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One of (if not) THE best phones out there! Great reception, great earpiece, great...


Nov 3, 2003 by prateeko

I've gone through 4 phones in three years. Three in the past two months (trying to find a good phone on AT&T GSM). Now, AT&T GSM is growing, so its not that great, unless you have this phone.

The signal stregnth for this phone is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. If you want a clear, consistant signal near everywhere you go, stop looking for a phone, you've found the perfect one. It works in areas where AT&T GCM isnt up to par (Philly, NYC) and is amazing where AT&T GSM is king (Salt Lake, San Fran).

The display is acceptable, but I think Nokia really needs to move up to 20-60K displays, 4K can be hard to see in daylight (I turned the brightness down, helped a lot).

The earpiece is above average in terms of volume, but I cant wait until the industry as a whole starts turning up the volume. It can be pretty hard to hear the other end when on a noisy street, crowded room, etc.

EDGE, though great is a feature I don't use. I am not sure how well equiped AT&T is for EDGE, but most people won't use it, but those of you who do can get up to 118kbps!

The ringtones are nice, but please Nokia, lets move up to 32 or another acceptable polyphonic ringtons, but then again, 8 is better than the 4 I had on 7210.

Menus are extremely easy to navigate, cheers to Nokia for sticking with a good thing. The uincluded earset actually works VERY well, though its limited to Nokia phones with a Pop-port =(.

Size and weight make it extremely portable, easy to slip in the pocket and forget, but the ringer is loud and the vibrate is strong, so you dont miss a call (unless you want to ;).

Battery life is impressive, I can pull out 5 days with no calls, and roughly 3 with average talk time, charge is super quick with included AC Adapter.

This is my favorite phone, period. Its easy to use, the RF reception makes AT&T GREAT (yes, I just said that!), the size and weight are great, price is more than reasonable, and the features are great. All it lacks is an impressive screen & camera.

Nokia 6200 - Great Mobile !


Feb 27, 2004 by Amorcito

This is my first GSM phone and I was like trying to see which phone it was that I wanted and after a month of much debate...I found the Nokia 6200.Yay!!!lol.

I wouldn't say that it's the worlds best phone in terms of Mobile Technology and features and stuff, but its a really cool phone.

Being a Tri-Band phone makes it even better. I like travelling and that means that I can use it anywhere in the world...That's a definite plus!

Um,I like the sleek,light design design and the features are great. I also really like the navigational thingy where your thum just fits perfectly and you can select whatever it is that you want...That's a really neat feature...Simple, but efficient and way cool!!!

The colours are great, not perfectly great or outrageously great but nice and it gets the job done...Its a coloured screen mobile!!!

I really like the polytones...I guess all new nokia's probably have those tones but it's nice that this phone has them and the sound quality is really great!!!

And Oh! the Radio...That is the best feature on this phone for me...I can preset 20 Radio Chanels, that is sooooo cool!!!!

And another great feature is the Voice/Sound recorder...That is surely doing to come in handy...I just know it...lol...

Overall, its a really good phone.
The reception is good and the funtionality and the userabilty is great---Typical Nokia but great mobile nonetheless.

I just had this phone 2 days now and I am in love with it...It's really a great phone.

So don't be afraid to go out there and try out the Nokia 6200.

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May 14, 2003 by mch

The RF performance of this phone is comparable to the Nokia 6590i and 6310i, in other words about as good as it gets - better than the Nokia 7210 and much better than the Nokia 6100 and Motorola T720.

I've done side by side comparisons against various other phones on the AT&T GSM 1900 network here in Seattle testing both incoming and outgoing audio in places with marginal signal - the 6200 is an excellent performer.

Speaker volume is nice and loud, although the audio characteristics are similar to the 7210/6100. A bit tinny. The 6200 does not have the annoying hiss my 7210 has.

Ring tone volume is quite loud. Lounder than pretty much anything on the market that I've seen. The phone also supports more MIDI channels than the 7210 and 6100, so plays more ringtones better.

GPRS speeds when tested with my laptop (EDGE isn't available where I live) seem to indicate that the phone supports 3+1 timeslot GPRS. Download speeds are more or less comparable to the 7210 & 6100. This means that data speeds are actually slower than the T720 which supports 4+1 timeslots. In both cases (T720 & 6200) I tested performance with a USB data cable.

Like the other series 40 phones, it has a very non-standard connector for a headset, so you're stuck with the Nokia headsets.

The phone does an excellent job of cancelling noise on outgoing audio in noisy environments.

The phone is as close to perfect as any GSM phone I have used over the last few years. I'm very satisfied with it. I deducted a half star for the audio quality which is somewhat inferior to the Motorola T720, the mediocre GPRS performance which will presumably be offset by EDGE once that is available, and the lack of a standard headset jack.

Great job nokia!


Jan 19, 2004 by Bone_Enterprise

This is phone 3 of 3 so far that i have tried on the Cingular Network, in the South-East Texas, (Angleton) area, about 40/45mins south of Houston. Testing period approx 2/3 days to date.

