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Worlds better than the first Touch Pro!!!


Nov 30, 2009 by tx_dbs_tx

This review is based on Sprint's version of the HTC Touch Pro 2...
I will make this review short and simple. I had the first Touch Pro for Sprint and I was very dissapointed with it's performance and overall lag. The touchscreen on the original Touch Pro was laggy and the sensitivity was poor. The qwerty keyboard could not keep up with an average user's typing and that was a big dissapointment for me. The onscreen keyboard was just as laggy and very frustrating. And lastly the battery life was rediculous!!!! The original Touch Pro was, in my opinion, just a stepping stone to a bigger and better device.
Enter the Touch Pro 2. Coming from the original Touch Pro 2, as soon as I used the Touch Pro 2 I IMMEDIATELY noticed how much faster and more responsive the phone is as well as the 3.6" touchscreen. The new and MUCH improved Touch Pro 2 addresses all of the short-comings of the original Touch Pro. It is awesome to say the least!!! If you want a fast, responsive Windows Mobile device then the Touch Pro 2 is your ticket to excellence!!! The best Windows Mobile phone you could ever wish for.
Here are my Pro's and Cons...

1.Excellent touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness! It's beautiful and no more lag. Just as good as a capacitive touch screen! Very responsive and SMOOTH!!!
2.Battery life is great...way better with no more fear of leaving home without a charger... seriously.
3.TF3D is improved and more user friendly with new features.
4.Awesome stereo speakers that are loud and clear! Speakerphone works wonderfully!!!
3. 3.5mm stereo headphone jack!!! No more adapter junk!

1.I have no cons or complaints with this device... Imagine that!

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Simply put AMAZING!!!!!


Nov 22, 2009 by jffranco5777

Ive been waiting for some time for U.S. Cellular to get this phone and now that they have I'm so glad I waited. It is just incredible. Paired with U.S. Cellulars` call/data network makes it near flawless.

That BIG Beautiful Display- all 3.6".

An amount of ram that allows you to multi-task. About 4X my old Mogul.

The customizability of this phone is endless! I have it currently with an Iphone emulator- why? Because it can do it!!

That fantastic keyboard!! Please don't get me started!

A 3.5mm headphone jack (again U.S. Cellular version).

I have no Cons, just one more plus Windows 6.5 is nice, but the HTC TouchFlo UI is an amazing compliment to a GREAT phone, KUDOS!!

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Nov 15, 2009 by mrcharity

Let me start off by saying that I currently own the Touch Pro 2, Blackberry Tour, and HTC Hero. I will always keep a blackberry for work and email purposes and I wanted to try the Hero because I have never owned an android device, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Then comes along the Touch Pro 2. I got this phone the second day it came out, and honestly think it is one of the best phones I have ever owned (and believe me, I switch phones @ least 1 every 2 months). The keyboard if the best on the market hands down, camera is high quality, the screen resolution is magnifique, and that is expected. What i didn't expect was the lack of "freezing", "locking up" and "lagging" which is definitely a good thing. Anybody who has ever owned a windows mobile devices knows the headache that they can cause, but the TP 2 is by far the best in this category. I realize that all smartphones (well all phones in general for that matter) will have a bit of lag, but considering how powerful this phone is, it performs flawlessly. If you have been holding out on it, do yourself a favor and get it. Lets just hope you don't have to drop the $600 cash like I did (even though it was well worth it).

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As good as advertised, maybe better


Oct 15, 2009 by Debo2450

I have had Treo 700 both Palm OS and WM 5.1 (horrible), Centro, Treo 800W (very close but not quite), and most recently the Treo Pro which I love dearly. I had spb mobile shell versions 2.0 thru 3.5 and absolutely will never use a WM device without it.

All this being said, the Treo Pro was the end all be all for me including the Pre which I stood in line bought and promptly returned after 2 hours with it. My only complaint ever about the Treo Pro was the screen was a little small and having large hands the keyboard was doable but could've been larger.

Enter my new love in life - HTC Touch Pro 2. I browsed countless online reviews and watched numerous youtube clips about this device before pulling the trigger and now that I have I'm hooked!!

I never gave TouchFlo a chance, loaded spb mobile shell 3.5 straight out of the box and the touch function on this thing is fantastic. I love the larger screen and in spite of all the complaints about the size and weight I am right at home with it on my belt clipped holster or in my hip pocket.

I actually tried the HTC Hero out at BB the day before buying the TP2 but that was all I needed to confirm no physical keyboard = no deal for me.

I say the Iphone has its place in life but has nothing over the TP2. Bring on WM 6.5 baby!

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Fantastic Phone.......................


Sep 13, 2009 by santuri

This is without a doubt, the best phone I have ever had, bar none...... I have tried the so-called best phones(including the iphone) on all the major wireless providers here in the u. S. This phone with "sprint" beats them all!

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What The Touch Pro Should Have Been


Jan 21, 2010 by MadFatMan

If you bought the Touch Pro In Late 2008 Like I did and felt a little "duped" you know what it is that I speak of.

