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Yes, it really is THAT good.


Dec 25, 2009 by kabuk1

If you are looking for a phone that does literally EVERYTHING, look no further. This is it. It's perfect for any use- its a media powerhouse with a standard headphone jack & a big, bright tilting screen that makes watching videos a joy. Perfect for messaging with a huge keyboard. It really is a portable computer. Totally kicks the iPhone's butt. I had the HTC Mogul, the Touch Pro, the Diamond, and now this one, and its like a conglomeration of every awesome feature from every prior phone. This is what the Touch pro should have been to begin with.



Millions of apps

Screen size


Dual radios, use it with any service(CDMA models only though)

Standard headphone jack

Memory card slot

Proximity sensor(hold it to your ear while on a call & it senses it & turns the screen off)

LOUD speakerphone

Custom ROMs aplenty at www.ppcgeeks.com

Price($600, $350 even with new contract. Worth it, but still painful)

No camera flash(AAAARGH)

No IR port(yes, I'm one of those freaks who actually USED infrared)

Not really for beginners, or people who want an 'iPhone clone'

GSM radio is disabled for US networks, but can be unlocked for about $15 here- http://rhodium.htc-unlocks.com/


Get one. Rob a bank if you have to, just get one.

amazing, 5t stars


Dec 11, 2009 by jerry22183

i have this phone now, got it from us cellular on black friday for free, yes free but even if i wouldve had to buy it for 200, that would still have been a good price, its like a mini laptop. its fast, i love the full keyboard and 3.5 earphone jack as i like to use it as my mp3 player! i came from the blackberry flip, so i do miss my slacker radio application and pandora radio, but hopefully they will release a download for windows mobile some day. the youtube application is great to use on this big beautiful screen, loud speaker, full key board. also microsoft my phone is awesome as well, it will auto backup your pics, text, video, calendar, contacts and more to myphone.microsoft.com where you can log into see all your backed up phone content for free, you can also make it ring using this service if you lose your and you can remotely lock the phone if your phone got stolen or lost, yes amazing.

ok so back to the phone, the web is fast over 3g or wifi, easy to use, look up your contacts using link to face book.

amazing phone on an amaIng network of us cellular, you will love this phone, limitless possibilities that i think makw it better than iphone

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The Touch Pro Review I was looking for!


Nov 29, 2009 by abbeyroad4

Ok so when I was doing research for this phone, all I wanted was to find out if I (an avid and loyal Blackberry user) would like the Touch Pro 2 over the Tour. And let me tell you.... This phone is the BEST phone you can find in America. I've had iphones, blackberrys, lg touch screens, and windows mobile devices for years, and I work for a wireless carrier so it takes a little more than usual to impress me. The operating system is executed very well right out of the box, and for those of you who are fairly tech savvy will be able to work it as soon as you start it up. Email setup is quick, sync works well, tethering is 20 times easier, the standard music player is ok you may want to find something like core player that works a bit better but other than that this phone is great. My only issue with choosing was that windows tends to be more complicated than blackberry but with RIMs new choice to put everything in subfolders, it really is about the same as far as getting used to the OS. Other things to know if you want to go the htc route. There are not as many apps, if there are certain apps that you cant live without, check to see if they have a windows version. also if you like to customize your phone, there is no better format than windows, blackberry has themes and thats cool but i can change literally any aspect of the htc that i want. also if you dont like touch flo there is alternatives, check out spb mobile... I hope this helps the Blackberry devotees in making a decision...

Very cool interface
Easy to pick up and use
FULLY customizable
Just as much support (forums, websites, info) as Blackberry
Great Camera
Tethering is flawless and so much easier to start up
overall best phone ive ever used

No Flash on the camera
Does take some getting used to
Doesn't have The Blackberry name on it (something that I'm kinda starting to be ok with lol)
Hope this helps you out, lemme know if it does

Great phone


Sep 21, 2009 by Windsponge

Verizon has finnally got one right. This is first smart phone they have that I like. I own a 3g and 3gs Iphone and I must say it is first Verizon phone to come close in use. The phone part is much better than I phone .This phone is well worth checking out.

