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Well thought out and designed


Jun 22, 2004 by macaddiict

If you are looking for a phone that will give you excellent reception and call quality, this is it. Calls simply sound amazing; if you’re talking to someone else with a good connection (such as a home phone), you won’t hear any cell phone artifacts or digitalization at all. I’m not sure what is different in this phone’s hardware from the Samsung A620 and A460, but it is a much better sounding phone (and that’s saying something!). I have not had any dropped calls, and I have found my reception to be above average everywhere I go.

The A600 hits the perfect spot between a great phone and a cool gadget. I'm all about the cool features, but they're nothing if the phone doesn't make calls well. The phone takes very good pictures with the integrated rotating camera, and makes it easy to take pictures at almost any angle. Snapshots come out clear and colorful, and aren’t hazy looking or cloudy looking like many cell phone camera images. There is also a cool gamepad attachment that works well with the rotating screen.

The shape of the phone might be one of its strongest advantages: the top of the phone flares out and provides a perfect place for your index finger and thumb to hold the phone. It rests comfortably in your hand and you don’t have to grasp onto the phone while you’re using it like many other phones I’ve used.

Vision web access is very quick to load and the twisting screen is vivid and sharp. Every element of the phone is very well built, including the flip and twist hinge on the display. I was worried about it’s longevity when I purchased the phone and wouldn’t let anyone mess with it, but after owning it a few months I can tell it is well made and can take a beating. The phone might appear overpriced compared to other phones, but everything about it works so well that I think it is worth the money. If you don’t need SMS text messaging (this phone uses Shortmail, which is still compatible with SMS phones) or ReadyLink, I would certainly recommend the A600.

Great, fun, stylish, phone.


Jan 13, 2004 by PDXMatt

Having owned Samsung phones in the past I had no problem buying this phone. Dispite the claims that some Sanyo users make about reception. I have had no dropped calls with this phone and I did have some with my previous phone (Sanyo 8100). This phone feels very solid to me, and the swivel screen doesn't appear as if it is just going to snap off in you hand. The screen is bright and crisp. Easy to read and the menu system has a better layout than the Sanyo's. I feel as if camera quality is better than the new Sanyo VM4500. Overall if you can afford it get this phone you wont be disappointed.

This phone rocks!


Dec 11, 2003 by smoothtrainer

I love Sprint and Samsung! This phone is very easy to use. The swivel screen is cool. It is fun to use when sharing pictures in a group. This is my favorite phone I have owned. I have been a Samsung fan for years and have owned several models - this is by far the sweetest model ever! At first I was concerned about the swivel screen - It seemed like it might just snap off. When I let people hold it - they instinctively try to turn the screen the wrong way. I have had this phone for the last few months and it is still ticking. I am pretty hard on my phones so this was a big concern. Not anymore. I have not had one problem with any part of the phone. The signal is better than on any other phone I have owned. Sprint rocks!

Coolest Phone For Sprint So Far


Nov 6, 2003 by goose_13

Ive owned this phone for a month now, and let me tell you, this phone is awesome! It has the brightest colors of any phone and the camera on it is amazing. I love the way you can take pictures at least 3 different ways. The only jib about it is the no external caller ID, but that is why you can flip the phone around. It also has the biggest screen of any phone out there right now. If you want the best camera phone out there, I highly recommend this one.

Another great Samsung!!!


Oct 9, 2003 by Robert Burkey

I like some of the other reviews have had several Samsung models. I started with the 8500 (The most durable phone that I have ever seen.), then moved to a A500 (still a great phone), but I think that I like the A600 better then any of them. The phone has that solid feel that the 8500 had and the features are unmatched. The 1XRTT internet access is amazing. The web on my phone is almost as fast as the T1 line in the office. The screen resolution and picture quality are unmatched. I am an Account Executive with Sprint and I have access to any of the phones we sell and this is the best phone that sprint has to offer period. I like Sanyo phones I sell them all day long, but if you can afford the A600 go with it. I haven't had a single dropped call and that has not been an issue with any of the other A600 being used by people in the office that I work. Just a reminder to all I want to touch on some issues that people talk about in reviews that 80% of the time have nothing to do with the phone. 1. those bars that show signal strength are just that bars. All companies have different settings on how many bars to show with different input signal. Just because one phone has 4 bars and another has 2 doesn't mean anything. 2. Phones have software and just like the windows program that you have at home it needs to be updated time to time. Do this every six months to make sure you get the most out of your phone(ie dropped calls, slow internet connections)

Simply awesome


Mar 12, 2004 by Labonte

Love this phone. Unique and fun. Reception is on par with anything else out there. Just wish it had SMS. Other than that, it's perfect.

