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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


Jan 22, 2011 by RWarrior

Pro: "Nice Looking" Phone.

Con: Only on Android 1.6 OpSys

Conclusion: That's about it just a nice "looking" phone. While the rest of technology is advancing to the latest Android Operating System updates, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, fall short.

Recommendation: Not worth it.



Oct 26, 2010 by natalecalandra

Sony Xperia....

Screen has decent color.
Camera is 8.1 MP


Old Android Operating System.
Can't get any apps.

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Pleasantly disappointed!


Oct 15, 2010 by mojimco

First of all, I am a cell phone junkie! I am addicted to Phone Arena and Phone Scoop. I have read mixed reviews on the Xperia, and I am pleasantly disappointed. I find a very good looking phone, the screen is beautiful, and it runs great. It is a shame that it doesn't have the latest Android version, but that is not the end of the world. It is still Android, and I understand that there will be updates. People are not crazy about the keyboard. It's okay, but you can go to the Android Market and download "Better Keyboard". It's free! Make sure that you download Advanced Task Manager and your battery life will be much better. I think this phone deserves much better press than it has gotten.

Beautiful screen
Great Sony Ericsson interface
Very functional

not the latest Android version

SONY X10 Is a waste of phone.


Sep 15, 2010 by leigh7ray

Logging on to the Internet,I think dial up could be faster...and yes Iam in a 3G area with full bars. The unlock slider locks/freezes up half the time.The camera is the worst Ive seen yet on a phone in at least 2yrs, I can put it flat and picture will still be blurry, theres no focus even though it says it does, The flash is a joke..not even a flash just a really bright annoying light that doesnt even help in dark places. While on a call and I receive another I wont even ignore it, I will just let it keep ringing while still on the call and all the sudden the person that was calling me that I didnt want to speak with at the time is on the line. (this happens everytime I get another call while on a call). The sound is HORRIBLE!!! Both ways. I can not hear the other caller unless there is no noise at all, and still very low.The ringer is so low I miss a lot of calls.Music player sound is pointless.Randomly wont even make a noise for notifications/text...etc. So again I miss these as well.I will check the settings and everything will be set correct as I wanted, also I set a certain ring tone and when I get a call it doesn't even play it, plays default ringer. A LOT of dropped calls, with full bars and in 3G coverage and everyone else around has no problems,cant even get a call sent out half the time.The keys on the keyboard with touch always sticks, Space bar and Delete are the ones that I usually have the problems with.After writing a long note/text/status...etc I will touch the delete and it will stick and delete everything I had wrote and nothing will un freeze it.Iam VERY disappointed in this phone.I have always been a Sony lover, I've had lots of the sony phones and was always satisfied. This has been a shock to me that this phone is as crappy as it is.Maybe their needs to be some changes with this device,I guess Im going to look at the Samsung Galaxy/Captivate, I have read great reviews. Really wish this phone would work right, my excitement level is under zero.

Slow and sluggish


Aug 18, 2010 by ply17410

I stopped in an AT&T store to test drive this phone.

Very slow and jerky web browsing performance when scrolling sites like Amazon.com.

The lack of pinch zoom also hinders use.

In my opinion even things like going into settings and scrolling/selecting items was just not very snappy.

Too bad, I had wanted this phone since it's release in Japan a year ago! But ... the newer devices (iPhone, HTC) are much more better performers.

Bob H

Sony X10a fast and bright


Jun 14, 2010 by isprobi

I have an unlocked Rogers wireless X10a running on AT&T. After using this phone for over a month I am mostly satisfied with its performance. The combination of the 4 inch screen and 1 GHz processor result in a pleasant user experience. The phone shows very little lag except when using the Timescape interface. Timescape is still very usable but takes a few seconds to load if you include all your online accounts and media. The screen is bright enough that I use it at 25% brightness indoors. At 100% it is readable in bright sunlight. If you leave the APN (3G) enabled to get email, facebook, twitter etc. updates constantly and make quite a few phone calls the battery may not last you through a work day. Installing Process Manager and setting it to automatically terminate applications after 20 Mins. or 1 Hr. battery life will increase (you will need to tweak it to keep important applications open). Installing JuiceDefender and setting it to only enable the APN periodically can get you through a day but you loose automatic updates.

Large bright 4 Inch screen.
Fast 1 GHz processor.
Great 3G radio performance.
Very good phone radio performance.
Good build quality.
Hardware Back, Menu and Home buttons work better than touch sensitive ones on many other phones.
8 Mega-pixel camera takes great pictures.
Fits nicely in average sized hand despite large screen.

Speaker call volume not very loud (it plays music at a fairly loud volume so the problem does not seem to be a hardware limit).
Battery life will be a problem for heavy users.
No video output (I don't need it).
No significant amount of built-in storage memory for data and applications.
Must wait until Sept. for Android 2.x update.
No hardware search button.

Great phone!!


Mar 19, 2011 by kompressorc32

PROS: First of all it takes like 15min to root your phone to 2.1 then another 10min to 20min to upgrade to 2.2. Then once rooted you can do so much more multi touch screen like the I phone my x10a runs so smooth now and I can easily get almost two days out of it the Internet, is faster than ever am a big apple fan and since I switched to the x10 from my jailbroken 3gs I have to say with it rooted I like it better. Have had no issues with it freezing battery issues plus the phone looks very classy and rich. CONS: Yes it sucks that it only comes with 1.6 that is why we have the ability to "root" YES WOULD RECOMMEND TO FRIEND



Feb 27, 2011 by Jdog3

Pro's: Nice, big display

Con's: Not very intuitive
Font is very small (e.g. needed reading glasses to see contacts & numbers) and there is no way to enlarge the font.
Poor battery life - but I guess that is pretty standard for the large screen "smart phones."

I have the x10


Feb 23, 2011 by shazz786

Great Phone And All Fast Nice look one thing is scaring is the phone scoop overall ratings are really low? You Cant Multi Task one thing which is not good and the other doesnt have the latest android software am still under my 30 days i was planing to exchange it with the captivate its nice and all but doesn't have that good of ratings anyone anything would help

Such Odd Reviews........................


Nov 30, 2010 by experiment626

This device is an enigma.If you read the cell site reviews the Xperia X10 gets very ho-hum grades but if you read actual owner experiences they are much more favorable. No excuse for SE shipping the X10 with OS 1.6 and AT&T/SE still hasn't offered the official 2.1 update.But if you can look past the older OS there is alot to like.The Xperia X10 is a beautiful device,especially in White.(Only avail at Best Buy)The Sony-based camera/video software is among the best on an Android device.On 1.6 the software runs smooth and fast.As a phone the Xperia gets very good reception though the call volume could be better.Good speakerphone for calls and music.SonyEricsson has very up & down reputation but the Xperia deserves a look.

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