Pros Screen
Touch Flow
Quality build
Phone works great
speaker phone is great
Slide for inlarging

Cons Music access could be easier
schrolling could be easier

Finally decided to register and give thoughts of Touch pro 2


Dec 7, 2009 by murdamellz

After many years of stopping by phonescoop to catch a review of the latest and greatest phones, I decided to do my part and contribute by offering a quick review based on my personal experience with the phone. I hope that this will help someone, like the reviews here helped me. I was against the wall about getting the Touch Pro 2 or the Motorola Droid. Here's my thoughts:

Great signal and clear calls (Verizon Wireless)

Awesome user interface-I don't care for the Touchflo (although it looks really cool, and is pretty fluid) it is not function-enhancing, rather, seems to slow the phone down noticeably.

Keyboard made for a god- hands down THE best freaking keyboard on a phone PERIOD. Next subject. (This was a big breaking point for the Motorola Droid, as an avid texter, the keyboard design is of utmost importance, I wouldn't say I have big hands, but the Droid keyboard seems more geared for the 3-9 year age range.

Battery life- I would say this is better than average for what you are getting. Considering that most users will be checking multiple emails, use wifi and/or data, view websites, make phone calls, use gps, use the speakerphone, watch some movies and listen to some mp3s, or maybe even use their phone as a wireless router (if you know how!) I've gotten a full day on a single charge. More use=More battery consumption of course.

Screen- Only .1 less than the droid, although the droid does have more colors, thus providing more visual clarity and depth. A lot of the reason I went with the touch pro is because Windows Mobile (granted, not a world class OS) has solid roots and there are many many many many applications that are compatible, tested, running, and readily available. Android WILL be there one day, but no time soon my friends. For the foreseeable future, it's just not a safe bet for me to get the "first" of a kind in terms of the motorola droid.

Cons: Heavy(so what) Tilt hinge could be more secure, can run a little slow.

Legend In The Making


Sep 13, 2009 by Mewsik Gye

I've been studying Sprint's PPC family for the longest and I would say this is the most successful handset up to date. Considering how great my mogul was verses the slightly disappointing alterations done on the touch pro, HTC definitely stepped it up on this model!!!

The keypad is the easiest to type on I've ever seen. This phone finally caters to those with larger than normal hands yet still appeals to both men and women. My girlfriend said the Touch Pro 2 is the first of my phones she has been interested in LOL.

Lets get to business now:

better feel in the hands
bigger keypad (easier to type)
3.5m audio jack (no more adapters!)
remote desktop access
bigger screen
brings back dedicated physical start menu button
better sound quality thanks to dual mic/speaker

no D-pad (relies even more on touch)
comes with no case or memory card
icon bar at the top of the screen only accesses notifications

I'm discovering new things practically every hour with this phone. Like when you're on a call and you place the phone down on its face it automatically goes into speaker mode! I doubt I'll be getting bored with this phone any time soon.

Overall it's a great phone and i recommend it to anyone's who's ever been disappointed by a pda.

HTC Did it Right?!?


Oct 7, 2009 by psiefer

I have owned many phones over the years, and I've repaired even more as a phone technician. I have seen 6700s, 6800s, 6850s, etc. I have owned Blackberry, Samsung, LGs and many others. PDA wise, last month I would have told you Windows mobile was for masochists and Palm was for people who enjoy powercycling their phone 5 times a day. Blackberry was my one and only OS. It was stable, powerful enough to do most anything I wanted (especially after 4.5 when I could finally send pic mail from my Pearl :P) and never crashed unless I was tweaking it. Signal strength, durability, and battery life were all far above my expectations. Then I got my grubby paws on a Touch Pro 2. I've always reviled HTC products. I feel like they have a history of using cheap hardware and releasing buggy software that is too much for their hardware platform. The 6700 was so laggy with stock software you couldn't dial a number without pausing a full second between numbers. The 6800 was so underpowered that sliding the keyboard open to respond to a text while the phone attempted to open the text editing program would freeze it up. So...you see my issues. Well I would like to say that honestly the Pro 2 has made me a believer. Running stock software without any third party apps to bug it out, I had absolutely no issues with lag (aside from the occasional 0.5 second pause between menus or loading a new browser of course). In addition, the browser is adequately fast, and again aside from a small bug here and there between WinMo and the Touchflo interface they've pasted on, the phone works great with minimal frustration. Oh, I did install a .cab to disable the "Text message sent!" notifier since that got exceedingly annoying with how many txts I send. The batteries are ridiculously good compared to previous incarnations. Even with heavy data use, hours of mp3 listening and moderate voice I last all day with 2 bars left. I am used to charging twice daily with almost anything I use. I'm a believer.

