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Poor support, lack of information.


Jan 20, 2011 by Barrage_User

Barrage documentation and tech support is inadequate.

Here are are some problems and solutions for the Barrage:

1. PROBLEM: No software. Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) is only available as a CD with unnecessary cables for $50. The software isn't available for download. (The Motorola website says it can be but this is untrue.)

2. PROBLEM: Paying $50 for MPT software might synchronize the calendar but most functions - such as uploading ring tones and photos - are incompatible. You don't need MPT to upload music, ring tones, or contacts.

3. PROBLEM: Verizon wants you to use VCast. Nobody at tech support knew how the phone's memory card may be addressed through the USB cable that comes with the phone, as explained below -

4. SOLUTION: "Settings Tools, #2. Tools, #8 USB mass storage" allows your PC to read and write to the phone memory card. You'll see "my_XXXX" files, such as "my_music." Music files dragged and dropped into this directory will be retrieved by the MP3 player.

5. SOLUTION: Create a new folder called "my_ringtones." You'll be able to transfer music clips to the phone using "Settings Tools, #8 Memory.

6. SOLUTION: Contacts may also be transferred as VCF cards to "my contacts." Transfer a card out of the phone and use it as a template.

7. PROBLEM: Neither the phone manual nor tech support will tell you this. A cynic might say Verizon is making money on data transfer charges and new ring tone sales.

8. PROBLEM: I still can't transfer text files to and from the Notes folder as I have with previous phones. Motorola says "can't be done" again. I won't call Motorola tech support again since spending 20 minutes at a time on their hold line to make zero progress on that issue. I'm sure there isn't a single engineer nor a single Barrage phone at the tech support facility.


The Barrage is a basic phone that might keep working through a rainy bike ride or sloppy ski day but, if you want to use any of the phone's features, don't expect support.

Motorola Barrage V860


Oct 21, 2010 by Hairy Cannonball

I am a long time cell phone user. The Barrage V860 is the absolute worst phone, out of a long line of phones dating back to the bag phone era, I have had the misfortune to own. The Barrage is marketed as a durable, rugged phone. It is not. The battery cover does not fit properly. The charging port plug fell off after two days of use. The hinge is flexible and flimsy. The phone has an overall light, flimsy, cheap, plastic feel. It screams third world country build quality and mediocre engineering.

Using the phone is an exercise in patience. The phones software is slow to respond. Placing a call takes an abnormally long time. Closing a call takes an abnormally long time.
The phone drops calls on a regular basis. I am using the same provider, Verizon, in the same location as my previous phone. I have about a 50/50 chance of completing a call without re-dialing.

I have random charging and battery life issues. About half the time the phone will say it is fully charged after an hour on the wall charger from a fully dead battery. I then get about 2 hours standby life. Sometimes I might get as much as 14 hours standby time, never more. If I intend to actually talk on the phone it must be plugged in to a power source.

After much difficulty I contacted Motorola about these issues, but they refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. During the conversation with customer support, during which I had trouble understanding the representative I was talking to due to a poor connection and English not being their native language, the call was dropped. Nothing was resolved.

As of now I am shopping for another phone (absolutely will not be Moto of any flavor) and am praying for the day I can retire and never have a mobile phone again. Once I find a suitable replacement I will take great pleasure smashing this worthless waste of time with a large hammer. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Stay away from this phone. It is absolute junk.

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Happy So Far....


May 17, 2010 by howe60

Seems like when I read the reviews of every phone I've ever got there are poor reviews on battery life.
I've not had that problem with any of them probably because I've followed the same procedure on all of them.
Charge them ALL the way up to start with, then run them all the way down on the first charge.
Then when charging them from there on charge them over night.....NOT just until all the bars are full....that's kinda like filling your car until it says full or filling it all the way up.
Mine took almost two full days of being on 24 hours a day to come off the last bar.
I'm sure my usage habits are different than allot of folks, I turn mine off while I'm in bed or at work, so through the week mine is probably on 8 hours a day, but through the weekend it's on all day & at least one of those days I forget to shut it off at bedtime.
I charged it last Sunday & today (Monday - 8 days later) I'm only down 1 bar.
I probably get/make 50-60 calls per week & 20-30 text messages.
So enough about the battery....
Yes the battery cover dose fit tight because it's waterproof, not sure what folks expect.
Good battery life.
Good feel, I like the bigger feel, but some won't.
Good display.
Good camera for a 2 MP phone camera.
Great reception & sound clarity.
Good screen.
Love the big buttons.

A bit bulky, but you won't lose it in your pocket, glovebox or purse.
Can't turn off the music that plays when you turn it on or off (hate that).

Great PTT phone!


