep up with a decent typer.

The part where Samsung dropped the ball was with the accessories and lack of comparability with their studio.

There are currently no Gravity T compatible headsets.

And any attempts so far to synch this phone through Samsung Studio 7 have been futile. (Much research and own tinkering went into this the phone just isn't compatible.)

All in all I am very content with its features I am just hoping Samsung comes out with the proper software for it and they make some accessories!

Great Feature Phone


Jul 6, 2010 by VeeJay

I bought this phone for my son. He wanted a touch screen device with a keyboard. I wanted to avoid having a second $30.00 monthly data charge. As a feature phone with 3G access and only a $10.00 monthly data fee, it is wonderful. My son gave it the 3 rating. I actually feel bad posting the review with a three. But, he is the one using the phone. He tells me the touch screen can be slow and the screen isn't as large as my HD2 (no kidding). But, it is the best feature phone with only a $10.00 monthly data fee. So, he is fine with it. He also says the texting is good.

This is not a high end smart phone, and as we all know, "you get what you pay for." Setting that aside, if you're looking to get a phone for a child and will not or can't pay for a smart phone / the data package for your child (or yourself), this is a very good phone for that meets most phone needs. My son understands my frugalness and is fine with the purchase.

$10.00 monthly data fee for 3G coverage
Sturdy Device and keyboard
Touch screen
Lower cost than smart phones

No WiFi
Touch screen menu's are slow
184 MHz processor

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