1. Excellent recreption (while im sitting here i have 4 bars) w0ot, if you read my previous reviews you would know this is a definate plus.
2. Superb UI (User Interface) quick and easy to use.
3. Speakerphone, this is my first phone to have with a speakerphone, i might get spoiled with this function.
4. Easily customizable "goto menu", comes in quite handy when needing to do a quick profile change.
5. Call quality, it isnt as crisp and clean as the s307 i reviewed, but is almost up to par. especially if you put in *3370# , to enhance the EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Call quality, hint hint ;)

1. That i havent found any yet (can i make this a con?) =)

1. This phone dont feel as "solid" as the others i have tried. although this dosent take away from the performace of the phone, it is just more of a personal prefrence.
2. FM Radio function, nifty to have on a phone i guess, personally havent tried it yet. when not in my vehicle with my "trunk of funk" i guess this could accomidate for my radio needs.

So far, this phone is a keeper i must say, reception is great, quality of phone overall is excellent, i "might" find cons with the phone, but so far i have found nothing to complain about yet, great job nokia!



Nov 4, 2003 by SLPCamaroSS

As a Cingular Wireless employee, I can say that everyone that has purchased this phone has been more than satisfied. The speaker phone is louder than any other model we carry, the reception is excellent, and the best part is: NOBODY EVER RETURNS THEM!!! Less work for me :) Truely though, easy Nokia functionality, and the features contained in the phone are practical, "no BS" features. Highly recommended from a telecommunications pro.

Exquisite and Extremely well designed little device


Jan 19, 2004 by Quickrider

The RF performance of this phone is excellent. I upgraded from a Nokia 6340i that gave me many problems. I have had the 6200 phone for 15 days.

Pros: The 6200 is an excellent performer.
The speaker volume is nice and loud. Ring volume is very good. Download ring tones are plentiful as are wallpaper options. All sound better than the old GAIT 6340i tones.

The GPRS works well with my laptop when linked through an IR port, EDGE isn't available in North Texas at this time. The HDB-4 headset works well. I'm hoping to get a Jabra that fits the pop port. I have not connected my iPaq 2215 to the IR port yet.

The phone synchronized, zero effort, with the free Nokia Phone Suite via IR port.

I have asked my callers to help me define the level of road or background noise while I am traveling down the high way. All said there was little difference from headset, loud speaker or to the ear. The callers indicate the phone does a very good job of attenuating background or white noise. We have two of these phones and I agree there is not much difference from setting still or rolling the posted speed limit.

Cons: A standard 2.5 mm headset jack would be nice.
You MUST have a headset attached for the FM to work. One should have been included in the box.
Note: The two variations of 2.5mm Jabras did not work with the pop port to 2.5mm adapter. The 4 conductor Jabra would not work at all. The 3 conductor would not answer or end the call with the head set button. You would need to initiate and terminate the call from the phone. The voice dial on the 6200 with the HDB-4 headset work by holding down the headset button till you hear the prompt tone, then speaking the command.

Exactly what I need


Sep 29, 2003 by eric adams

I currently use AT&T GSM service with a Motorola T720 phone and this combination has been horrible. My calls are constantly dropped. After reading lots of reviews I decided to get this phone. I love it. Although the form factor is slightly larger than my Motorola it fits in my pocket better because there is no antenna sticking out. This phone just feel solid and nice in my hands and is very good looking. I now get 7 out of 7 bars of strength in my house. I never got 5 out of 5 with my Motorola. The signal does fluctuate a lot but I attribute that to AT&T. The 6200 has never cut out yet even on this rural road where my Motorola always lost signal.

PROS (in my opinion)
Good signal strength
speakerphone (works very well. I can hold my phone like a mic and easily listen and talk to other people without them ever knowing i was on speakerphone. It saves my ear)
Good battery life
Changeable face plates
Easy Nokia interface to your features
Much faster to get to the phonebook than my Motorola

Weird headset jack (even by Nokia standards) It is hard to get the connector into the jack quickly when trying to answer a call. On ap lus not it gets in there securely so when my phone falls out of my pocket it is still attached to the headset.
Headset is not terribly comfortable. I have never had one that was that came with the phone. Also, the button to connect/disconnect the headset jack is in a place that I always press it when adjusting my headset.

I can't figure out how to have my current connect time displayed while I talk on the phone. It shows me after I hang up.
Whenever I add a new contact it always displays it to the phone memory first and I have to then move it to the SIM card.
I can't figure out how to turn off the screen saver so that I can always see if I have a message waiting or how do I have a screen saver that shows my msg.

I am very happy with the phone overall. Maybe there are answers to these nitpicks.

Excellent phone


Dec 18, 2003 by drake26

This phone is excellent in all aspects. I was thinking of moving to TDMA given the coverage of AT&T GSM service but I decided against it. This phone has great reception. Works well in my office, home and anout everywhere I went



Nov 10, 2003 by dropkick

This phone is the best I've owned. I went through many phones through the years, but this one comes out on top. The reception is incredible! Speaker is very loud, form factor is small, and the battery lasts forever. If you are looking for a new phone, I'd highly recommend this. You will not be disappointed.

LOVE the phone!


Jun 28, 2004 by jsoenen

I don't have one complaint about this phone. Reception is amazing, sound quality is incredible and the functionality of the phone is the best I have ever experienced. This is coming from someone who has worked in the cell phone business for years!!

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