There was no real difference between the Mogul and the Touch Pro other than a beta version of Touch Flo 3D whick was little more than a skin that you could not shut off or delete and a faux chrome finish that chipped off. Oh the mogul did not freeze up as much as the touch pro did.

I knew somthing was up when as soon as I bought my Touch Pro in November 2008 the very same day Sprint released it. there was a buzz on the internet about the Rhodium (TP2) that was unpleasant considering the cost of the ppc6850.

All grudges against HTC aside this is a phenonminal device!

My ONLY regret is that they did not release this 12 months earlier instead of the initial Touch Pro.

For Touch Pro, Rapheal, and Fuze users it would be a huge upgrade from your currnet device and worth the cost if you are eligible for an upgrade or your carrier will play ball with you.

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Buy This Phone!!


Oct 3, 2009 by scott65

I own the Sprint version and so far this phone has exceeded my expectations. Yes, it is a large phone, but that is the trade-off if you want a large screen and keyboard.

-Great call quality
-Awesome speaker phone
-key board
-feels right in hand when talking

-Sprint TV and NFL live video

This is not really a con, because it is a matter of preference, but I am not a big fan of the TouchFlo. Rather than use the TouchFlo I am using SPB's Mobile Shell, which I love.

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Loved it at first but starting to find flaws


Dec 18, 2009 by ErinB85

I bought the phone(US Cellular) on November 27th. I loved the phone at first but I have recently noticed some things I don't like about it. First, if you tap a persons number to get information it immediately calls them. You have to go into your contacts, all contacts, and then look at their information. Second, the browser is extremely slow. I have updated the phone twice now using *228 but it hasn't made a difference. I have overcome this problem, however, by downloading SkyFire for free from the marketplace which is 100% faster. The third thing that I don't like is that the SMS program is boring. The icon on the start screen shows 2 bubbles as if the sms text screen will have text bubbles. A friend of mine has the HTC Hero(sprint, also google/android) and that has a download so that you can get the text bubbles. I searched the marketplace and there isn't a download for such program. Another thing I don't like is the camera does not have a flash. Aside from those issues I have the phone is great.


-Hardly any lag with the touch screen
-Marketplace has a lot of cool downloads
-clear screen with many different themes
-Camera takes great pictures
-video quality is perfect


-battery life isn't much of an improvement from the touchpro
-no flash
-sms text screen isn't customizable
-Internet explorer is very slow
-not many shortcuts to get to items or contacts
-weather feature should offer more cities

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Aug 20, 2010 by Tiggerspiglet331

This is one of the worst but yet best phones I've ever had.
I started off with the Samsung Intrepid, another Windows Phone, loved it until I had to replace it 5 times in 3 weeks.
So I was switched to this phone. I'm getting another different type of phone tonight, since this phone is crap as well.
Windows needs to fix their phones!! Its SLOW! I'm so tired of having to pull the battery out 10-15 times A DAY!! I'm serious too!
Every time I get multiple texts, as in 2-4 texts, the stupid thing locks up and I have to pull the battery out! Any time I get a picture message, it locks the phone up and I have to pull the battery out! The home buttons are very slow to respond, the internet is good as long as you don't use Internet Explorer and you download Opera. I've had this phone for 4 months now and I can't wait to get rid of it. Plus, there is NO accessories for it, they have it for every other phone but not this one.
It will shut itself off a lot and you have to, again, pull the battery out and sometimes it won't fix it so you have to do it again and repeat until it powers back and stays on! Come on Windows, get with the program here!!! I want a functioning phone! I'm switching to an Android phone now, they have all the same stuff as this phone plus sooo much more!
If I were you, I'd run as fast as you can AWAY from this nightmare of a phone!!
Also, you can't use the phone as a modem like you are supposed to be able to do, it won't ever find a connection to the computer, and I've tried it on 3 computers multiple times, and nothing. :(

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Turn htc sense off and you have great phone


Jul 8, 2010 by jorgephnx

I had this phone since it came out last year until recently when I got the evo.

In short I think this is a great business device, packed with many solid features, the hardware on this phone is very solid, but after the upgrade to widows mobile 6.5 I started to notice some performance problems. random freez ups, very slow operation at times, had to reboot more often than before, but I think most of the problems are caused by htc sense; turning sense off unleashes the phone's true power but with less eye candy.

_solid build (dropped it many times and kept going).
_speaker(s) dual speakers makes it the best by htc, including the evo, for calls and music.
_keyboard (s), the best hardware keyboard on any phone out there and great software keyboard by htc.
_ call quality, as good as the evo on both ends.
_Reception, it almost never misses a call
_3.5 mm headphone jack
_dual microphones, great for conference calls.

the only con for me is the software, but mainly htc sense. if you turn it off, the phone works perfect. The other option is to have a custom rom installed and it removes all of the junk that causes the problems with the stock rom, and there are plenty custom roms out there on the net, you need to be a little techy for this, but with a little research you can make this phone perfect.

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