My next best thing...


Aug 4, 2003 by ajgalli

I have had this phone for about two weeks now. Usually I don't review until at least two or three months but I feel this review is need. I've own a Samsung 8500, a400, a500, and now the a600. This phone really is great. I get better reception than with my a500. The screen is beautiful. The twisting screen thing is a little weird, but its cool. But what's impressed me is the battery. I have received better than the Sprint rated 3 hours of talk. I spoke to my mother on the phone for about and hour and a half and still had three of three bars from the battery until the following morning. My a400 I don't think ever did that well. NOTE: I do turn off the Location function.

My a500 battery life (which I've tested now that I don't use it as my primary phone), gets just shy of 9 days stand by. Yes, I've seen it with my own eyes, it gets about 8 days, 20 hours and some odd minutes of standby. Talk time, about 2.5 hours. My a600, I haven't tested on standby, but with talking about thirty minutes every day, I got about 4 days without charing it.

My reception, in Chicago, is great. I haven't travels as much as I usually do, but I will test that in the next week or so. Still, is does better than my a500.

The menus are pretty much the same, but there are some nice new features. The web browser is vastly superior to the a500's. They have added ALOT of new features: relaunching the browser (in the case of a browser crash, thought that hasn't happened). A refresh option for pages. And others. The camera is nice. I won't use it much, but is has nice features that I haven't seen on many other camera phones. All in all, I've given the phone a 4.5. I will never give a phone a 5 unless is blows me away, but this isn't too far from that. The phone I know is going to be good to me.

Good first impressions so far....


Jul 23, 2003 by Mark C

I just bought the phone today; paid $249 at Best Buy ; its kind of thicker than expected ( previous phone was a Samsung SPH-a460) , but it looks solid and well made

The screen is bright and the colors are good.

Menu wise its a lot like all other Samsungs so there's not much to learn if you owned something from the same brand..

But the coolest part is definitely the camera and the options that you get - 3 quality resolution settings ( fine,medium ,and low), semi zoom, built in light/flash, and a few effects.

The rotating screen is really versatile if you want to use it as external display or to take pictures( the volume keys can change the orientation of the image being take -upright or upside down).

The quality of calls seem to be good (only managed to call 5 or 6 people) but I had it a couple hours so its too early to tell if it can surpass the Sanyo's. however so far so good.....

I'll post more as time passes by

The phone is sick!!!!!!!


Sep 3, 2003 by rog0385

I love this phone. The screen is amazing. There's no other words to describe it. I do miss my outside screen but you can simply turn the screen around and use it as a caller ID window. I have compared this camera to other Sprint camera phones. This camera by far is the best. The only other phone that can compare is the Sanyo 5300 and that isnt that close. The refresh rate on the camera is very smooth. Not to mention the fact that the camera can rotate. With the combination of a rotating camera and rotating screen, you have the best camera phone on the market. Working the camera is so simple. You can even turn the screen around, press and hold the side camera button and take pictures and even review pictures at your own will. The operating system is much smoother than that of the A500 and is much more pleasing to the eye. You can truly see the difference in screen quality when compared to other phones. The colors are very vibrant. The rotating screen has a very solid feel also. No other words but this is simply the best phone I have ever had. Samsung really proved themselves with this phone.

Overall good


Aug 5, 2003 by Mike Robinson

Overall, an awesome phone. Quality of pictures taken is extremely high and more than I'd expect from a cell phone. Menu/user interface is beautiful (and standard to experienced Samsung users, I've owned several), and the display is bright and crystal clear. Having had the phone for only two weeks, I can't really comment on the reception - I'm in Phoenix, and from want I can tell it is good but sometimes spotty, as Sprint seems to be everywhere.

As for the swiveling display... my vote is out. Undoubtedly a cool novelty, and combined with the rotating camera and high quality pictures, it's nearly useful as a digital camera (I owned the Sanyo 8100 before this - difference in photo quality is like night and day when viewed on a computer). However, with the abuse my phones receive, I'm a little worried that the pivot/hinge is a little too weak. In fact, swivel on the demo model displayed at the store already seemed to be broken. This was the one major issue I had with the phone - I'm especially disappointed because the Samsungs I've owned in the past have proven to be amazingly durable.

Overall, certainly worth the price (I paid $299).

Hope this helps...

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