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Good General Purpose Phone


Jun 27, 2004 by beachbum

I've been using this phone on Cingular's network for the past 3 months.
This phone & Cingular have given me good performance in southern NJ. This phone is my lifeline in areas where the signal is poor (Pine Barrens - Rt 70 and 72 in NJ) but it has done the job for me every time I have used it.
The battery life is OK -
As a web browser the phone & Cingular were a let down for me - I used a Moto v400 for a week and that phone's screen and web browser are light years ahead of this phone.
But I needed a good phone and for $50 the 6200 is a better deal for me than what at the time was a $300 v400.

Good RF performance

Small form factor - fits in pocket or purse

Battery life is OK - I'm willing to give up some to get the small size.

Infrared port - Can transfer with older Palms

Speakerphone is useful - I've used this in noisey areas like highways and airports when the regular volume was not enough.

Radio - you can play it through the speakerphone once you hook up a headset to the phone. Reception is good enough to get local traffic stations.

Triband - I don't travel overseas so I haven't tested this feature yet.

Contacts & Organizer - I stopped using Palm Pilots because the Nokia Contacts feature and the organizer on the phone are good enough replacements for me.

Keypad could be better - I can't dial by touch on this keypad. I'm willing to make this sacrifice for the small size.

Screen - It's OK but there are newer phones out there with better screens.

No Bluetooth - I guess Nokia decided EDGE was more important than Bluetooth

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6200 -- Great Phone!


Dec 27, 2003 by ltxi

I bought this phone on a whim as a companion unit to my 6100. The 6100 has an excellent form factor (small) but a sometimes difficult to position properly in my ear speaker, tinny sound, and fluctuating signal strength; all no doubt the penalty for it's small size. The 6200 has none of these problems. It's far superior to any other GSM phone I've ever had; especially with respect to signal strength. It's become my "daily driver" and I only go back to my my 6100 now when I'm wearing tight jeans and/or in Europe. I use it on T-Mobile, by the way. I travel a lot and AT&T's GSM system just isn't robust enough yet. But with 850Mhz it's AT&T and Cingular ready. This one's definitely a keeper!!

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Awesome Phone


Oct 21, 2003 by TomZ

I chose this phone as my prize for a Nokia sales promo and I'm glad I took the 6200 over the other Nokia models. Nokia has always been my favorite manufacturer, but this little guy is head and shoulders above the rest! I'd take the 6200 over the Motorola T720 or Sony Ericsson T616 any day.

Speakerphone - it's loud!
Color screen
FM stereo - I have the speaker stand
Infrared - works great
Camera - accessory, haven't bought it yet

EDGE is not available in my area yet
I need more people to call me!

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Nokia 6200 Great tool


Jun 9, 2004 by bnz300

I received this phone from ATT as a replacement for a lost 3595. I had heard it was a great phone and my experience validates that claim. The RF is outstanding. In three months I have had one dropped call,(Portland,Oregon.) The EDGE is a marvelous improvement over GPRS. Though the color isn't 65,000 it is still pleasing to the eye. All things considered this is a great little phone.
Pros: all things involving communication, RF, text, E-mail, AIM (INTERNET)
Cons: It is rather small, I have large hands, but it is easy to put in a pocket and go. That could be considered benefit

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Rock Solid phone


Nov 9, 2003 by rytr23

I have had this phone for 6 months, I use it nonstop based in Philly and traveling around 6 states in the NE on ATTGSM. It has never let me down.


Excellent reception. I mean fantastic.
Net performance is great.
Sound quality is great
Love the Fm tuner
Battery life very good.


No Bluetooth or camera
"Pop" port.. wtf is that nonsense

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Nokia 6200


Jul 18, 2003 by roy bragg

There is nothing about this phone that's bad. It looks great. It's small but powerful.
The speakerphone is a lifesaver during meetings. I've gotten used to the WAP browser, especially after I figured out that that the "dial" button is a shortcut that eliminates the need to hit the select button twice to open any link.
I've found the GSM signal where I live (I-35 Austin-San Antonio corridor) to be very good, with signal strong all over both cities and the small towns in between.
I'm not a big fan of the FM radio only because I don't use it. I do use the phone as a GPRS modem, however, and that's a lot easier with a smaller phone -- I can balance both phone and Pocket PC on my leg and work.
The Nokia PC Suite software, combined with mMode service and Office Online, almost make the PocketPC extraneous. There isn't a lot I can't do without my 6200.
My only beef is with ATTWS mMode. I wish some of the offerings were more useful -- I could use more location-based services, like mapping and locators, and less graphics/ringtone/game downloads.

