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Love it


Feb 16, 2010 by AllBoutTelecells

Came from a palm pro (treo850) love this phone had it since it dropped. As for the battery life it is decent, much better with advanced task killer (app off market) save me about 4 to 5 hours stand by since my apps are not running with in stand by. p.s. ATK is a must on this phone

Happy I switched to this phone!


Feb 6, 2010 by SongBird

I made the switch to this phone from a Blackberry 8330, and I couldn't be more happy. So far I have had the phone a little over a day and as much as I loved my Curve, I can't say that I miss it.

Browser kicks butt.
Touch screen works just as good as any iPhone I have played around with.
Android market has so many apps I haven't even been through them all.
Keyboard has a vibrate in it when you touch a letter so you know you hit the key.
The phone is just amazing.

Battery life is not that great. Reading all the reviews I thought it would be worse bit could be better.

In all I'm happy I made the trade. Don't think I will ever go back to the Blackberry. Android has made me a happy girl.

My First Android Phone


Feb 6, 2010 by fairseth1304

I love this phone. I have been used to using a BB but wanted something a little more fun and customizable. This phone fits that and then more. I am just getting started with what it can do. I was worried with texting but the predictive text is amazing. I have played with an Iphone and texting on this is way better. My only con really is the lack of a flash but that's not a huge issue. This phone is amazing. I love HTC.

Battery life help


Feb 5, 2010 by akcurtis2009

I am not going to right a long review. There are enough of them. I just have a small side note for anyone who owns this phone or looking to get one. Go to the app store ASAP and download a kill app program. (Free like most apps on the droids AWESOME) It will allow you to turn off any "background" apps that you are not using that are eating up your battery life.
The only thing that bothered me was that it was a pain to get my Yahoo email on it but it is a google phone sooooo go figure.:) Hope that helps people who are not getting the 3-4 days of battery life that you should be. Lastly don't charge your phone over night. I sell phones and it is more common than any other battery problem.

The True iPhone Killer!


Jan 30, 2010 by senseiv1

After coming over from the Curve 8330, I was nervous, especially about the touch screen. My fears were totally blown out of the way. I love this phone!

Pros: Android system - so many free apps!
Smart Touch Screen - it knows what I'm typing, even if I'm wrong. Great system.
Good design - sleek and cool. Add a rubberized skin and it's perfect sized.
7 home screens - tons of space.
Tons of design options.
Great camera and display ratio.

Cons: Battery could be better, but could be worse, too.

I recommend this phone to anyone looking for a smartphone.. I am a sales rep, and this is the phone I tell everyone to get!

my baby


Jan 26, 2010 by icecream7

First, this was my first phone and i really thought i would get something else. You might think "ugh". Well ur wrong it has wifi connection, aim, aps (awesome games), TV!!!, online, gps,and alot more! The keyboard is a touch (well the whole phone is). But theres over 400 ways to change your keyboard!!!! ( Make it a color, skins, and change the order and many more). If your looking for a awesome phone from sprint this is the choice for you!

Love this phone!


Jan 26, 2010 by momonthego

Just wanted to say I'm loving my Hero. I haven't found anything that this phone does NOT do. Loving the Google Sky Map app and the Google Maps itself (street view is awesome, BTW). I just installed Movies app and linked up with my Netflix acct. Barcode Scanner, My Coupo...ns (store and restaurant discounts), AK Notepad and Our Groceries apps are great for moms on the go. Gonna get Documents To Go (full version) next. It's not a free app but currently on sale for $14. Oh, I downloaded the Task Killer app which works great for those apps that won't allow my phone to actually sleep and run the battery down but there are actually only a few of those but the Task Killer is great to have. Also dowloaded the Uninstaller app to remove unwanted apps. My ONLY complaint is that I wished the screen size was a bit larger. Texting takes some getting use to and the pics should have better focus but overall, it's a great phone. Oh, Backgrounds app and the Magilo Ringtones app give you access to over 100, 000 free backgrounds and ringtones. Love that price! ;-)

Iffy at first....now i love it!


