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This is the S@#* phone!


Jul 22, 2003 by riceman05

This is the S@#* phone. I just got it today. The camera is the best thing. The swivel part is the coolest feature on any phone right now. The color screen is really crystal clear.

Samsung is the s@#*. I can't wait to see what other phones they come out with in the next year.

Thanks and I hope anybody else who buys this phone likes it just as much as I do.

Worst Phone EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 6, 2005 by marigen

This without a doubt has to be the biggest piece of crap on the market!!! It is a really unattractive phone, I call it the "Rock Box" because it looks straight up Flistone!!! The camera is a pain to use and takes mediocre pictures at best. The battery refuses to charge, and won't keep it worth a damn once it does decide to charge. Dropped calls are a daily occurance, and the antennae is no help with reception or clarity. The volume control set to its loudest, the phone is still virtually impossible to hear. No exterior caller id, you have to open the stupid thing to see who's calling you. And it's HUGE. Why is it so big anyway??? Please, I encourage you to do your homeowrk on this one before binding yourself to it. There are much better phones out there! KEEP LOOKING!

Terrible Phone


Jan 4, 2005 by FunFactor100

The phone looks cool....but the camera sucks. Unless the conditions are absolutely perfect, the pictures are horrible.

Also...the only way I can get the phone to vibrate when ringing is when the ringer volume is either completely off, or at the maximum volume. For some reason, they set it up not to allow vibrate when at any other ringer volume. WTF is up with that?

I'm with Bell Mobility and get horrible reception. I've been in locations where my friends and people around me get great reception...and I have no service at all.

simply awesome.


Dec 28, 2004 by br14nguy3n

this phone is simply awesome. overall, the phone has a great signal, except for in the usual areas where sprint sucks (pretty much everywhere in houston) but feels a bit large. i switched to this phone after having numerous problems with its update, the a620 or vga1000. this phone basically has the same software, but the screen resolution and color seem a bit better and brighter. the camera doesn't have funny lines running accross it and most of the time, loads faster. at first, i loved the idea of the swivel screen. i used it every day as a caller id, since i was used to the a620 already. later on, when i dropped the phone (on its battery) the screen cracked, probably due to my clumsiness, but none the less, isnt something you want from the phone. needless to say, sprint replaced my phone again and i have another one. sprint's reception is spotty, and the original firmware/software is glitchy, but if you keep the screen inward and update everything immediately, you're good to go.

So far so good


Nov 18, 2004 by renethefox

I've gone through 4 phones in 9 years, and so far this seems the best phone of them all. I did not need a cam on the phone, but all the new phones seem to have them.
I love the fact that this phone isn't a miniature cell. Its a great size with a great size display ( I like to see whats going on! )
The ease of use is a bonus as well since I'm too lazy to read a manual!
The only things I could complain about would be that the vibra-alert only works if the ringer is set to off or to high. Of course the ringer works so well if you can't hear it, you might be dead so you wont feel it :)
Another con is when you scroll through the phonebook, the entry number associated with the name/number comes first. I just dont need to see the entry number.
The buttons are well spaced out so you don't need a dialing wand, and the VoiceDial works extreemly well, unless you are using a headset then you need to cup your hand over the boom ( but it could be my headset).
So far i rate this phone 5/5 but i have only had it a few days now.
Now there has been people complaining about te quality of cells and dropped calls. Remember one thing. If your carrier is using gsm, you are going to be in trouble if there is more then 1 person using a tower, as the more ppl using it, the more chance of disconnect, "ghosting", or words and sentances being cut out, as gsm is real horrible technology. Consider cdma as it can be best described as a direct line, like your homephone. Its like night and day.
Of course gsm carriers will disagree but check out reviews online about the differences of the two and you will see.

Is Bigger better.......?


Jun 1, 2004 by eclipse1974

I won this phone, and I love it. I had a A460 then a A500 and now the A600.

The camera is great for a first generation camera phone. The picture quality is good for fun and that's about it. It does get me really interested in what will be coming when camera phones get past the 1 megapixel mark.

The swivel top is neat but not really functional for much; although all my doubts about it being flimsy are gone. It appears to be quite durable. I have owned the phone six months and have had no problems of any kind. Battery is good for a camera phone. The screen is the best on any phone I have seen in Canada. The reception is better than my A500, for sure.

This phone proves that Samsung is committed to becoming one of the top cell for makers in the world.

Great phone not much more than Sanyo 5300


Jul 24, 2003 by Dani Sayegh

OK another new model offered for the sprint service.

The phone overall feels very good, has good "fit & finish". Call Quality seems excellent, the camera works well with a few extra features,and I do like the interface (menu system).

The rotating screen is "cool" but havn't really found a good purpose for it other than taking a picture of your self, and as external caller ID but you'ld have to flip it open and rotate it to answer a call.
Compared to other "HIGH END" phones the screen is excellent but not the best, the V205 for T-mobile(GSM) brightest I've seen. And as alternative to the Sanyo 5300, the Sanyo defenitly has stronger reception with all the same functions.



Jul 26, 2003 by Jarren McIntosh


What's the hype about?


Dec 15, 2003 by paperlady5911

So everyone was excited b/c the thing would spin around so what it is no better than any of the other phones on the market. The only yhing that is great is the camera is is very clear.

not a cellphone!!!!!!


Sep 23, 2003 by televise

the design is great and the camera is good, but who needs a camera when your cellphone doesn't work. i drop calls left and right (and that's only the calls that i receive) the rest however go straight to voicemail. Sprint says, "upgrade your phone at a sprint store so the phone can pick up signal from new towers." doesn't work. keep the phone it's not worth it to me. i'll just have to wait for the next sanyo without the camera but with the ptt and speakerphone.

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