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Pretty good phone


Oct 23, 2009 by envthis

I carried the blackberry tour for about 3 weeks. I returned the device and replaced it with an env 3. The broadband charge on the devices is a little rough and the phone is slightly difficult to text with. The internet browsing is great and the pull email works like a charm. This phone is perfect for someone in the business world or who needs to do a lot of emailing. The apps for the device are extremely fun but can get a little out of hand with crazy glitches and just slowing the operating system on the device down. The camera is pretty good but i prefer the camera of the samsung rogue because of clarity. The device will also freeze up from time to time if u try to do things a little quick. The trackball works great i never had a single problem with it. Crackberry.com membership is a must for any blackberry user. Sound quality is alright it is hard for the other person to hear sometimes. I use Verizon and with my other phones have not had that problem. All in all i wouldnt recommend it to all but it is a good phone

Solid smartphone, sure to please just about everyone!


Aug 24, 2009 by brenteesha

As others had told me I would, I aboslutely love it. I've been thrilled from the moment I got it!

*Camera takes great photos, auto focus is such a great feature to have on a phone camera
*Beautiful display, bright and vivid, colors jump off the screen
*Comfortable keyboard, although it will take a few days to adjust. Once you get used to it, it really does feel nice against your fingers while typing. Nothing beats a Blackberry keyboard!!
*Processor and/or memory has been upgraded. *New OS is great... much more attractive and modern than the old one.
*Battery life is GREAT! I can easily go 2 days with normal usage. If you are a hardcore business user you will easily get over a day in without having to recharge.
*External speaker used for ringtones and playing music is just OK. The volume is definitely sufficient, but the high end frequencies that provide that clarity are missing. If you don't listen to much music on the external speaker of your phone, you probably won't even notice.
*Improved media functionality -- shuffle function in the media player is much more effective, 3.5mm jack lets you plug in any headphones you want... and the sound is out of this world! ALMOST as good as my mp3 player.
*GPS only works with some apps. BB Maps is fine, but Google Maps can currently only use My Location based on cell phone towers to approximate your location. (Google claims they are aware of the issue and are working on it... but this issue has been around for a while and probably won't be fixed soon.)
*No WiFi -- if it is a normal part of your routine and is a dealbreaker for you, than you should probably wait. It is rumored that the Tour will be released again in early 2010 with WiFi included.

Minor gripes aside, this is an exceptional phone. Whether you're a young adult that's really into technology such as myself or a serious business user that demands performance from a solid smartphone, you will definitely be pleased with this purchase! The Tour DELIVERS.

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Best BB for Sprint so far!


Aug 13, 2009 by tmontaghami

I bought mine about a week ago. So far, I love the phone. I tried out the Palm Pre for a week prior to buying this one. Don't be surprised! Pre is a great phone, but it's no comparison to the BB Tour! Tour just does everything better (I guess my preference) The Internet works great, music player works great, the email is awesome, and there are so much more apps available than the pre.

Pros: Sound quality is great, the screen looks awesome, the keyboard (much better than the palm pre) The email, and all the other stuff works flawlessly! (also it is a beautiful looking phone/PDA)

Cons: No WiFi(not a great big deal), I'm not used to the track ball. I wish they would come out with the old wheel on the side! (yeah,I'm old fashioned!)

Overall, I went with the Tour over the Pre because of the Apps, and the keyboard, was much easier to use. Blackberry, keep it up!

Taking a Tour and Loving it!!


Aug 6, 2009 by RFPUNCHFAN

I've had this phone for about a week when i upgraded from a blackberry curve 8330 and so far i have to say i love this phone. the evdo rev a is super fast, the screen is beautiful and typing is much better than on the curve.

screen is super clear
battery life is great (I'm a relativitly heavy data user)
easy to type on
lightning fast data
trackball is very smooth and sensitive
call quality is great
i love just about everything on this phone

battery door is loose (not really an issue for me because i keep mine in a silicone cover)
BB browser is better than it was on the curve but still leaves a lot to be desired, i find bolt, or opera mini to be better options

over all like i said i love this phone, great upg from the curve...if your looking for a vzw blackberry the tour is the way to go

Tour Best YET!!


Jul 29, 2009 by brynmahoney

I love this phone just got it it blows all the past blackberry's away I have had them all tour, pearl, 8830, curve, all of them i have the bold for ATT to i love this phone. The complaints people have are truly stupid if you cant sync then YOUR NOT DOING IT RIGHT people talk about blackberry and limits the only limits they have are the USER GET THIS PHONE on sprint or verizon great deal.

I really like Touring


Jul 29, 2009 by sgoldwa

I really like my Tour. A lot.