Jan 22, 2010 by Danyosaurus

I had thought about the hero for a while......and almost got an Eris, but I decided to jump ship to Sprint and get the Hero.

Well, its taken some getting used to (coming from a blackberry tour) but I absolutely love it! Initially, I was fearful as I had ALWAYS had a physical keyboard and never cared much for touchscreen phones. The keyboard is amazing! The keyboard was designed by HTC and and is part of Sense. It has 3 modes: full qwerty, compact qwerty (its like suretype), and then a phone keypad (big buttons with T9 predictive text!). The phone has an excellent predictive text program no matter which keypad version you choose. The phone is a bit laggy sometimes, and the battery isnt the best, but im sure you will like it.

GREAT keypads
Really LOUD speaker
TONS of free apps
Sense UI
Great Camera
Fits great in hand
Call quality is sweet

Sprint Apps cant be deleted (can be removed if you root it, but that voids warranty....personally I'm waiting because HTC said that it was an unintentional byproduct and will fix it in the update)
Battery life
kinda slow....due to sprint apps I'm guessing.
have to download an extra app to turn off the wireless ntwrk completely... its called airplane mode wifi tool. lets you turn everything but wifi off.

HTC Hero Does


Dec 3, 2009 by Desert_Kawasaki

To Summarize this handset is to describe a Technical piece of art.

*Ergonomically fit for the hand.
*More Customizable than the Palm Pre or Samsung Moment.
*Large Display screen which is also very Durable, almost scratch proof.
*Very few buttons so Pocket dialing isn't an issue.
*3.5MM Audio Jack goes right into my Car, which takes away any need for a wireless headset & Runs Music or Pandora Internet Radio through my Speakers.
*Update to the 5MP Camera/Video is absolutely amazing, try it for yourself.
*Multi-tasking within calls is essential in my line of work which is a large plus.
*Large Android Market with many free app's.
*Charger also works with mini USB, so those who switched from a Motorola or Blackberry should be ecstatic.
*Quick OS which doesn't seem to lag much at all even while multitasking Data intensive app's.
*The List goes on...

*Android Market app's are Very Basic, the Hero is designed to handle more sophisticated software than this.
*No Built-In Note/Word pad, Are you Effing kidding me?
*SMS Notification cannot be changed, Only System Notifications such as Email.
*Cannot Remove unnecessary App's (I.E Peep, Nascar Sprint Cup, & NFL Mobile) that a large majority of users don't want.

To Summarize this handset I absolutely love it & I'm glad I had a chance to switch to it, The HTC Hero is exactly what I've been waiting for when it comes to crystal clear video, a great camera, Streaming Fast 3G Web & Data, Multi-Media Savy, & of course a nice Loud Speaker.



Nov 19, 2009 by profitis

I have had the HTC HERO from SPRINT for about 3 weeks now. So far, I must say that I am impressed. There are a few drawbacks though.

First off with the CONS, since there arent that many:

1- The phone needs some getting used to.
I have had 3 Blackberrys, 3 Treos, and God knows how many regular handsets, so I am pretty "affluent" with different OS's. But the average person will need some time to get used to it.
2- The battery out of the box needs "training" along with some changes to the default SMS app. After that, you should be able to go all day with it and not have any problems.
3- There are some things that need many clicks to get done.

Now, for the PRO'S:

1- Amazing customization. Almost EVERYTHING can be changed to the way you like it.
2- The camera, once you get used to it, takes pretty good pics. The video, not as good.
3- The reception on the unit is very good. I have installed an app called ***** that notifies me when I dont have any service, and logs it in the app for later review. I have been deep in warehouses, sub-basements and even inside very thick walled and very large freezers (for work) and still had service.
4- The app market is very good.
5- The 7 "pages" of customizable home screens is very impressive. Better than that Iphone IMO.
6- The ringer, speakerphone, speaker for media, and volume for actually listening to calls, is very loud and clear.
7- The screen is very responsive and clear

Im sure I forgot to mention some PRO's.

But overall, this phone is amazing.
I have it for 3 weeks, and still can't put it down.

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