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Aug 2, 2010 by KeepNTouch

This phone is an absolute winner. I had Sprint service and I had the EVO and tried every other Android on the Sprint network, but couldn’t find the right speed, with the right battery life, with the right glitch free experience, with the right size where I didn’t feel as if I would drop it.
I felt like Goldilocks, “This Android is WAY too big and the battery doesn’t last long at all. This Android fits nice, has good battery life, but it’s WAY too slow oh and what ancient technology is the resolution on the screen.” (At TMobile) “ This Android is just right!”

The myTouch Slide 3G (HTC) has been a nice mesh of features, speed, call quality, signal strength, size and battery life. Tmobile does have inconsistency transfer rates, but when it’s fast it’s FASTER than an 800Mhz Android on Sprint and when it slows up, just move the phone to a different location and keep transferring.

My TMobile signal strength was more stable for me than Sprint. There are a few known areas where my Sprint service would drop a call consistently. I drove through those areas on a call on TMobile and the call was sustained with no degradation in call quality. I’m not ready to claim network superiority, but I am pleasantly surprised.

If Sprint had anything like the myTouch Slide on their network, I would have never ventured out to try other Androids.

Music player is AWESOME. It has a keyboard and SWYPE technology, but I just use the SWYPE. And this phone is not the only ANDROID on TMobile with SWYPE and oh when is Sprint bringing their phone with SWYPE on board? Sprint has come up a day late and 10 per month (for 4G phone) short.

I really liked my Sprint service, but I prefer TMobile’s Android lineup AND their pricing plans.



Jul 24, 2010 by narn3049

This is surely an update to the 3g, Its just awesome. The slide is great and as well as the genius button, I've never owned this just seen reviews and commercials on it, but its a good phone and i like it.

If you are a business person and are on the go a lot I'd prefer this to you. If all you do is text and you don't need internet or any of that, you could get one of the Gravity's the T or the II or III.

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First Android


Jul 13, 2010 by atltmo

Let me first explain my "low" rating.

*1.25 points I take off due to battery life.
Very weak. My friend bought the same phone, on the same day, and also has the same battery problem. Barely holds a day on average use. 7-4pm on heavy use.

*.25 points I take off due to "cheap" feel of the phone.
I guess I should name this 1st part as "CONs."

PROs: This is my first Android phone and I love it. I am gladly giving up my Blackberry.

*Snappy- everything is much faster than my Bold9700.

*Physical Keyboard- if you type extensively, must have it! Very comfortable to use.

*Screen- is crispy and more importantly very responsive.

Bottom Line: I am going to try 1400 battery instead of pre-installed 1300. Plus, TaskKiller App helps to add another hour or 2.

Great Phone, Reminds me of Cliq


Jul 11, 2010 by skywalkershawty

This is a great phone. I actually like it pretty well, Pros n Cons time :)


-Big Screen, even though it's not much bigger than the original, it still seems like it
-Android 2.1
-FLASH! most android devices don't have this and it bothers me lol
-HQ vids on youtube
-Modes, like my nokia e73 it has personal/work modes
-Recent apps used show in notification setting
-I could go on for years lol

-Battery life, it is Android you know
-No live wallpapers
-Keyboard is a little hard to use at times (mainly the spacebar)

Obviously the pros outweigh the cons but this still could've been a little better

I Like It


Jul 6, 2010 by TMobRulz

I other reviews, I said I don't like to buy phones all the time just to keep up, and I don't, but felt I needed this AND Garminfone to see how they stack up.

This phone has all bells and whistles. Does what I want and more.

Pros: Android 2.1. Like other MyTouch phones...you can personalize it all you want. Flash and zoom on phone.

Cons: Build itself is kinda cheap. Camera could be better.

Will decide which phone, and will go with it.

Simply Amazing - I love this phone.


Jul 1, 2010 by crazy8tz

After much mental deliberation, I chose to go with the MyTouch Slide over the HTC-HD2 and boy did I make the right decision. First and foremost, Android 2.1 blows Windows Mobile 6.5 away. It's not even a contest. Between the Android App Market and the intuitive design of the Android operating system, I'm sorry I even considered going another route. - This is one of, if not the best phones T-Mobile has ever offefred.


