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I hate this phone for a variety of reasons. My Samsung Intensity II Story.


May 30, 2013 by Nixoncarmichael

My ex girlfriend used this phone for a very long time. She burned her upgrade to get this phone for free basically when it came out new. Even though I had several VZW smartphones sitting around that I was willing to let her use, from an iPhone4 to a Samsung Omnia to a Droid Incredible, she continued to use this POS messaging phone, even though it got horrible reception, questionable bluetooth capabilities and an SD card slot that was very weird and rarely worked.

She also used to drive and TEXT simultaneously using the full QWERTY keyboard, putting essentially EVERYONES lives at risk.

The camera is a POS. Everytime we'd try to transfer a picture via USB or bluetooth, the device would shut down or do some odd thing that would cause a problem.

Also, the chick used to send me the most ridiculous text messages mainly because the predictive text on the phone was a piece of garbage and would change the texts to words that made absolutely no sense, in English or in any language found in any of the 8 known galaxies.

Also, I did eventually break up with that girl for a number of reasons, so at least I don't have to deal with her or stupid phone anymore.

This phone sucks as do the people who use it.

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Cute Purple Phone!


Oct 12, 2011 by cneedham115

I feel like I finally found what I was looking for and got what I wanted. Which was a basic phone for calling, texting and the occasional photo to replace my 3 1/2 year old purple Moto W755 which still works but was showing its age. I wanted something cute and colorful instead of boring black and gray and this one is available now in purple! I have a Blackberry for my job so didn't want to pay for another data plan. Verizon's selection of non-smart phones was slim, and I wasted two upgrades on other phones that I didn't like. This phone will take some getting used to, things are in different places and the qwerty keyboard is different. People complain about not being able to do this or that, but it's not a smart phone so don't expect it to act like one! The settings are easy to configure for convenience and customization if you just take the time to look through the menus and figure it out. The selection of ringtones could be better, fewer "music" ringtones and more actual tones. It's slippery to hold onto, but otherwise I think I am going to love it! Gave it 4.5 stars only because I've had it a short time and don't know if it's got any quirks yet!

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Don't waste your 2yr contract!


Mar 15, 2011 by Ihateintensityll

I am glad that there is a zero star because that is what this phone deserves. When i got mine i got it when they first came out so the black color was sold out so i got it in the mail. i got it, registered it, and it broke within a week! This was when verizon made almost every phone have a $10 data plan or i would have got another phone for sure. i am on my second one and it is bothering me so much! the screen scratches easily, the camera is terrible. no flash. no zoom. the keys are hard to use and the "please say a command" button drives me crazy! you have to hold the camera button for at lease 2 seconds as you just bump the "say a command" button and it starts the program! Terrible speakers too! Overall i think this phone is not the best samsung has done.

Pros: okay battery life
Cons: silicone (keyboard) is hard to use, camera is bad, freezes up alot!

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Good phone - terrible battery life


Jan 27, 2011 by n4aof

Great texting phone. I picked it because it is one of the very few keyboard phones that Verizon sells without requiring a data plan. Between it and the LG Cosmos, I picked the Intensity II because when it slides open the navigation button is on the right whereas the Cosmos opens with the navigation button on the left.

Call quality is good and there is plenty of volume at both phone and speakerphone.

Just a few criticisms:

Both our Intensity II phones have poor battery life. The need charged AT LEAST every other night despite very little talk time and just 50-60 texts a day (and, yes, bluetooth is turned off)

Side buttons the stick out are a dumb idea on any phone (but every phone has them today), the camera button at least requires holding it a second or more to activate the camera -- BUT the &*^%%*&^% Voice Command button sticks out and gets pressed almost every time you do anything with the phone -- I wish there was a way to turn voice command totally off. Neither of us ever use it and I hate having to scramble for the clear key to keep the phone from constantly saying "Please Say A Command" then "Please Try Again. Please Say A Command"

The other minor annoyance is that about half the time when using the qwerty keyboard typing a capital letter starts a new line before the word.

The lack of video capability is also a surprising omission in this kind of phone.

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Incredible Phone


Nov 11, 2010 by YankeeFan123

this phone is just perfect in every way, from the beautiful metallic blue finish to the nice, cushiony keyboard, this samsung is perfect in everything it does. the charger is very nice, being a usb port that can plug into a computer. the battery life is better than people give it credit for. mine can last three days, and i exchange about 150 texts a day. the menu layouts are easy to understand, and its pretty nice having a slide-out keyboard. i honestly cannot think about one con on this phone. if Jesus used technology, then this is the cell phone that he would have.

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Nice little phone


Sep 26, 2010 by ginniemay

I have had this phone for a month now. It has a really cool metallic blue case which can be a bit "slippery". This is my first slide type phone, so I was a bit apprehensive about it. No problems and you can slide it with one hand. I just came off of an lg Env2 which I still love and this is quite similar. A slightly different keyboard setup and feel which takes some getting used to, but is easy to master. Streaming text messages is something new to get used to.

I really like this phone except for one thing. My charge only lasts for a day and a half, so have to charge it every night. The Env2 I used would last me for a week and I always have my phone on and the blue tooth on. This phone can't handle that I guess. I have taken it to the Verizon store to have it checked and they claim this is quite normal. The camera feature doesn't have flash, which is kind of a disappointment.Seems to take OK pictures anyway.

Overall, this is a great phone. Would have given it a better rating if it had a longer standby time.

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Samsung has built a better mousetrap!


Aug 23, 2010 by marty mechanic

my lg Versa died, so I gave the Samsung
Intensity 2 a try. Glad I did, cuz it has
much better performance in "sketchy"areas.
After using lg's voice prompt (woman's voice)
for many years, it is sooo cool to hear this
other sexy lady asking you for the name
or number. Guys, I'm gonna tell ya, this
"ladies" voice is way more warm and "inviting"
than the lg lady, hands down!!!
The voice recognition software is called
"Nuance" and it also kicks lg's ***. Even inn my diesel truck with the motor noise the little lady in my phone gets me connected, every time. If she isnt sure, she will offer up 3 possible "close" matches. I am using a pretty "Trick" motorola h-17 blue tooth, which is making me a believer in Samusung Intensity 2's amazing group of subtle but clear improvements in cellular technology.
Voice recognition software is very critical in a noisy truck environnment....it's gotta work every time off the bluetooth headset...cant be reaching into my pocket to play with it or reset something.
This is no Iphone though, if you wanna touch screen or a huge lcd screen to view photos, you will be disappointed. The slide out qwerty keyboard auto rotates the screen for horizontal viewing and texting. It has an adequate camera with a neat setting called "Night Vision" which i guess is why there is no "flash"?
The charger is what really sets this little puppy apart from the 1st Samsung Intensity...it has a "universal charger for the wall, and pull the cord off this wall "thingie" and voila, it is a usb plug for charging in your computer usb port! Cool huh?
I think this phone and me are gonna be friends for a long time....performance "up"...no sketching in sketchy areas...bulletproof voice recognition software that communicates with your headset like it is "hardwired". And best of all, that sexy little ladies voice that tells me to "Please say a Command!"
Samsung has built a bitchen, cheap, highly functional state of the Art cell phone.... a better mouse trap.

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