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Pixi Paradise!


Nov 21, 2010 by Glitter25

Every phone has its pro's and con's I just wish some idiots would give a phone a try for more then 24 hours before they try to post a bad reveiw of it!

Anyway, this phone had MANY pro's! Ive got more phones then most people even want to know about and I ALWAYS go back to my Pixi!

~Takes AMAZING photos
~The gesture area is genius!
~Ability to upload photos and videos to your choice of: Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, email, MMS, etc.
~Touch screen is very responsive
~Size ( Perfect)
~Screen Quality
~Sprint ( Pricing and coverage)
~Multitasking is amazing and surprisingly fast!

~Ring tones/Speaker/vibrate could be louder and stronger
~HATE that the charger is "universal" and not actually made for the pixi
~The battery life is horrible! I have NEVER had to charge my phone twice in one day until now!

Im sure If I sat here long enough I could name at least 10 more pro's! But the cons are nothing compared to the Pro's. This phone is just amazing all in all considering the size, and everything it does!

Pixi Plus with VZW (newest software version)


May 3, 2010 by sandmanzini

I love this phone!

I have always said I would never get a smartphone because I have no need for one. However when I spent some hands on time with this phone I fell in love with it and decided to make the leap!


almost everything!
gesture area
takes good pics
web browser
mobile hotspot


not many!
no camera settings
screen can be too sensitive sometimes

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Verizon Pixi Plus - diggin it


Feb 1, 2010 by Robkhb

Just got this on Friday and so far I am digging it..

Unbelievably small size - can we say Derek Zoolander?
Great call quality
Wifi works perfect
Push email and contact/calendar sync (via gmail) work flawlessly
Keyboard is tiny but yet it is so easy to use - coming from BB Tour and this is just as easy
Love the form factor, slides into pocket and I almost forget it's there
Touchstone charging
Threaded SMS - WebOS is sweet

Haven't been blown away by battery life
Camera sucks
Vibrate is weak
MP3 ringtones don't play loud enough (though standard ones on phone do, weird)
No ringer profiles
Can't use custom tones other than ringtones (for email, txting, etc - you get only 1 option, their tone or nothing)
No removable media - I am fine with the 8 gig internal memory but some people will wish they could add on

Overall I am definitely digging the phone. Beware of 1 issue, if you are a former Alltel user who switched to Verizon - you will have texting issues with this phone(and the Pre). They are currently working on it but it isn't fixed yet.

So far.. SO LOVE IT!


Jan 27, 2010 by bottlecap

I bought a new Pixi Plus the first day they were available as I have been anticipating a Web OS Palm to come out for Verizon. I previously had a Centro that was very hard for me to part with as I had become so accustomed to features like the calendar, task list, alarm, texting, etc. Finally, I stepped up and made the change. So far, I'm glad I did.

-Nice rubberized back, sleek design
-WebOS is quite customizable and pleasing to the eye
-Touch screen is very accurately responsive
-Texting interface is beautiful!
-Relatively easy to sync Centro information with Pixi Plus
-Option to use Touchstone charging docks
-Very practical lit bar under screen to help navigate
-Great push email
-Battery life seems to rival that of my Centro which I only needed to charge once every two days
-Crystal clear call quality
-Similar keyboard to Centro which is great for my petite fingers

-By far, the worst thing is that the phone has NO option for removable memory (micro SD)
-No Flash Player support yet (supposedly a hardware issue that will be resolved soon)
-Much softer vibration than the Centro
-No LED notification light (waiting for an application to double the light bar as an indicator light)
-Big exposed hole at top of back of phone is the headphone jack (worries me about any possible debris/moisture accidentally getting in there in the future)
-Not many "big name" apps (i.e. ESPN, eBay, etc.)

As I pointed out, the fact that the phone has NO removable memory was closer than I can describe to being a deal-breaker. Not that using a USB cord is a pain to transfer media, but once you don't have the luxury- you notice! (8GB memory is included internally & is plenty for my needs, but may not be for others).

Otherwise, the phone really is a GEM for the Palm OS faithful. Sure, it is a big change but it is well worth exploring.

My boyfriend also has a Centro & is switching to the Sprint Pixi tomorrow because of my success :D

Its all about what you need from a phone


Jan 9, 2010 by Z4MC

1>Excellent small size -if thats what you like- I do
2> WebOS software is fantastic
3> Surprisingly great keyboard -don't let the small keys fool you- to me much better than touchscreen keyboards- personal preference of course.
4> More than enough apps available to do anything that you need. Not as complete as Apple of course but getting bigger and better everyday.
5> Bar phone style no need to slide for keys etc.
6> Google, yahoo, Exchange integration works smoothly
7> Functions PERFECTLY as a PHONE and thats what I wanted was a PHONE and TEXTING device.
8> Enough Newsreader free apps that amke the best use of the screen- Mobile EPSN, Forbes, Newsweek the NY Times- all show perfectly on this phone for news and info junkies.
1> No missed alert light- why did they leave out such an important "no brainer" feature? You have to turn the phone on to see if anyone tried to reach you.
2> Could be faster- not a deal breaker and not THAT slow but could be snappier.
3> Limited to 8 GB of storage and apps- Way more than I need but maybe not you?
4> Screen size is perfect for phone use and the web is the web but is too small for serious surfing.
5> No Wifi- not a deal breaker for me but they are adding this to the Verizon version and will be on Sprint soon.
6> Camera sucks wish it was brighter and better- I wanted a PHONE but a camera would be nice too.

