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Beautiful Phone


Jul 16, 2009 by hucworld

After screwing around with the Storm for less than a month I feel at ease, at peace and happy. I struggled to find the good in the Storm and I just couldn't. Multiple battery pulls and constant freezing began to just anger me. But since I was still in my 30 day worry free trial period with Verizon I took my Storm back to Best Buy and exchanged it for the Tour. Quite possibly the best Blackberry I have owned since jumping from T-mobile and using the 8900. This phone reminds me of the 8900 in more ways than one. The form factor is similar and so is the processor speed. The only thing is I get better reception with the Tour. I had an issue with the device that almost left a sour taste in my mouth when I got it. I had my services swithced over and my data indicator was reading 1xev instead of 1XEV. I was on the phone with tech support for over two hours doing multiple resets and putting in ID's and etc. Finally once we got off the phone and the tech specialist told me that he had to submit a trouble ticket and that I would be without data service for up to 5 days. So with that being said I ventured back to Best Buy and swapped it out and then my data services popped on. Since having the phone it has worked very well. No more freezing, no lagging no nothing. The battery life is the best and I am loving the fact that it comes with a case in the box. This makes up for the Storm coming with no carrying case. The phone is a solid investment. My only gripe about the phone is the keys are kind of small but other than that the phone is great phone.

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Hands Down Another Great Phone From RIM


Jul 16, 2009 by nixxon

Another great phone from RIM. Features aren't what I have expected but still powerful and functional enough to fall in love all over again. Coming from the Curve and Storm, the tour is a treat to have.

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Tour(VZW) Rocks!


Jul 14, 2009 by art23ncsu

I have carried the BB Curve for over a year now and couldnt wait to get the Tour. I watched countless friends and colleague's go to the Storm and switch back. Touch screens just are not what everyone makes them out to be. Who out there doesnt get frustrated with a touch screen phone.

Design: So the phone. Its slick looking, very attractive light up as far as the buttons/keys. The charging port, headset jack and charger are all on the right side which is convenient. A HUGE positive change is that you dont have to remove the battery of the phone to insert/remove the memory card. I use my phone for all my music and movie watching, utilizing Stereo Bluetooth. No more soft resets when removing memory cards=WIN. The track ball is different from the curve in that the phone is flush with the ball. Takes some getting used to, but 24 hours later and its all good

The Rest: took about 25 minutes using the Desktop manager software to copy EVERYTHING from my Curve to the Tour. A couple of third party programs werent compatible which is to be expected...so no Pandora for me, for now. The ear piece is louder and so is the Bluetooth. My headsets hurt almost that I have to turn them down which is great! You can find the volume you need. The software has a similiar look to the Storm/Bold. It comes with 5 games preinstalled which is a great touch, especially since I love Texas Hold em. You can only play so much Brick breaker.

HUGE PROS/Changes: You can now set a alert beep for when you receive a text message while on a call. You couldnt do that on the Curve.

You can now multi Task when streaming music from the WEB, the Curve 4.5 vers Software, you cant. I use www.moodio.fm and now I can text or whatever while listening! Awesome!

All in all: A FANTASTIC upgrade over the BB Curve.

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So Far So Good


Jul 14, 2009 by smin41

So Far so good, I put my order in this weekend so my tour is in the mail. But of course I couldn't wait to play with it, so I went to my local Verizon store for some hands on time with the Tour..

1. very sharp design, I love the black and the carbon fiber back.

2. Definitely seems faster then my black berry Curve.

3. The new menu theme is cool, this phone is exactly the same as the Storm software wise.

4. I think it comes pre loaded with more games then just brick breaker.. I saw Texas hold-em in there.

5. HTML browser is a big plus.. runs smooth.

6. 3.2mp camera takes pretty decent pics.

1. The back battery door is loose??!!! come on verizon, that is just sloppy!!

2. I don't know if they unlocked the gps to be used with 3rd party software, that will be a big plus if I can use it with my google maps.

that's all for now, maybe I will up date this once I get my Tour delivered tomorrow..

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Verizon Tour


Jul 14, 2009 by sam912

Over the past few years I have owned more phones than I care to admit and the Tour has been the best.


-Call Quality
-Call Volume
-Key Board


-wish screen was a little larger

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Jul 13, 2009 by macarunni

This is my 5th different style VZW Blackberry I have owned so therefore I label myself a crackberry addict. I got the Tour at 8am yesterday on day of launch in NC. My previous Blackberry was the Storm I also got on day of launch back in November. I must say the Tour was not worth all the hype it got from various sources. However I am keeping it due to a tangible key board. Seeing as how the Storm was not conducive with my thumbs. I am not impressed by the Tour and really would not recommend anyone run out and get one. Its the same of Blackberry. Thought it was supposed to be faster and really haven't seen any difference.

Oh by the way my Storm is for sale.

Little Stylish
Key board is nicer than my last key board (8830)

Over all not impressive
RIM does not give you an 8GB card with the Tour but does on Storm. Instead you get a 2GB card.

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Not for me


Aug 16, 2009 by tweeder22nnj

Was sooo looking forward to this phone but returned it in 3 days. A very good friend runs a few VZ stores and when i went for the tour he said not to do it cause ill return it in a week. He loved being right!!

screen is very sharp
can assign custom rings for individual contact messages- been waiting for this to return

battery!!!!- fully charged at 10am- had to turn it off at 8pm due to flashing battery light- and i had it in the case with the magnet and used it VERY little
takes forever to charge!!!
buttons not condusive for male thumbs
charging port on right....WHY!?!?!

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Aug 10, 2009 by AnthonyQ

this phone is amazing!!! it has all the right features and apps!! verizon wins the prize way better than g1 and bold. !!

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Stick with the Curve!


Aug 16, 2009 by cmf2422

I really don't have anything good to say about this phone. I am a complete phone junkie, and have had probably every phone Verizon has out. This is by far the worst blackberry from them yet. The one and only good thing about this phone is the keyboard.

-HORRIBLE battery. If it was charged in the a.m. it would be dead halfway through the day with minimal use.
-feels very breakable, battery cover loose.
-a lot heavier and bulkier feeling than the curve.
-charging port gets in the way of keyboard while charging.
-trackball moves erratically and lags.
-BBM screen is way too big!
-lags when dialing numbers.

Other than looking newer and more modern, this phone is not half as good as expected. You would think that after all of the hype Verizon would be able to fix all the little issues before releasing this phone!

Stick with your 8330!!

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The Back Door is a Killer


Aug 9, 2009 by mrtasle

I love everything about this phone except the back door being wobbly. This is a deal breaker for me. I wanted this phone to replace the horrible Storm but I would take the metal battery cover on that phone over the cheap plastic battery cover on this one. It would've probably been cheap for them to remedy the back cover but they didn't. After the last 2 Blackberry's I have had, I will be going back to an ENV3. Shame on Verizon and RIM for this lack of Quality Control.

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