* Android 2.1. It's very fast, even on the 600MHz processor of the MyTouch Slide.

* Keyboard - Perfectly spaced keys on the physical keypad make it easy for a person with big hands to text like the pros.

* HTC Sense UI - It made WinMo look appealing on the HTC-HD2, and it makes Android look that much prettier too.

* Battery - Lower the brightness setting on the phone by 1/2 and you'll have at least a full day worth of juice, even with heavy usage. (Google Nav is the only app that seems to drain it fast.

* 3.5mm Headphone Jack - Use your own.


* Screen wobbles a bit when opened, but it's barely noticeable.

* No Live Wallpapers, but I honestly wouldn't use them anyway because they are battery killers (or so I am told.)

That's it.

I would recommend this phone in a heart beat to ay T-Mobile customer looking to take the Smart Phone plunge.

I have found my soul mate !


Jun 25, 2010 by Msdiva29

I have been with T-mobile for 6 years as a customer and I can tell this is far the best phone I have ever purchase. I was using an unlock Nokia E63 which is a piece of junk period. I was an faithful nokia user. Today, Nokia are not making the phones the same anymore. I did not want to jump on the blackberry bandwagon like most people. I went the the T-mobile store and use the Demo in the store. Things important for me is the Instant messaging built in the phone(I am a heavy texter). This phone has many features and I am loving it.This the first phone I felt comfortable buying without wanting to take it back to the store. The battery life which everyone has complain about.
Pros: Loving the andriod market, free apps,fits all my needs
Cons: Battery Life
Overall Good Phone Buy It!
but here is am page from the Tmobile forum on tips to make use of your battery life.

Nice Phone


Jun 22, 2010 by Tuddi

I have only had this phone for a week, but as a whole it is not bad. This is my first android phone. With my friends that have IPhones and all that they say they are able to do and how happy they were with the IPhone I wanted something similar. The salesperson said this would be compatible to the Iphone. I am still figuring it out but, my only issue is with it linking to Facebook. I like that you connects the contacts, but I can not figure out why it will not let me change the name to my phone contact name and not the Facebook name and stay.



Jun 21, 2010 by BTC

Oh my everloving G*d!

Call me the "Goldilocks Of Electronics" if you will, as i am NEVER completely happy with ANY device i acquire for long. Too big, too small, too slow, too heavy, too flimsy, too expensive, you name it and i find a reason to "become discontented with it!"


I have had the HD2, The Hero, The Motorola Backflip, Blackberry Storm Touch2, and thats not mentioning the hours and hours i have spent visiting, then revisiting Demo phones (live working models) in the Cell Phone Stores. This phone, bar NONE is simply amazing.

1. You can ACTUALLY get it in your hot little hands UNLIKE the Incredible or EVO
2. Speed (keeps up with EVERY motion)
3. Swype (wow wow wow!!!)
4. The "Genius Button" (Fantastic feature)
5. Keyboard (5 stars *****)
6. Accelerometer works with the keyboard in landscape (i dare you to find THAT on ANY phone equipped with a keyboard)
7. The "Espresso" version of HTC sense made exclusively for this flagship Series Tmobile phone is loaded with features you will NOT find on other HTC sense overlays
8. Can you say "C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-T? Every single feature this phone has to offer can be performed with ease.
9. Data tethering. WOW! 3 steps and i can now tether it to my computer in one click. Goodbye broadband!
10. Speed, style, state of the art Op System, you cannot go wrong getting this phone.

i honestly could just keep going. But suffice to say Tmobile has outdone themselves. I always loved T-mobile in terms of their cust service, but NEVER liked their phones, but now i can honestly say THIS is the phone to beat. About the ONLY place where they may have skimped is in the display, its only average, won't blow you away, but all the words are crisp, brightness is excellent, and i am pickyune about that, i like my fonts to jump off the page. While these don't do THAT, it still is an excellent display, and all the icons and widgets are great, not cartooney like LG.



Jun 6, 2010 by jdh2809

I love this phone. Its just as fast as the i phone. It streams live media and social networks seamlessly. Its business oriented and you can put your purchased I phone songs on your phone. I really don't miss my i phone at all. Better camera than the i phone and the Google market is just plain awesome.

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