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Jul 5, 2010 by plastiqazteq

I sell phones as a living, so I have a lot of time to check out all the new stuff to come out. This is probably the sweetest phone to come out in a while, imo. I formerly had AT&T with the Backflip and the iPhone, and this deff kills 'em.


- physical keyboard feels great
- virtual one is decent, but i really only use it for SWYPE, which works magnificently especially for onthego txt'n
-bright, responsive, large touch display
-Android 2.1 is wayyy better than 1.5, and this device will soon be upgradeable to 2.2 FroYo!!
-Just as with any android device it syncs & links yr contacts.
-feels great in the hand and up to the ear
-3G data on T-Mobile is fast
-great camera with sweet editing with Android apps
-nice hardware, don't have to remove the battery to take out the SD card. (8GB is included)

CONS: (not many)
- sometimes doesn't receive MMS (pictures) and i have to ask the other party to FWD them. could just be a network error, having nothing to do with the phone itself.
-not as good audio recording quality as iPhone
-a 1GigaHertz processesor would be nice, but still quite fast, leaving little to be desired.

All in all this phone is great. Everything I'd want from an Android device. It's sleek & stylish, and the OS with HTC Sense UI makes it a sure winner.
I would choose this over an iPhone (or even flagship devices like the EVO anyday), hardware AND software taken into consideration. Buy this phone, you'll love it.

Just what I was looking for...


Jul 2, 2010 by MobDragon

This phone is Just what I was looking for. I was a G1 user and love it, this phone is a G1 x 100. The Mytouch 3G Slide is very fast and have a very good response to the touch.


- Big and Bright screen.
- The Perfect qwerty keyboard.
- Fits good in a hand big or small.
- Hardware does't feel cheapy.
- Sense UI.
- 5 megapixel camera with flash.
- Good battery life after turn off sync.


- .... i don't think this phone have anything bad...

I love it!

I love this phone


Jun 11, 2010 by sweetbella

I love this phone, it is a very nice phone and I find the internet to be quite fast, the keyboards: physical and virtual are very nice. the only reason I give it a 4.5 and not a 5 is because it feels a little rough when you slide it.



Jun 3, 2010 by albertog1983

greatest phone t mobile has ever put out hands down.

What the first MyTouch Should've been!


Jun 14, 2010 by lunaticox

Im going to compare this phone to the Nexus and the recently released EVO 4G, both of which i own currently.



*The Nexus One screen looks better than the EVO 4G screen (yeah, size doesn't matter), which in turn looks slightly better than the MyTouch Slide screen. However it does the job and it's more than good enough.


*Hardware keyboard, enough said. However, the screen is so responsive that i found myself using Swype more than sliding my phone open for the keyboard. I'm a Latino, and Swype here is in both Spanish and English (not so on my HD2), and it's amazing to use both ways! The HTC Touch Keyboard is here as well.


*There's no Sprint 4G in NYC, and the EVO 3G can NOT compare to T-Mobile's HSPA+ Speeds currently. My Nexus and MyTouch blew the EVO out of the water, loading as much as 5 seconds before (websites). Doing a MegaFLOPS test against the EVO, the MyTouch 3G Slide surprisingly scored higher FPS (Frames per second) on a 3D video game clip.


*I usually prefer Stock Android 2.1 to SenseUI, but here it's been edited to do amazing things. It has all the features of SenseUI on the EVO and more! I'm not a fan of the bubble look of the icons, but besides that it's amazing. It seems to take less memory from the system than regular SenseUI (Compared to EVO), way snappier. Also, choice between 5 & 7 homescreens.


*NO LIVE WALLPAPERS. I understand the phone it's not a snapdragon, but c'mon? perhaps it wouldn't run as fast as it does with that feature?

*Missing Google Earth Application from Market. Again, probably due to not having as strong a GPU or CPU. However i don't understand how this phone could score higher FPS than the EVO and runs the same games.

