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LG Prime GS390


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$99 phone beats all others


Jun 29, 2010 by scandmx5

hilarious i picked this GOphone up as a replacement yet it can do EVERYTHING that Samsung still can't seem to get right with their infinite line of phones that are all the same. in my honest opinion, best phone i've had with ATT yet.

PROS- battery life, volume, clarity, bright display, haptic feedback, threaded text messaging, 2.0 mp camera, fast response/NO LAG

CONS- no 3G not a ptoblem b/c saves battery life

User friendly but...


Nov 27, 2011 by romeowten

Most features of this phone are great but there are two things that would have stopped me from buying it had I known.
1. Picture quality is terrible. My previous phone (a Samsung Strive) also had a 2 mp camera but it took beautiful pics.
2. You cannot listen to the music player thru a regular bluetooth headset. You must have a stereo bluetooth to do that.

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Simplicity Sells


Jan 6, 2011 by davef774x


- Responsive Touch Screen - No Latency!
- 3.5 mm head phone jack!
- Open User Interface! You can set songs as ringtones, get free games, add/remove content, back up & restore data, and use as a broadband modem via USB! No restrictions, everything just works!

- FAST camera access! one click of the side key brings up the camera in under a second, and holding it down brings up the video camera. No menus to scroll through, or waiting for the image sensor to load the viewfinder. A very nice feature to quickly capture moments as they happen.

- Loud ringer, and strong vibrate motor.

- Alarm - only mode - silences ALL other sounds except alarm. other phones can do this, but this one makes it easy.

- Stereo bluetooth

- Can play movies encoded in MP4. very good framerate. (conversion needed)

-Quad Band GSM - So it is essentially a world phone. (att requires you to have GoPhone service for 3 months before they unlock)


The only Con i have is that the phone seems a little light in the hand. Giving it a little more weight would make it feel sturdier, and complement the vast number of features this phone has.

If you want a good phone that is simple, and just works - without all the complexities of other smartphones - This is it!

Best Pre Paid Go Phone out there!


Jan 3, 2011 by Qbanbull

I bought this phone as a replacement to my AT&T Contract Account. I bought it following positive reviews I've read. Purchsed it from Best Buy at $99 and best deal ever. This phone is great for Texting. I must admit I was skeptical at first, I text alot and love how it texts. User Friendly. BATTERY IS AMAZING!!! FM Radio is my friend on this phone! Web is not so great, so I will be switching soon to Android cuz I use the web alot. Touch Sensitivity is toooo sensitive when looking up contacts or scrolling up and down, I cant find how to make it not so sensitive and Camera can be better!

I highly recommend this phone for the price and functions very well. AWESOME Call Quality and LOUD RINGTONES!!!! I mean LOUD!
This is a great device you will not regret buying.
Last time I checked Radio Shack had it on sale for $69.99 limited time. I took in the offer to Best Buy, they price matched and refund the difference.



Dec 20, 2010 by narn3049

AT&T why did you discontinue it, it is an awesome phone?. Anyway tested it out today and it is a pretty good phone. Amazed that they actually had this on pay as you go. Has fm radio 2.0 MP camera, and a full touchscreen. It has games preloaded too so you don't have to spend money on getting them from the App Store, so I like that. Doesn't have any cons that I can think of or see.

Awesome Phone so far..


Nov 21, 2010 by Boriiboss

I think this phone is the best is the one I ever had.

Fm radio is awesome
Camera is not that good but yea is cool
The music player is so loud that i falled in love with it..
Qwerty keyboard is cool, I had some problems with it when i first bought it, but then i got used to it..
Battery life is great... But when the calling time comes up, It eats ur battery very fast...
Touch screen is very responsive, i liked it very much...

The internal memory is kinda worn but yea, I use it for my ringtones, Moved all ringtones into the memory for then i dint have to do the process of changing the system sounds again...

I guess i only have one cons for this awesome device... Is veery cool... Thanks LG for releasing such a nice phone.!!! :-)

Great bargain


Nov 17, 2010 by knuckleballer34

This phone packs a lot for the price, and is a great purchase for anyone who does not need a full-fledged smartphone or a physical keyboard.

1. Good reception, good call quality.
2. Responsive touchscreen.
3. Comes with a lot of extras (music player, mobile e-mail, etc).
4. Easy to use menu
5. 3.5mm headset jack.

1. No 3G
2. It is not a smartphone, but it allows you to multitask...at the risk that the phone will lag considerably.
3. Schizophrenic web browser, Opera Mini should be an immediate download.

The LG Prime does a lot of things well, and is a great overall mid range feature phone. I understand that the exclusion of a 3G radio keeps the price down, but in many cities where 3G is available, there are pockets of areas where 2G coverage has been severely neglected. Unless you abhor touch screens or need a smartphone, this is a great pickup.

Pretty Good Phone


Oct 23, 2010 by 9h05t26

I bought this phone as a replacement for a bricked CU920 and it exceeded the expectations I had for it. I love the 3.5mm headphones jack (I didn't have one on the CU920), The touch screen is very responsive although it can be a little touchy at times. I also love how the screen is still viewable in the bight sunlight. The bad points are: When I send a text using certain punctuation marks while in QWERTY mode, the message gets sent with only the part of the message before said punctuation marks. The FM radio, while a nice feature, eats up the battery in no time. It tends to get bogged down easily if I I try to do too many things at one time. I really notice it when I text (I'm kind of a fast texter). When using the T9 input on the normal keypad mode, it can be a little hinky. The drop down menu for the alternative words while in T9 mode is a nice touch. I just wish it was like my CU920 in that when you go to input your text, it starts out in normal layout instead of full QWERTY because it gets a little annoying having to constantly switch modes if I have to text with one hand. One last down point is the lack of on board memory. It has only 48MB compared to other phones (my CU920 can with 120MB of on board memory). But all in all, it's a nice little phone for the price. Very rugged with a nice form factor.

Are you sure this is a GO Phone?


Aug 22, 2010 by Mr.Mystery

I was playing with this phone for a couple of days and it is truly surprising. I used to always joke around saying LG stands for "Low Grade" but this phone convinced me otherwise. I did not expect that a little touchscreen go phone could be considered to have such a good quality all around!

-Very, I mean very responsive touchscreen for not being a smartphone. It definetly beats all at&t Samsung Quick Messaging Devices.
-Very nice and accurate keyboard
-Nice feel to it. It doesn't feel cheaply made, very sturdy.
-Send and End Keys. I am so glad they kept this.
-Also the menu is straight forward.
-Good Call Quality
-Really i've have not found anything bad about it other than I wished it was a smartphone.

What a phone!


Jul 17, 2010 by phoneaddict11

I can honestly say this has been one of my best if not my best phone. I upgraded to this after my lg neon broke and I am so glad. For a small 99 dollar price tag u get a very good touchscreen.

Pros- responsive touch screen
fm radio
spacious virtual keyboard
very thin and lightweight
loud speaker
great reception and sound
decent camera
great features

Cons- no 3g but no biggy

I definitely recommend this phone it is all and more u hope to get from a 99 dollar phone.

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