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Balanced phone


Jan 26, 2010 by knuckleballer34

This is a good phone-- not just a good phone for the price, but a good phone period. It's not exceptionally great in any one particular area, but it's very good in many areas--which is what makes the phone stand out.

Core Functions:
1. Reception- This phone is a very good signal puller, and gets strong reception. Beware though: the antenna located at the bottom of the phone is very sensitive.
2. Call quality- There is a bit of background hiss or "GSM buzz," but nothing of the sort that ruins calls. Calls are quite clear over 3G coverage; 2G calls are good but not as crisp as 3G calling. I'd rate the overall experience as slightly above average.
3. Battery life: in short, excellent. I was able to get over 6 hours over 3G, and 8 hours over 2G (with moderate messaging).

Secondary Functions:
1. Operating System- This phone is as easy to use as any basic Nokia or Samsung available. There's nothing complicated about it, which makes it shine.
2. Messaging- For a small touchscreen, this is a pretty good messaging phone. One gripe: it lags a little with T9.
3. Mobile Web: it's not an iPhone, but the HTML browser is pretty good, and was quick over 2G and 3G networks. Email app is adequate.

1. Appearance- online, it doesn't look too special. In person, it's a pretty nice looking phone.
2. Feel- phone is light and has a good feel in hand. However, I haven't had much trouble dropping it more often than i'd like so far.
3. Touchscreen- Quick and responsive. You've got to put a slight bit of pressure, but it's nothing extreme or irritating.

The Huawei Tap isn't for everybody, but if your looking for basic reliability or a few extras wrapped up in an attractive and stylish package, this phone is for you. This is a well balanced phone that does a lot of things well, and has no noticeable major flaws. And oh yeah, you can't beat the price either.

Great Phone for being so BASIC


Nov 15, 2009 by rcallon

So another low end touch screen phone??? At first glance, this phone appears to be a knockoff of the Samsung Highlight, but after using it all day, I find it to be much better than ANY of the Samsung line up. With the Google Maps, web browers, and camera, this phone is well worth the $130 price tag.

GPS - Google Maps
Web Browser
Lock Feature
Touch Screen
Battery Life

No Headphone Jack

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Horrible Phone


Aug 31, 2010 by hdtravel

Avoid like the plague !

Resistive touch screen is slow, unresponsive and just a nightmare.

The phone looks pretty nice, but using it will drive you insane.

Skip this bad boy !

Way over hyped


Jul 7, 2010 by edcjames

This phone is really not user friendly
the reception is good but the features are really bad.

The text is automatically T9 - not for me.

the lock button comes on when a phone call is placed.

This is the Pinto for T mobile.

Phone for beginners!!


Jun 20, 2010 by sprintsubscriber85

I personally dont like this phone.... Its so BASIC! On top of that, it has issues. The whole purpose of the phone is for the TOUCH SCREEN... SOOOOOO Whats the use of buying it if the touch screen is gonna be slow and non-responsive at times? I have to double tap, and sometime RIPLE tap a function to make it work.. on top of that, it shuts off randomly, restarts, and sometimes the Internet can be sucky... I bought the phone because i wanted a cute touch screen that wasnt too bulky... but i got a nightmare!!!



ZZZzzz... ZZZzz.......


Apr 23, 2010 by VTECgarrett

this phone would've been cool 10 years ago.... It's boring. Slow. The text is painfully slow. Try it before you buy it. You'll want something else

Dropped calls and bluetooth disconnect!!!


Mar 22, 2010 by Tychal

The phone does not cost an arm and a leg. Can make a phone call. The back is easy to remove.

Have to pay an arm and a leg to get a good phone. The phone keeps dropping calls. The touch screen should be replaced with a more modern touch screen. Camera is not the best

Bottom Line..This phone sucks


Feb 18, 2010 by crazyclutz125

I've had this phone for 3 months and..

Pros:It's cheep
It's Loud

Cons: Umm who puts the speaker where the person talks into on one side of the phone so you have to be holding the phone to the right side of your face if you want anyone to hear you clearly?!?!?!

The touch screen is horrible and slow.. you have to break the screen to get anywhere.

The text messages come in out of order many times

A couple of times I've had a text come in and it says its from one person but when i text back and they respond it says its from another person.

When I went to the store the t-mobile guy said that they haven't sold a tap in over a month.

Also i have never seen anyone else with this phone....EVER

Nice Product


Jan 19, 2010 by osjohns

Pros: Just to correct a previous comment, the phone does have a headphone jack, it's the same jack that you use to charge the phone, so the connector is not the standard one. You need the headphone to use the FM.
Very user friendly for texting and entering data. Rotate it left and the screen display changes from a keypad to a qwerty keyboard.

Cons: to protect the screen, you want to buy and install protective film, but these never look as good as a clean screen (bubbles, etc.)

awesome phone at an awesome price...


Jan 7, 2010 by the_judge

What many of us guys don't realize is how hard it is for women to text and type on touch screens when they have manicures.... well with the Tap that is not a problem. Just tap away (hence the name). This phone is also not a bad price at all. 179 out the door at retail costs is fairly cheap for a phone. Price is cheap but the phone is anything but cheap. Huawei is really impressing me. And I am sure they have many more great phones to come. By the way, they are a completely different company than HTC. I have read where others have confused them with being the same company. They are not.

Another great thing about the device is that it is a phone first device. This means it does not require internet but if you want it then it is only 10 bucks a month versus 25 bucks a month.

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