Apr 27, 2010 by cellgeek82

This is the best PTT phone Verizon has in my opinion. I've tried the others at the store and the Barrage is my favorite. Both phone calls and PTT communication are very clear and easily heard on the loud speaker. The PTT is near instant. You can use PTT with the flip opened or closed. If you're a former Nextel user you'll love this phone. The battery lasts longer than people are saying. Could be the first release of the Barrage was bad but with the new release with software updates the battery lasts for days even on PTT mode. The User Interface is very customizable and has fast response time and hasn't froze up or restarted. The UI themes are great. Comes with 3 and all 3 are great. Ringtones are good, plenty to choose from. The Barrage even has PTT tones to choose from for alerts! Wallpapers are so-so but you can always download more. Messaging has more options than older Motorola phones. This is overall a great phone and what makes it even better is that you have the option of PTT which works great. Note: I didn't give it a "crash dummy" test so I'll take their word for it on durability.

+Voice clarity
+Battery Life
+PTT works great!
+Use PTT with flip open or closed
+MicroUSB charger/data port
+Plenty of on-board memory
+2MP camera
+UI/Themes are more updated and fast
+Screens show sharp picture
+Read TXT on front screen
+Loud speaker
+On Verizon's network
+When flip is opened it shows a Verizon logo on outside, not a stupid clock like LG phones do.

-A bit bulky but this is ok considering it isn't a "diva phone". It's durable and has a larger battery and feels comfortable in hand, so this isn't a total con.
-Battery cover sorta tight, but this is because it seals out water and dust.
-MicroSD card is easy to insert but a bit difficult to take back out. If you want it to stay there you have nothing to worry about.

Overall a great phone from Motorola and a great PTT phone. Good job Motorola!

Very Nextel Like!!!!!


Feb 10, 2010 by GrumBag

This phone comes somewhat close to a Moto/nextel design. It needs more closed flip functionality. Everything works just fine. I read a lot of complains about battery like. To clear this up, all PTT Phones over cellular suck the battery dry. When the PTT is off it works for days. The phone must work very hard to keep the contacts list live. Nextel does not function like this.
Nobody noticed this phone has a metal flip hinge!!!!!! its very tight and works well.
If you were a former Nextel user and are looking for that Moto/Nextel feel, this is the closet you can get. What we really need is a Verizon version of a BRUTE i680!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Feb 10, 2010 by GBC

Finally, Moto phone that looks and feels like a Motorola!!
Updated UI is really nice and I too love the Steel Diamond Plate theme. I added a Diamond plate wallpaper, looks Nice.
Everything works great. Its a very good attempt at a "Phone"
I hope the next version is even more Motorola nextel like!!!!!!

Amazing phone, if you get a good one


Dec 4, 2009 by GuyinLACA

The Barrage has had some quality control issues, but after some hardware revisions, it could be a near perfect phone.

+Reception is outstanding, even better than the acclaimed E815
+Crystal clear sound quality
+Keypad gives great feedback and is perfect for large fingers.
+Rugged design, no creaks or flimsiness
+2.2 inch 262k color screen is very bright and high quality
+External screen is large and can display text messages.
+Updated Motorola/Verizon hybrid interface with tons of customization options
+Menu navigation is fast
+Steel display theme is like turning the Verizon UI off
+iTap works exceptionally well
+Adjustable font size for menu and messaging apps

-The battery door is very difficult to put on the phone. Some are so poorly made, they won't fit at all
-Initial batches had earpiece volume issues, but the new ones are fixed.
-It would have been nice to have a QVGA screen.
-Slight side to side wiggle in the hinge while closed (present in all Barrages I've seen)
-The phone is expensive for what you get.
-The phone is a bit thicker than it needs to be, but I guess it feels good in-hand
-It definitely won't win any style awards.
-2 MP camera is somewhat lacking in quality.

Overall, this appears to be a true replacement for the E815, but it may take a few months and a hardware revision to allow this phone to reach its full potential. I compared the Barrage to the Casio Rock, and the Barrage appears to be a better phone all around. The phone may not be stylish, modern, or feature loaded, but as far as pure function as a PHONE, it's great.

Great phone


Oct 7, 2009 by macarunni

Purchased this phone after having the boulder for quit some time. This phone is a sturdy phone with great sound quality with and without speaker phone. The inner and outer screen are huge. I am not a fan of this usb style charger though, wish they could make a charging cradle like my boulder. Going to miss my t9 texting guess I have to get use to itap. I would recommend this phone.

Not sure why the last reviewer had issues with the battery cover, it was very simple to put on.



Oct 7, 2010 by narn3049

I liked this phone as part of an upgrade, but had used the boulder with the thin battery, had to switch to extended towards end of contract, but it was slim. Barrage was pretty much always big, so I got the RAZR instead due to its durability i found it online and it is amazing. Yes the Barrage was ok but i left a bulky phone to get a slim phone and this phone was bulkier.

I never tested the water durability until the end of my contract just because I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype (Boulder) which it did. This phone also doesnt seem that its military grade because of the front glass, which was a weakened point of the Adventure by them.

The Barrage is durable. I've seen it been dropped, its also water proof.. But its not slim. I like slim phones ever since i got my krazr.

Battery Cover


Nov 23, 2009 by farly13

This phone's battery cover doesn't connect properly. I've tried 2 seperate phones with no luck. Other than that the phone is OK but the battery cover kinda breaks the deal.

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