*Haven't found a way to change lock-screen wallpaper. Also, can't see the background image behind the lock-patter screen. It's just all black now, and it sucks :(. Only 8 themes to choose from now.

No more Space, GET THIS PHONE

The only android device you should consider


Jun 3, 2010 by yazuma


* Large Screen with Multi-Touch
* Sharp 5.0 mp camera with flash and facial recognition
* 3.5 mm headphone jack
* Android OS 2.1 is very, very fast
* Battery is outstanding, lasting nearly two days on heavy use


* Hinge can feel wiggly on the slide out keyboard
* Airplane mode does not actually turn the device into an airplane (I ran outta things I didnt like)

Really folks, compared to every other device t-mobile has ever launched, including the sidekick series, the HD2, even the orignal my touch, this very much blows it all out of the water. The Market is saturated with premium apps for business, entertainment, ande finance, the speed of the device is snappy, and the built in "WOW" funtions like MyModes (You can set your device to know if you're at work with the GPS and it will change your apps for you) really make this device a big win.

Finally an android phone that works for me!


Jun 16, 2010 by kbrown4207

I purchased this phone when it was released. I have to say I'm very impressed. I went through 3 cliqs and 1 behold II to finally end up with this phone. the keyboard is well layed out. the camera is great, screen is gorgeous, and the speaker is also good. This phone isn't as heavy as the motorola cliq, but not as light as the mytouch. the only bad problem i've noticed so far is when i slide the keypad out, the touchscreen isn't as responsive. It acts as if its not calibrated correctly. I exchanged one out already for that reason and the 2nd phone is doing the same. I'm not sure if this is a widespread issue. But beyond that I love this phone.

MyTouch Slide Headache


Dec 24, 2010 by kc816Bri

I'd Give It No Stars If It Wasn't For The Friend Stream (Great Feature Which Includes Twitter and Facebook Updates From One Source).

Bright Screen
App Market
Pandora Capable

The Only Ringtones That Work Are From An App Called "Ringlert" Unless You Wanna Pay About $1.99 for a 10 Second Ringer.
Battery Life. Horrible. 6 Hours Usage Supposedly If You're a "Heavy User" With Two Apps Only.
Force Closes Most Apps Frequently.
Not a Strong Vibrate.
Weak Notification Light.

Well, The Bad Outweighs The Good. Needless to Say. I'm Going Back to a Blackberry.



Nov 16, 2010 by lucky7carp

I recently cracked the screen on my G1 and had to get it replaced. After having the G1 since its initial release, i wanted a similar, yet all new phone. I debated between mytouch slide and G2 for quite some time, but at the end of the day, i really was not impressed with the G2's "feel". Man was i glad i chose the Mytouch Slide 3G. I love the new style and feel of it, and to be honest, i have not found a problem yet. Well, i lied. The phone not being the regular mini usb charger is a bit less convenient, but hey, looks like i just gotta buy a few extra accessories, no biggie. I would recommend this phone for anyone looking to upgrade into the smart phone world. Although if you still do not have a smart phone in this day and age, this phone may take a few hours of practice to get it down pat. Just had to put in my thoughts....yes, i enjoy this phone THAT much. If you are reading this looking for a decision maker, get off the computer and go to your nearest T-mobile store and grab this phone pronto!

Lovin My MyTouch Slide!


Oct 18, 2010 by MissSLM07

Ok so after going thru 3 Moto Cliqs I was sent a brandnew MyTouch Slide last week and I love it!

Nice large colorful display
Nice physical keyboard
Love Swype
Love the Sense UI
Love the My Modes
Decent battery life if you adjust settings such as turning off wifi, adjust screen brightness, turning off unnecessary touch tone sounds, and if you turn off sync but I personally would leave that on so you can get emails and sync your contact changes.

Wish I could have gotten the white one but I received this phone thru warranty so the only color choice was black which is fine. I got it brandnew at no charge so I really can't complain.

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