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Aug 5, 2003 by Rob Truono

I've read a complaint about the annoying loose shell(or plate) that covers the battery. I folded a small piece of paper and put it above the battery before I slipped on the shell. The problem is now fixed. I love the phone.

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Great phone, have used 3300, 6800, now this


Jun 23, 2004 by HighLife

I got this phone to replace my 6800, which replaced my 3300. I between those had a Samsung X426 and that was the worst phone ever. I liked the 3300, was a good overall phone, but no light up keyboard = goodbye. Then i got the 6800. At first it was awesome. I then tried a 6200 at the store and was AMAZED at the sound quality difference. I quickly told the store rep I will be right back with the box and the stuff for the 6800. I have been totally happy since. I went from ATT Wireless TDMA (Motorola V60) to a GSM plan.

Pros -
Small in size
Nice buttons to work with
Nice speaker phone
Great reception in and out
Decent poly ringer
FM radio is LOUD
IM menu that connects to AIM and ICQ

Cons -
Clear writing on buttons make it kinda tricky to see in daylight.
Battery life last about 2 days normal use
Not easy finding cases for it
Light hiss when using, outside noise kinda blocks it out.

All in All this has been the best nokia i have used. I have had alot so far =) Im not a die hard Nokia fan...im a die hard quality fan =) I love this phone so much, cant wait for the 6230 to hit the market in the US.

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Nokia 6200...Comes Out On Top!


May 28, 2004 by aws_chris

Ok...Let's get the low-down on this phone!

Areas Tested...
- Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York, Pittsburgh

PROS ...
Reception - SUPERB Voice Quality, HIGHLY COMPARABLE with a landlne
Signal Strength - Where you don't have signal with your Samsung X426 or your Sony Ericsson, this phone picks up the best signal among most phones offered
Excellent Size - Fits in any pocket
Excellent Weight - Might as well be a paperweight
Tri-Band - It'll work in almost any GSM country you visit
Talktime/Battery - It'll last prolonged periods of time
Speakerphone - Very convenient for when you are on the road or unable to put the phone up to your ear
EDGE/GPRS - For those of you who tether, or use data, the speeds are quite nice for wireless, much better than those of Sprint PCS
Price - You can usually pick up this phone from FREE to $149.99 through AT&T Wireless or Cingular. An excellent deal on one of the lightest phones offered with all these great features!

CONS ...
No Bluetooth or Camera!? - Nokia forgot two steps in creating this phone; Bluetooth and a camera. However, most can live without both.
What? No Nokia faceplates? - Yes, it's true. Nokia does not make any faceplates for this model, yet aftermarket companies do. Makes sense, huh?
Polyphonic Ringtones - Not all of them sound just like you want them to, but this is no reason to not purchase the phone.

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An ALMOST Perfect Phone


Dec 16, 2003 by AZDennis

I have had this phone for about a month on the AT&T GSM network in Tucson. As much as people like to bad mouth AT&T, I have to say that my connection is great here at home on the fringes of Tucson as well as most anywhere in the city and between here and Phoenix. I think THIS phone has a lot to do with that.

Excellent reception in my area
Small, compact size but not too small
well made, looks good
Infra-red port works perfectly
Easily unlocked for TRUE worldwide roaming
Nice Speaker Phone function
Great battery time-can be left turned on for days
Clear, easily understood sound
Almost limitless ringers available
Great web access
Nifty voice recorder and voice commands
Easy two-way messaging

Could use more memory
Ring tones just 8 octave
Included headset chintzy with weird plug
Sometimes LOTS of menus to go through to get to a particular function

Although one member of this forum stated he could not get his infra-red to work, I have found just the opposite. Once you download Nokia's PC Suite software from their web site, there are several mini apps that do lots of things. One app helps convert MIDI's into compatible ring tones and another allows you to format graphics for wallpaper. Both upload files exactly where they should be. You can synchronize with OUTLOOK via IR as well.This software works through IR or a direct cable. AT&T's software forces you to use their data service to download ringtones, wallpapers, synch, etc. which swallows vast sums of cold cash, so download Nokia's software first.

Overall, the tiny flaws in this phone do not detract from its overall excellence. Not at all disappointed that I switched from a Samsung phone on the Sprint network to AT&T.

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