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Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760


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Aug 15, 2011 by deb1962

Drops calls in the middle of town, speaker is horrible - person I'm talking to can't hear me and is garbled. The display screen cannot be seen unless you are in a dark cave so you can't see who is calling; if you are anywhere with light you can't see the display. The keypad constantly locks up so you are having to shut your phone off and start over. Really wish I had not gotten this phone. Had old cheap phone for several years and had to replace it. Feel like I downgraded. Phone is very cheaply made.

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Jul 18, 2011 by domdom

well its OK a good texting phone but if u get 2 texts coming in or u r in the middle of a text and u get another the phone freezes

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a phone thats just NOT soo GOOD...


May 2, 2011 by jririshbmxr97

This phone is pretty neat when you first get it but in the 1st hour, i saw some cons. CONS:
1.There is a glowing circle in between two numbers.I didnt find that such a big deal.
2.About 2 days later, there was a noticed that popped up that says ERROR: receiving phone information, and now it pops up VERY often.
3.Then about 1 month with that phone, it started freezing ALOT. while I was at my friends house, we timed it. It froze 6 times in 1 miute receiving a text.
4.The battery is not to well either. I charge it overnight, used it the next day, and by the end of the day its dead.
5.camera quality is BAD
6.The touch screen is hard to work

1.The screen outside is neat
2.nice contact layout
3.very simple

hope this helps:) Had this phone for a year and a half now

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Good phone for a Sanyo


Jan 29, 2011 by Jaden10

Before i start, I am a Nextel fan through and through, I am not a hard core data user, so 3G isn't a selling point for me, I like durable phones that I can put through the mill and still work. However when my i680 met a strange and untimely (meaning I work in demolition... The phone got blown up when I left it behind, LCD's were destroyed, but the motherboard survived as did the sim and memory card.). Wee a friend of mine owns a Sprint store, and I needed a phone, I wasn't looking to get one like this. However beggars can't be choosers.

This phone is a very nice phone, great sound quality, nice interface and light weight.

Sound quality is great,
Good 3G speed
Nice application selection
good feel on the keyboard when typing.
Camera is good for pictures, web and MMS.
Ringers are nice and loud
I like the fact that I can use the same application they I used on my i680

I have big hands, dialing on the front of the phone isn't for big handed people
Front is a magnet for finger print and smudge's, Music player isn't loud unless you use head phones.
You can't use MP3's as ring tones unless you use sites like fun for mobile.
It doesn't have a native Google Maps (no gps)
It's fragile
And battery life is ok but it could be better

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sweet phone!


Dec 18, 2010 by hunybuny12

this phone is great. the keyboard is large and has nice display. i would suggest downloading opera mini for web browsing.this browser is super fast. lots of applications available through getjar.com. would highly recommend this phone.

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not a bad deal...


Dec 15, 2010 by MB2

After reading the reviews and running it through the paces, I think it's a decent phone, overall. Sleek design, fully functional keyboard, as well as very good graphics for web browser activity, and the memory card is a nice addition. Not a bad deal. Must agree with everyone about the front, but hey, its just the way technology is reinventing itself, and soon enough (although, im sure they already have,) a new and better model will be (is) out. Seems like the next step up is the Blackberry, or iPhone, so spend it if ya got it! LOL. For the money, it's aiight... but 'just' aiight. 3.0 rating (the 0.5 is for the good video quality (Youtube, etc.)

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I can take it or leave it!


Dec 10, 2010 by Julius

After being with Verizon (twice) for this past decade, I decided to go with a company that's very easy on the wallet and I haven't been disappointed yet. I miss VZW, but they were high as God knows what! I switched over to Boost-a Sprint subsidiary-and I bought the Sanyo Incognito. To sum it all up, this phone is good for the budget, but bad for personal use.