I came from a Pearl, which I also loved. I even got used to (and good at) SureType on that phone. On the Tour, I don't need SureType. All of the letters if the alphabet have their own dedicated key -- who would've thought?? :-)

The best display on a phone I've ever seen
Nice shaped phone
Keys seem perfectly-sized
Strong Bluetooth volume
Excellent call quality
Battery life seems strong (better than my Pearl)
Phone styling -- very nice!

Some erratic behavior of trackball on horizontal plane -- I may trade in for a different Tour to see if it's better
Lack of predictive text (I really miss that feature -- it made the Pearl experience MUCH better!)
MicroUSB port on the "wrong" side of the phone -- I prefer a mini-USB port, and on the left side
Dust seems to get into the cracks between the keys -- you can easily tell when the keys are backlit
On some apps, the text is sharp, but a bit tiny for my 40-something eyes (i.e. Voice Command)

I recommend the Tour a lot. I think it'll be a solid choice for the next year or two for Verizon, especially in light of the aging BB 8830 Worldphone.

BTW, I don't miss wifi that much and prefer the better battery life without it. I certainly would not hold off on the purchase in hopes of acquiring the Atlas (purportedly a Tour WITH wifi) -- who knows then THAT one will come out?

Blackberry Tour 9630 is a beast!


Jul 28, 2009 by VerizonRepLogan

I've carried almost every cell phone you can think of:Treos, Blackberries, Iphone, Palm Pre, Motorolas, LGs, Sidekicks etc. The Blackberry Tour is hands down the best phone I have ever used. It feels great in your hand, it looks great, it has the best display of any phone ever. Period.

The Pros stomp any small con you could think of (loose back door...really? C'mon people you are looking for something here if you are complaining about that, the Curve 8900 had the same issue...which is not even an issue).

If you want the best Qwert keypad ever. Best display, best messaging, amazing camera, and beautiful sleek design. Take the Blackberry on Tour with you!

I like it, but.....


Jul 28, 2009 by mrsense

I like this BB alot. I like the keyboard. I like the screen. And I especially like how it was made. It's neither too light nor too heavy. Just right weight. However, there are several issues that made me take a star off.
I had to exchange unit twice within a week due to an issue with the battery. The batter on the first unit was draining too fast. Within 2 hours of very light usage, the battery was already at 50%. The second unit had a problem with the trackball's horizontal movement. It was lagging too much comparing to the vertical movement. RIM's QC needs an update. The second issue I'm having is there's random lagging when operating the unit. Sometime the lagging lasts up to 2 seconds. It seems like there's some kind of background operation eating off cpu time. The third and last problem is the infamous loose back cover. I asked the verizon rep to check out other units, and he actually opened 3 new boxes for me. All 3 units had loose covers. The exchange 2nd unit also had the loose cover. And the third unit I just got finally has good fit cover. Again, QC!!!

Loved the Storm - Super love the Tour


Jul 24, 2009 by ifixem

I actually had zero problems with my Storm, even with the .65 firmware. That being said, I did start to miss my Curve physical keys after a while. Enter the Tour, and that makes me one happy camper.

Great screen resolution

Improved trackball navigation

Great sound quality (ringer and earpiece)

Internet BLAZES

Texas Hold 'Em King 2 PRE INSTALLED!! (sorry I'm a poker freak)

App World already has Tour capable apps and seamlessly transferred my Storm apps over

Even tough keys seem a little small, they're well designed to it doesn't take too much getting used to for my fingers (ring finger is a size 14) - just as functional as the Curve keys in my opinion

(yup, just one) I have noticed a slight lag, but nothing consistent and definitely nothing that is super upsetting (I guess the Storm taught me a little patience ;-)) and nothing a simple firmware update won't take care of.

I've upgraded a few people from their Curves to this phone, and so far, no complaints. Great device, great OS, solid build, and gets you fellow Crackberry fiends your fix till the next buzz gets close to fruition

Tour is Way To Go


Jul 15, 2009 by vzwrican69

BB Tour is a much improved device! I came from the blackberry storm which I loved but this phone blows it away!

CONS: loose battery door on every 2 out of 5 I have sold. be honest that's the only con I have with it.

PROS: sharp resolution, fast camera, browsing experience much better than storn, much more app memory(22 free on storm 120 free on tour). Loud speaker as loud on nornal than on loud on storm. Vibrate is best on bb yet keypad is superb. Storm touchscreen could not keep up with texting and tour does it with ease (I'm typing this review on it)

All in aLl the blackberry tour is the elite bb on the market hands dowb. With its slick look,attractive features, accurate keypad, and its 3g capabilities the bb tour is a must have! Can't wait for the apps for this one!!!!!!!

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