Best I've ever seen, touched or used


Sep 27, 2009 by Mediator

As a long time Macintosh user, I figured that I'd end up with an iPhone, but I wanted a keyboard, a battery I can replace myself, and freedom to use whatever software I desire. The Touch Pro2 blows away the iPhone. The TP2 is larger than perhaps all of its competitors, but it is MORE EVERYTHING as well. If you're looking for a basic phone, or a basic "smart" phone, this one is not for you. If you like configuring your phone by taking advantage of a wealth of options, both on the phone as well as through downloadable enhancements, this phone is your playground.

Best phone quality, both in terms of my ability to clearly hear the other party, and that person's ability to clearly hear me.
Beautiful display.
Best keyboard.
Good responsiveness to both touch and stylus.
TouchFLO 3D makes Windows Mobile tolerable.
Great look and feel.
Speakerphone is the best I've seen in a mobile phone.

Learning curve.
Battery management is essential.
Heavier than desired, but becomes lighter as one gets used to it and benefits from all the qualities that make it heavy.

HTC Touch Pro 2 - the BEST CDMA device I've ever owned


Oct 26, 2009 by GoldenBlaze

I must say that HTC did an Awesome job in this phone. I left AT&T and sold my Iphone to get this phone, because while some think the Iphone is the "begin all and end all" of cell devices, I can argue that it is NOT.

Talk time
Call Clarity
Speaker Clarity
Signal Strength
Battery life
No Lag
Keyboard response
LED light to let you know if you've missed a call or message

Camera does not have a flash
No extra dedicated key on the side of the device for you to customize.
RAM memory size could stand to be at least 1 GB
Sprint's default wallpaper (orange and gray) is UGLY!!

Who ever said this phone has bad battery life needs to rethink this point. I have used my phone for 8hrs with HEAVY internet and messaging use and STILL had one bar left before I charged. When I had the Iphone I had to charge it at LEAST 4 times a day. The phone's software is awesome and can handle a lot of tweaks and alterations with no issue or lag. Messaging is just heavenly and for those that don't like the "message sent" pop-up there is a patch for that. I have owned a LOT of high-end devices and this one is the best I've ever had in my hands. Way to Go Sprint!!!

First 5 star device


Jan 19, 2010 by Mr_Bond

This is my third HTC device on the Verizon network. Most recently upgraded from the HTC Touch Pro, which I would have rated at 3.5 stars. The Touch Pro 2, while not flawless, is a device you should definitely consider if having a hardware keyboard is a priority. I have owned this device for nearly four months, and have held off writing this review until the WM 6.5 upgrade released. I wanted to make sure Verizon and HTC made good on their promise before giving a glowing recommendation. While the upgrade adds a few benefits, I was very happy with the device running WM 6.1, and rarely left the comfort of HTC’s sense UI. Before upgrading I would have given the device 4.5 stars due to the buggy Bluetooth operation, but this issue appears to be fixed with the upgrade. Here is my take on the pros and cons, bearing in mind the pros are major, and the cons minor.

The device feels substantial and well built, particularly the sliding mechanism.
HTC’s Sense UI – An attractive and intuitive interface allowing control of nearly every phone function.
Slide out keyboard is best I’ve used. The buttons are large, well defined, and provide good tactile feedback.
Display is large and crisp.
Battery life is quite good, significantly better than the Touch Pro it replaced.
Speakerphone is phenomenal. I can use the speakerphone in my vehicle for hands free calls.
Easily syncs with exchange server.
Microsoft My-Phone

Windows Marketplace is a step in the right direction, but lags far behind competition in both quantity and quality of apps.
HTC’s application for SMS does not paste a signature onto the text. I find myself leaving the app and going to the WM SMS app which does apply the signature line.
Sleep/backlight button is positioned where it can be pressed inadvertently when typing on the slide out keyboard.
Volume rocker is poorly implemented. Very little travel and feedback leaves you wondering if you have pressed the button at all.

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