PROS: Clear signal, sleek design, makes a good portable mirror on occasion, keyboard is very easy to use, and the wallpapers are very vivid depending on what you have as a wallpaper. I do photography on the side, so my pics are even clearer on this phone as they are on my laptop. I also stay in the Detroit area, so signal strength is rarely an issue so far. I don't even have to venture out of the city to pay the monthly bill, unlike the previous carrier I was with. Ringtones are exceptionally loud, which is good if you use the phone as an alarm clock. Not bad for a no-contract phone, I must say.

CONS: This phone, to me, is very primitive in every sense of the word! I cannot shuffle the music on my MP3 player, which is flat out backwards! You have to go through too many hoops just to activate certain items like the camera/video. The touch screen is very sensitive, despite its sleek design, it's also cumbersome at times, I cannot download Pandora on it as I could a Droid or Blackberry. When you use the MP3 player, it won't even show the info of the artist playing. And I refuse to pay an extra ten bucks a month for a GPS on my phone that I'm paying little or nothing for-might as well get another contract! So scratch that idea!

Like I said, this phone is easy on the wallet, but it is lame! For more features without all the headaches, spend the extra few bucks, which I may do within the next few months. I gonna take the $5.00 insurance off of it as well. That 5 bucks I could save for something else...

There you have it. My 2 cents on the Sanyo Incognito.

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Love and HATE this phone


Sep 29, 2010 by cyberstoic

This phone is a great feature phone. That being said, it is frustrating to the point of madness with many of it's features.

The front of this phone is ill thought out. It is an ergonomic mess. The slide to unlock button is on the left side at the bottom. For lefties, that means holding the phone precariously and using your thumb. For righties it means using your pinky, assuming you can. Bottom line, it is in a bad place for everyone.

The touch screen is IMPOSSIBLE to see in anything but dim light. That renders the outside touch dialing and answering the phone useless outdoors. Most of the time you just have to open the phone and push send to answer and then close the phone. Of course doing that turns on the speakerphone. So now you have to turn that off, or just share your conversation with everyone in the vicinity.

While on the subject of opening the phone, the phone sides are indistinguishable and so it is not readily easy to tell what side the hinges are on unless you look.

Everything about the layout of this device requires you to use 2 hands, rendering it very difficult to use otherwise.

All that being said, once opened, the inside is extremely well laid out. It is easy to use the carousel, find features, open the browser, text, watch videos. The keyboard is well laid out and with well spaced keys.

The music player is simplistic, hollow sounding, and does not allow playlists. It does allow folders, so you can number the mp3's 01, 02, etc and place them in folders to get around not having playlists.

Overall, the inside is great, the outside is essentially unusable outdoors and the touch is less than 50% accurate at best.

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Low end budget phone


Aug 25, 2010 by MAD.RAS

This phone here is a Very beautiful phone I fell in love with it instantly. But the honeymoon is over now. I started to learn its dirty secrets.


It is not the manufactures fault y this phone is so imperfect but it is the network Service provider fault. The phone was built and programmed to there specifications. If they made it any better it would compete against the other high end phones.

That is why you see Boost and Sprint logo on it. this phone is limited by the programing.

if you can reprogram this phone it could compete against the Iphone.

this is great for the average Joe
but sucks for the tech heads like me.

1. has 3G technology but its not maximized as the phone cannot process that speed.

2. music player is very primitive

3. have to pay for navigation

4. have to buy additional apps

5. not programmed to use as a modem

6. can't use mp3 music as a ring tone

7. the function of the external keypad is limited

8. uses special usb adapter for charging beware


2 MP camera

great for basic internet surfing

loud speaker

checking emails

plays mp3

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Jun 9, 2010 by momwiggins

I love the internet and the QWERTY keyboard but other then that the touch screen on the front does not work well at all I can never make calls from the front none the less answer a call very poor touch quality. the camera is not very well. I have had this phone for 4 months and the e-mail has worked for a while now it won't work it says it cannot connect to server I talked to tech support for 30-45minutes they told me to reset the data and reset the phone to factory settings still nothing. I hate this phone sorry sanyo but you didn't think this one through fully before making it. I DONT NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE AT ALL!!!

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