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Nov 17, 2009 by digedge1

Excellent Phone!!!, Best phone i ever owned, it does everything, sense ui is awesome, you can customize it to your personality. I have nothing bad to say about this phone, it rocks, everyone is complaining about battery life, you can have more battery life by a couple of battery drain cycles and downloading a couple of applications from the android market, and phone will last the whole day.

I have had every phone known, from Razrs, to Palms, Instinct and Blackberry, This is the one. HTC has done it it is one device for everything you can imagine in one phone, you don't have to carry different instruments to get your daily activities done anymore. Calendar, Messaging, Email, Internet, Notes, Communication tool all wrapped in one.

Sprint HTC Hero


Nov 15, 2009 by mrcharity

I just had to try out this phone since it was getting such good reviews, and so far I haven't been disappointed. It was a toss up between the Hero and the Moment, but since I already have the Touch Pro 2 and Blackberry Tour, decided to rock with the Hero because I didn't need another physical keyboard. The android markets has tons of free apps which I love, the Internet is very fast, the touch screen is surprisingly responsive, and call/sound quality if very nice. I have always liked HTC phones, and this is another winner. I may try out the Moment (just because I have that 30 day window) but if you don't need a physical keyboard or don't want a "brick" then the HTC HERO is a must buy!!!

Very Pleased With All The Integration ...


Nov 10, 2009 by dataconnect

I use most, if not all, of the Google products and services available. I LOVE how the Android operating system integrates all of these together and pulls in all of my information. All I had to do was enter my Google log-in information and all my data (contacts, calendar, Google voice, etc.) was instantly available.

I have had other smart phones (BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre, etc.) and there is no need to compare. They all have their pros and cons. You need to try them all and settle on the one that is right for you. For the moment, Android is right for me. All the apps I used with the other smart phones are available for Android. The customization and personalization are great! I was able to make the phone truly mine.

I am using the HTC Hero with the Cellular South network. The Cellular South version lacks voice dialing, but they tell me it will be available soon. That and the battery life are the only cons I see, but they are not enough to warrant dropping my review rating. You will not be disappointed with the Hero!

best smartphone ever owned


Oct 22, 2009 by squanto

I've had every smart phone out there (BB bold, curve; Nokia e71; iPhone 3gs (10 days then returned)) and this phone is the best so far.

I'm a power user have 5 business email accounts including 1 account on an exchange server;7 different calednars synching; Over 3000 contacts and this phone works beautifully.

* phone call quality on Sprint's network (NY city) amazing have not had a single dropped call yet. 3G network is FAST not like ATT in new york city which is very slow.
* Android + HTC's "Sense" is amazing - very well thought out software. Integration with google huge plus.
* Customizaion - this is the only phone i've had where you can essentially build your own screens and interfaces and
* Android market rocks - beetter than blackbeery store moving up fast on apple's appstore
* integration with every google app i use often, contacts, gmail, google maps
* Sprint value - unlim mobile + 450 land min + unlim data + unlim text + sprint navigation and sprint tv all for $70/mo. Similar plans on Verizon would be in the 120+ range (and you have disabled gps on google maps the value difference is really not even close). After being on sprint there is no reason at all to ever go to Verizon. The sprint network is just as good and the value and pricing blows verizon out of the water. Phone selection at Sprint seems to be more leading edge Verizon have maybe 6 decent phones to choose from.

* portrait to landscape is frustratingly slow - huge negative
* battery life could be 2 hrs better - on active use will last 10 hrs and on average daily use will go 12 hrs. If you sit at a desk and have 30 mins a day to charge it's enough to get you 12-14 hrs of use. But for a 3G phone with a beauitful screen it handles power about 4 hrs better than the iphone

Best Phone ever! Loved my G1 But this is so much better!!!


Oct 22, 2009 by zacphillips

I have to say, I have been waiting for Sprint to finally step up and get a really good phone with either Android or WebOS...I went to T-Mo just fro the purpose of a G1 becasue Sprint dropped the ball...But i went today and looked at the Hero and within 5 min I had decided to cancel my T-Mo accounts and get Sprint Hero phones....They are so much betetr than even the G1 with 1.6...The HTC UI is phenomenal...Best virtual keyboard I have seen. Even better than iphone...I have used them all...The integration is amazing and it includes NFl, TV and turn by turn Navigation...

And it has native support for exchange...I dont care aboutt hat, but many people do...The Sprint 3G network is superior to everyone else in AZ. Say what you want, but they have the best network here...I have had phones with all of the competition.