Here's the bottom line-
if you want a smart PHONE for email, texting and have almost any app that you would need - this is your phone.
IF on the other hand you want to surf the web PERFECTLY for ANY website- this is NOT your phone. Get an Android or some other larger screen phone.
The keyboard is great for texting- even with the small keys.
The WebOS is every bit as slick- if not more than Apple OS in my opinion. And you can multitask. Better on the Pre since it is faster than the Pixie but not bad on the Pixie either.
BEWARE- the new upgrade may CRASH the app store wait for the next upgrade!

Pixi Perfect! =)


Jan 5, 2010 by xpinkpixi10x

I got this phone for christmas. This is my 4th smart phone, coming from a pink centro, to the htc pro and then diamond.. To samsung exclaim for a month but couldn't stand that it wasn't touchscreen I.was thinking about going to the hero but I hate virtual keyboards. I HAVE to have a physical keyboard and I hate slide out keyboards of any kind. I'm so glad they came out with a phone so small and touchscreen with a keyboard. I loved my centro but I wanted something new. And then palm came out with this.When I got it, I couldn't believe how small and cute it was. I love the touch screen. Very responsive but make sure you update your phone. Because after I updated it to 1.3.5 ...it's better than when I got it out of the box. The messaging and notification alerts are awsome and I love how it shows you your email . Texts. Etc. The internet is fast. The cameras alright. It doesn't lag like the pre or any htc cameras. But it's only 2mp . Pretty decent for a phone. This phone doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. The reason why I gave it a 4.5 is because there is no led notification liqht. Not enough apps. And the ringtones could be louder and the screen briqhter. And I can't wait till the pink one comes out. Definatley would have given it a 5 if it was PINK! I'm not into blackberrys because I hate the trackball. But if your coming from a palm centro and liked that. You'll love this phone!!

Palm Pixi Near Perfect


Nov 17, 2009 by cabo5150

By far this is one of the best phones i have used in awhile. Im a phone junkie and have tried out almost every high end phone sprint has had in the last 7 years. I also have had a iphone 3g. While that phone was truly amazing, at&t service and pricing were not. The Pixi works very well as. The OS is great. I definitely like it better than android, and almost as much as iphone.

Size ( Perfect)
Screen (Good quality)
Sprint ( Pricing and coverage)

Ring tones/Speaker could be louder
Not many apps
No visual voice mail

Nice phone, but could be better


Jan 16, 2011 by CatherineHodgkins

I have had this phone for 5 days and have decided I am going to take it back and exchange it out, the phone works great and has a nice feel to it, but is lacking as far as features go.

- 3G, phone is very fast and gets a better signal in this area than my old droid.
- Real web browser.
- Nice clear screen, looks really nice.
- Free Mobile hot spot.
- Mute button on the side.
- Has an app store with some simple free apps.
- Wi-Fi.
- Camera with flash.
- Overall set up of the phone.

- Doesn't have GPS, it does have VZ Navigator, I have used VZ Navigator in the past and it has been really slow and has gotten me lost more than once, I don't know if it's any better now, I didn't bother trying it.
- Does not take a memory card.
- You cannot got online and save a picture from online, you can go onto your home computer and send your self that picture through an e-mail, then open the e-mail from your phone and save the picture, but that's really more hassle than I like.
- Internet lags sometimes.

I gave this phone a 4 because I do REALLY like it and want to keep it but I need a phone that has real GPS and can take a memory card... If a newer Palm comes out I will definitely try it out.

For Centro owners thinking of upgrading


Oct 23, 2010 by crunchsolutions

Overall, I'm delighted with the Pixi. I was a Centro user and while researching, found that very few reviews focussed on the issues a Centro user might face beyond data transfer.
So here goes:

Ability to see multiple Calendars (iPhone friends drool at this one) and all your Contacts.
Ability to charge from any computer using the USB connection.
The AC connection is ingenious ie much smaller than most chargers one has had to use over the years.
Ability to play You Tube videos
Value is hard to match.
GPS and Google positioning services.

Speed - most actions were far more instantaneous on the Centro
No ability to search the Calendar
No ability to edit documents or create a new one. Documents to Go has been bought by RIM. (You can view Word, Excel, Pdfs.)
Battery life is miserable but the charging options are certainly flexible.
No text only option for web pages.

While it does take a little time to learn WebOS, it is certainly worth the investment.



Jun 7, 2010 by Chad4359

I have had my Pixi for a little over a month now and all I can say is WOW. For the past few years I have used a Palm OS Treo of some sort so when the Palm Pre first came out last summer I was very excited. The Pre's problems with quality issues and the fact that it had the slide out keyboard made me weary of attempting to give that phone a shot, even though webOS seemed like a solid platform. When I saw the Pixi I fell in love with it (although not the name, the codename EoS I liked much better) and knew I would have it.

The Pixi's hardware specs make it seem inferior to its older brother but it handles it self just fine (wow, really no Wifi for sprint only?) and the form factor really works for me since I text ALOT so sliding out the keyboard every time would be a complete pain. The screen size difference makes no difference to me, it is plenty big for me to see what I'm doing. One huge PRO is the size, it is literally tiny compared to my Treo 755, I can now actually carry my phone in my pocket.

Palm has done an unbelievable job with WebOS, I just can't stress it enough. Straight out of the box it works great. It is intuitive and responds quickly. The main advantage is that it is completely customizable. There are many communities with custom tweaks to the OS that will make it work even better for you. Once you start you just won't stop you will be hooked. Small changes can make all the difference and WebOS allows you to do that with ease.

On the phone side of things the Pixi works very well. Signal strength is on par with other phones on Sprint and the sound quality if ok but sometimes right at the beginning of a call the audio can be a bit glitchy but otherwise good for a smartphone. One thing to note on volume for calls I had to learn to hold the phone to my ear differently in order to get the full volume, maybe just me or maybe because the front of the phone is completely flat.

Well I'm out of room, give it a try you will enjoy.

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