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Can't beat the price


Apr 30, 2010 by cmahar

For a phone with email and internet you can't beat the price. I have Boost and for $10 a month I get unlimited email and internet. I don't text or talk much so this is the least expensive way to get data service. Front keypad is quirky and takes some getting used to. Answering a call or hanging up takes two or more moves.

Limited apps. I'm not willing to pay $10 per month to use the GPS feature so am looking for a free app that uses the internal GPS. Haven't found one yet, but have tried four different java GPS apps that either lock the phone up or simply don't work.

Facebook, twitter and myspace features are not bad. Downloaded Opera mini first thing and it works well, though it keys rather oddly. The pointer is like a mouse and you have to scroll around with the direction arrows to navigate. Default browser is easier, but more limited in what you can see.

The internal keypad is better than a blackberry. Bigger keys.

Have tried google maps for mobiles and it doesn't work on this phone. Regular google maps works, but is not a mobile site.

MP3 player works but has clunky and limited controls. Downloaded music to the micro-card and it plays just fine. Youtube app works, but so far I haven't been a able to play videos using any other site.

Found the modem drivers and once they are installed you can charge the phone with a USB cable. Search for SY06_USB driver. It's a driver for another phone, but it works for charging. Haven't tried tethering yet.

Basic phone features work just as I would expect. Sending pictures or video is quirky with Boost, but it works. Signal is OK 50 miles out of town where I work. Data speeds are limited, but sufficient. Most of the stuff I've downloaded from getjar have been useless or worse, and I've uninstalled most of them. Many programs they say should work on this phone do not.



Mar 27, 2010 by godessmissy

Honestly it's hard to give this phone good ratings. I was super excited when Boost came out with this phone but I would not recommend this phone to anyone!

Quick Internet browsing.
easy to text.
nice display screen.
texts are threaded which is neat.

Camera has Poor picture quality usually makes pictures blurry.

Horrible sound quality for the other party
I get complaints that I can barely be heard unless I am using the speaker phone.

Can't use your MP3's as ringtones.

Touch screen on the front of the phone doesn't respond to touch -
making it hard to even accept a call or make a call from the touch screen. Most of the time I have to open the phone to accept a call - very very poor quality touch screen.

Music doesn't pause so you can use other features on the phone. You have to start all over when you want to listen to music again.

Music files don't allow you to shuffle and the sound quality is poor.

the bar at the bottom makes it hard to see the image you select for your wallpaper.

Too easy to accidently hang up on people if keygaurd accidently turns off.

Internet browsing really limits you from doing many things on this phone like bidding on an auction or viewing full page information.

I've had this phone for about 4 months and it's horrible! I wish I didn't spend so much money on it. Personally I would not recommend this phone.

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Sanyo Incognito


Mar 19, 2010 by sunnshineexoxo

-When trying to send a message, it doesn't take you forever.
-You have everything in one. (email, IM, facebook, etc.)
- Solid build
- Solid battery life
- External Memory
- Easy to use lock button for outside screen
- Keyboard is full qwerty
-2.0 mega pixel camera.
-Able to text while in a phone call

- External display attracts finger prints really easily.
- External use of the phone is limited to phone calls and history/contacts look up only.



Feb 17, 2010 by 1 TWEETY NET

I brought this phone for my daughter when i first saw it, but never gave it too hercause i like it more than her. But i promised too get her one as soon as sprint restock. this phone is hot i or should i say we love everthing about this phone.

Solid Messaging Device


Dec 17, 2009 by SEMGR

I have been using the phone for about a week now and with a few tweaks to the settings has gone from a 2.5 to 4 rating.