I was leary of all touch, but the phone is amazing....It is everything they promised the instinct would be, which BTW I looked at the new HD today...NOT IMPRESSED...

If you are looking for a phone that does it all...Get the Hero. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack now, improved speaker, LOUD ringer, excellent camera (very big improvement), and much improved battery life over G1!

Don't take my word for it, go buy one now! Feel free to follow up with me if you have any other questions!

great phone


Oct 19, 2009 by wingtip

I go through a lot of phones and am coming from a Touch Pro which I liked when it was new, but is dated now. There are two things to mention right off; Android and HTC Sense. What a marriage! I love the Android OS and the apps are mostly free and many are excellent. HTC Sense and the customizing is fantastic and a whole new experience for me with a smart phone. This is the first phone I've used without a keyboard and I am getting the hang of it just fine. The predictive text and word options work very well and speed me up in emails and texts. The camera is OK but not great. I hear firmware updates should improve it but I don't care because I mostly use a camera to take pix of my contact friends. The video is pretty lame and not close to the IPhone yet.
I haven't had too much of the "lag" problem, but a faster processor would of course help. The worst problem is the battery which wont go a whole day with average use. HTC has found out the problem and is working on a cure which should be out soon.
This phone is great, but not perfect. I predict that by the end of next year phones will be totally outrageous and Android will lead the way. I'll take the Hero for now and be quite happy.

Excellent Phone


Oct 19, 2009 by the.trader

Fast, efficient, smooth, and good feel phone.
This phone lacks a flash for the camera.
No radio.
No headset to come with the phone.
They should put the memory slot outside so you don't have to open the cover every time you want to take the memory card out.
They should put a button for the speakphone
instead of having to go thru the menu button
to turn on the speakphone.
Overall, i still think it's an excellent phone.
The trackball is useless when you can move the screen with your finger.

Great Phone


Oct 18, 2009 by Aluminum54

Overall a great device and great phone. This was my first Android Phone after having a Palm Centro and Touch Pro for Sprint before. Generally a BlackBerry user, but found this device very easy to use, browser is pretty good and fast and the overall service is pretty strong (Cleveland, OH).

The phone is pick up and play, responsive to touch, with very little lag when unlocking (only time I noticed any delay). The trackball is probably the best trackball I've ever used. Keyboard in portrait mode is pretty good, the auto text helps. However, I've prefer the landscape keyboard. Application store is easy to navigate and love all the free Apps out there.

Has a nice loud speaker and great looking screen. The only thing missing from this phone is a flash. Only complaint on this phone is the menu system. If you're deciding between this phone an another on the Sprint network, pick this one up. After using the Instinct HD, Pre, and the Hero, Hero wins hands down for best phone.

Amazing. Simply put.


Oct 18, 2009 by undergroundgilligan

for a little over 48 hours now I have been using the Hero. All i can say is this thing is amazing! I originally had the Palm Pre, don't get me wrong either the Pre is great and have been using it since the release date and before that i had the blackberry 8130 and 8830.


huge screen! the quality is great and very finger friendly, still gets a few finger prints but it is expected and still not as many as my pre.

hardware feels durable, not too heavy or light and feels great in the hand and to the face when calling. Micro SD card, 3.5mm headphone jack.

Super responsive, very little lag going from app to app and around to the 7 home screens.

5 MP camera, wi-fi and android market...need i say more?

Signal and call quality. Calls sound great on my end and the caller says i sound great. Does have an average on 1 to 2 bars better service than my pre.


Battery life is 100% better than my pre but could be a little bit better, but with a powerhouse phone like this it is expected.

Not sure i will use the trackball as much as expected the screen is finger friendly! It screams touch me (in a non dirty way :-) )


does take a little getting use to with a touch screen keyboard and I'm still adjusting to it, but not a true con.

Web browsing is quick but quirky to navigate around a page at times, the Pre does do a much better job of the browsing (my opinion)

Miss my pretether and my roam only options on my pre, hopefully they will come to the Hero soon ;-)

Overall I am super happy with the device! I miss my physical keyboard but i am adapting good to the Hero keyboard. This is something you want to look into before buying, test it in-store and always remember you have 30 days to change devices.

2.1 Finally . . . . .


May 21, 2010 by DEPECHEX

I will keep this phone even when I get the EVO.. it is pocket friendly..

The Upgrade was a little difficult to complete however, was well worth it.

Most icons get a pleasant refresh.

Camera has a ton of new features, overall performance of phone is more smooth and is much better then the mytouch..

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