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Nokia Surge 6790


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good phone for the price and category level


Aug 18, 2009 by nesuno

its good to see a nokia phone at att
I was looking for an inexpensive phone that does email, text, camera and has a large keyboard.
the surge fits the bill.

If you are looking for a high end brushed chrome iphone, this is not it...great function business phone. it was easy to set up email and sync with my computer. did not read the manual.

Feature Phone Blues


May 5, 2012 by tzsm98

I'll start with the two worst things about this phone. One is a permanent pain and the other a one tme only nuisance.
» The keys on the front of the phone are difficult to use, too slick and make the whole experience miserable. This is the permanent annoyance item.
» There is no contacts transfer application on the device. Pushing contacts from your previous device via Bluetooth® results in a message per contact that has to be opened, saved, deleted. This should be a one time annoyance but it is annoying.

The phone looks and feels cheap and plasticky. You'll want to find a new back for it right away because you'll be embarassed by how scratched up it gets even with fairly careful use.

Here are some good things about the Surge
» The lens for the camera is deeply recessed. It is going to be difficult to scratch and is mostly protected from fingerprints.
» The QWERTY keyboard is quite good. Despite the flat keys it is a breeze to use and to be fast and accurate with it.
» The screen is bright
» S60 is a plus for this device. Easy to use if you are familiar with it. Not much different from my Nokia 6290 except this had additional features for the slide. Some might think it is dated, I think of it as tried and true.

Overall if you can pick up one of these for under $60.00 (5/2012) in decent condition you'll probably be OK with it knowing up-front that it has some shortcomings, as most $60 phones do.

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Underappreciated/Great Phone


Mar 3, 2010 by kirschmania

I hope the gentleman above had a chance to try the phone a little more then just handleing the device in the store before he decided to bash it. I sold phones for 6+ years and Nokias have always generally been good phones. Great call quality-yes. Durable-yes. Reliable-yes. This phone is no different. The design is a little different but I would say think of it as a blackberry hybrid. Think of the blackberry only with a keybard that slides in and out that being the difference. The internet speed is great. The internal memory is great. The features are great. The price is great. I used this phone for about 3 months now (longer then most) and I can tell you that after getting used to everything it has to offer and getting used to the phones unique individualism...it's a winner.

Nokia Surge Success


Dec 18, 2009 by gddoctor

I must have just gotten a good example of the Nokia Surge based on other reviews I've read. I usually have full signal strength and have half of the bars in places I've never had an AT&T signal before! The call clarity is excellent and the people I've called say that the sound is great on their end as well. I had to charge my Blackberry 8310 every single night but only have to charge this Surge every three or four days. In fact, I usually charge it after three or four days just because I'm so used to charging every night, not because I need to.

Granted, the layout is somewhat odd and the software/key strokes are somewhat 'different', but overall this is a great little phone.

My two real complaints are that the keyboard is somewhat slick and you have to open the keyboard to dial a number or enter codes for automated systems. Okay, three. The phone is somewhat slippery but that was easily cured with an aftermarket rubberized cover.

Decent phone


Nov 7, 2009 by nni123

It is Nokia Phone and it works like that. I have problem with screen rotation & name is not displayed when someone call (only number comes up) It is happening for certain numbers only, so I have to figure out some setting.

1. Price is great
2. screen is decent
3. voice quality is good
4. nokia open source OS
5. browser with flash lite 3
6. good camera
7. bluetooth works great
8. keyboard is solid
9. it is not flimsy or cheap but decent build

1. Navigation button is not great
2. no wi-fi (smartphone remeber)
3. screen rotation is flaky

I don't mind $29.99 + tax for smartphone.

a huge miss for nokia


Aug 3, 2009 by tekneeq84

I can not believe that nokia would let this phone leave their assembly line. When i first saw this phone online it looked pretty nice, but when i actually got a chance to play with it in the store i was struck by how cheap it felt and how horrible the design was. The qwerty keyboard is cheap feeling and has bad feedback.

The thing i probably hated the most about this device is the front design. The phone looks awkward when you are calling someone, add to the fact that it is difficult to navigate and you will see what a complete nightmare it is. It would of been a better idea to bring the n95 to the states instead of this travesty.

the urges.


Aug 6, 2009 by superawesomefones

From the moment we touched,
I knew we were meant to be.
Your flawless sectional thirds,
and your shiny black skin,
running symbian.
It seemed like we’d really hit it off
too bad you would only turn off.
You and I sent text with ease,
way better than that Pantech Breeze.
It seemed like however I turned you,
you always found right side up.
You came onto the scene like a surge,
but you left me with nothing but desire.
I came to see you one last time,
but your cold reception changed my mind.
I thought you were better than you are,
but you only want a tweeny textaholic.
I’m sorry surge,
but we just won’t work.

:( Nokia


Aug 6, 2009 by retrowhitey

Wow I can't believe people would give this above 1 star. This phone is terrible. The only possible way that this phone would even get 1 star is because it will place a call. WAKE UP NOKIA!!! What's worse than the phone is AT&T actually agreed to carry the stupid thing! WOW.

Another Nokia failure


Jul 30, 2009 by psycros

This is just sad to watch..a major industry player once known for solid, highly usable products descending into irrelevance. I thought the E71 was as bad as it could get with a microscopically unusable keyboard and user-hostile phone navi buttons. Now we get all that that *plus* slow performance and an even more terrible navi button. Its literally unusable (seriously, Nokia..did you fire all your real engineers?). The front of the phone feels downright cheap with barely responsive and vague function buttons. With Twitter and such included, the Surge is clearly a rushed-to-market stab at the tweeny textaholic demographic - a tragedy since the QUERTY is actually decent (feels almost like a flat key palmtop). Don't rely on my impressions..stop into your local AT&T and see this sadness for yourself. I hope Nokia can somehow find its way. In any case, since S60 is now officially dead the chance of getting a final decent Nokia smartphone probably is too. Truly sad.

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