- Great reception
- Parental Controls (Phenomenal, I can lock the phone to only allow calls or messages from either people in the phone book or only select people in the phone book. I can lock the web browser and camera plus force location services on, good for family locater)
- Solid build
- Work Email (works great with basic exchange and POP email accounts)
- Text and MM Messaging are easy to use and easy to get to
- Solid battery life
- External Memory
- Easy to use lock button for outside screen

- External display leaves me wanting more
- External use of the phone is limited to phone calls and history/contacts lookup
- Keyboard is full qwerty but takes a little time to get used to

Suggestions for a next gen version:
- More outside display functionality
I would like to be able to read SMS, calendar reminders and missed calls without opening the device
- External display cosmetics
I would like more color/bigger display

Overall the phone is a great messaging device with solid performance. I would recommend for anyone who is SMS and Social Networking dependent. I have ordered them for my kids and will continue to carry for sometime.

Love Sanyo, Like This


Dec 10, 2009 by sircbarkley

i've been waiting for the replacement to my sanyo eclipse for quite some time. i was excited when i read the news about the incognito and got one as soon as it was available.

so far i do like it (it does take a little bit of getting used to).

heres my list of pros and cons:

Good call quality
Good Reception (sanyo is known for this)
solid build quality
cool disapearing outter display
loud speakerphone
2.0 megapix cam
love the keyboard!
fast browser
great battery life!

can't read texts without opening the phone
the location of the camera makes it difficult to take pictures
cant take pics when the phone is closed
hard to answer incoming calls from the front screen

overall i like the phone and i'm going to keep it. I do recommend it to others but you've got to be patient and realize that this phone was made primarily for text messaging.

sprint insider


Dec 3, 2009 by freedom4u

its a great lil phone; does what it needs too; battery life is great, buttons and feel are also but what i dont like is the lcd touchscreen smooth front screen; they should have made it the screen on the outside part better and bigger but you get what you pay for you! totally a upgrade and the wanna be envy to have on sprint

sd card slot

external screen

i think its 199.99 with a new 2yr? maybe cheaper! idunno all i know i sold one even tho it hasnt hit retail yet to a good customer of mine and he has not brought it back yet lol!!

Awesome Phone for 49.99


Dec 7, 2009 by b.James

Battery is great, looks and feels awesome. On the lower-end cheaper phones this is at the top, it's 49.99 after a $50.00 Mail in rebate. It's worth every penny

Pass on it if your an adult


Dec 9, 2009 by tknowthis

This phone looks great but the functionality of it is not. The invisible outer screen is useless. Taking pictures will have you frustrated and the quality of them will be wack. I live in the NYC are and clarity of the calls was not fantastic. This phone is for kids ages 12-19 who want to text all day on facebook and twitter, so this will be perfect for them.

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Best Phone Ever! Wish More Were Built This Way!


Oct 30, 2015 by ichisdad   updated Oct 30, 2015

Carrier: Boost Mobile

I bought the Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760 Boost Mobile about 5-6 years ago.
It has been with me working on houses, cars, and landscaping.
While working on houses I put the phone on back of truck, loaded truck forgot where phone was, got in drove off!
At home unload truck, went in house, looked for phone to make call, no phone!
Back to store, looked where I had been nothing, told staff, gave friends # said to call if found.
On the way home I see black thing looks like my phone case (made of woven fabric) on the painted line left lane of the road.
Pull over get out it is my phone case empty! Looked around saw phone right next to base of concrete wall!
Got it checked it over, corners banged up thought it was done!
Hit unlock button it lit up called friend, he answered we talked it still worked as if nothing happened!!
Where it fell off my truck is a merge from one highway to another, I remember hitting gas to do merge and had looked to see how fast I was going (speed trap ahead) 70 mph when the phone and case fell off truck when I hit bump in road!!! That was right after I bought it!
Slide button so smooth now hare to get it to work.
But phone still going strong!!!
Just bought another one today 10/29/2015 ebay new in box! Wish they would bring it back with some minor changes and color choices! Don't like it for internet, but for calls and text it is perfect and VERY WELL BUILT!
I don't like the slide button unlock/lock, or mirror finish when outdoors.
Slide button unlock/lock with age wears down and hard to make it work as phone gets older and the button becomes smooth. Wish it had the push button like the Innuendo (JUNK!) in its place instead!
The mirror finish makes seeing external screen hard to see when call coming in, wish mirror was not over the external screen or if the entire phone was in a flat black or other flat color.

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