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Don't underestimate this one


May 14, 2010 by justaman

I had this phone for about 2 weeks, i have T-MOBILE. One of my requirements in a phone is a slide down keyboard that can handle my big hands. This phone is GREAT for those with big hands and that text a lot.

This is a powerful piece of technology! You can use the phones modem to get connected online (never used it thus far), has a wifi connection, It uses windows, not the popular android. For those familiar with smart phones i think you will appreciate this phone, there's so much you can do, I have not had a chance to really look into its full abilities.

The touch screen responds well, speaker phone is GREAT! the screen is HUGE! although the device is kinda heavy, not a deal breaker but it should be noted.

pros thus far:

comfortable keyboard (esp those with big hands)
nice touch screen
internal modem (its new to me :))
quality speaker sound
huge screen (great for online viewing)
interesting texting layout

cons thus far:
a little heavy
no camera flash

I'm sure there are more cons but for my less than tech savvy ass I'm happy so far.


Not A Bad Phone


Apr 26, 2010 by Tiggerspiglet331

I just got this phone a few days ago. I had a Samsung Intrepid. I ended up having to warranty the phone out 4 times in less than a month, and the manager of Sprint swapped my phones for free.
So far, this phone isn't bad. The ringer isn't as loud as the Samsung's, but its not bad either. I LOVE the touch screen. I don't know if its my bluetooth or the phone, but whenever I have the bluetooth connected and on and someone calls it shows I am connected, but there is no sound coming out of the bluetooth until I turn off & back on again. So that could be an issue.
The store failed to tell me that when I upgraded to Windows 6.5 that it would delete everything on the phone, they were the ones who transferred my contacts and shouldn't have done that knowing that it would erase them and send me back to the store to have them transfer the contacts again!

I am not sure how I feel about the charger, I would have rather had a normal charger and a separate USB cord, rather than an all in one with detachable USB cord. Now I gotta go find another USB cord and spend money on it so that I can take a cord with me in my computer bag and leave my charger at home where it belongs.

*Touch screen
*Windows Phone
*Clear sound when on a call
*Very responsive when you touch buttons
*The screen adjusts depending on if you have the key pad out or not
*Some what user friendly

*Battery life is horrible! I know its a high tech phone, but my Samsung was able to go 2+ days on a charge with me doing everything I am doing on this phone.
*Ringer is really quiet.
*The charger is interesting
*Figuring out how to upgrade the software to Windows 6.5
*Minor screen issue when texting, the screen is all glitchy, donno if its just my phone or all

Other than a few minor bad things, I really like this phone.

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Tilt 2 for ATT Great device


Mar 28, 2010 by ajs253

The tilt 2 for ATT is a great device for many reasons.

First, if you enjoyed the Tilt 1, you will love the Tilt 2. Second, the size, setup of the keyboard and all design additions and features are exceptional.

The device works very well, and the screen quality is really excellent.

The only reason I gave the device a 4.5 is because, although I like win mo, I still don't think I am quite sold on the HTC UI. It looks great, but for practical purposes, it takes too many steps to accomplish a task. Second reason is because of the battery life. It is not bad, but only fair.

Finally, when reading the reviews, my suggestion would be that everyone identify which HTC Touch Pro 2 (Tilt) they are rating. There quite a few glitches with the initial release with T-Mobile. Those glitches have been removed or don't exist with the ATT Tilt 2. So, if someone rates the device poorly, it reflects on the overall phone ratings. Accordingly, please read each review and make sure it applies to your carrier.
Thank you.



Dec 25, 2009 by stevoe101

Just got the titl 2 for AT&T and so far i have found it to be one great device, it is built very solid and classy. Windows 6.5 is a worthy upgrade to 6.1. if you lovd the old titl youll love this one even better, texting is a breeze with the fold out keyboard, the best i believe on the market today.would have given a 5 star if the browsers were better

Pros, keyboard is great,
screen is sharp and clear
Gps is good
No lag,
Call quality is great, NO problems with loudness
touch screen very responsive, 3D works very well.no glitches so far

CONS, no many.
Not a fan of Opera or explorer but works ok, somewhere theres got to be a better browser.

Great Pocket Computer


Dec 3, 2009 by jwrobel

I have AT&T's version of the Touch Pro 2 and have found it to be a really functional pocket computer. The screen is so crisp- do a side by side comparison to the iPhone, and you can see the difference. You can read a webpage without zooming in on the Tilt2 (800x480), not possible on the iPhone(480x320).

I also come from the Palm world, and I may be one of the few people that likes handwriting recognition. So when I found out that this thing had a stylus and would let me write away, I was sold. It does all the Palm input types (on screen, text box, one stroke characters vs multi-stroke characters). The names of the options are different though, more generic, likely to avoid infringement.

With a few tweeks such as downloading a new PIM manager (such as Pocket Informant) and this phone can cover all the bases while on the road. Being able to bang out Word documents and Spread Sheets, attach them to emails, and navigate websites as if you were at a desktop, it lets you travel light.

-Awesome Screen (movies are so crisp)
-Handwriting Recognition!
-Very usable keyboard
-Full email w/spell checker and attachment
-Very Customizable
-Battery life (~2-3 days w/my usage, no 802.11)
-Windows Mobile ability to be cusomized

-The Windows Mobile learning curve
-A bit laggy
-No 3.5mm jack, but BT headphone work

Lastly, the TouchFlo is a pretty quick interface, and also fairly customizable. Great smartphone

love it


Nov 6, 2009 by achurch09

Wow. was not what i was expecting,i use to have the LG Incite going from that to HTC is huge. i got this phone shipped to me 2 days ago. absolutely wonderful.

screen is amazing.
speaker phone, very clear and powerful
slide out keyboard is fast
tilt screen is great
battery is not bad.

dose not have WM 6.5
no 3.5 mm jack
onscreen keyboard. not quite what i expected

one of the real PDA phone you should get, no matter the cost


Sep 17, 2009 by mingkee

I think I seldom to recommend branded phone
this one is an exception, a big exception.
The phone itself is very expensive, probably the most expensive after BB 88xx and 8900.
Voice: it's fantastic, no matter through earpiece, a headphone plugged in HTC 3.5 headset adapter, or bluetooth, both earpiece and mic are exceptionally good, the noise cancelling is also good, the friend on the other side even didn't notice I was watching TV when talking.
Reception: 2G is so-so, don't expect to have decent quality if it has 2 bars or fewer, however, 3G is another story, the voice and internet are pretty workable even it only has 1 bar.
A side note: there's an antenna at the camera area, that keep hands off, and you'll be fine.
Screen: it's a big plus, WVGA can make a whole world of difference!!!
Control: the QWERTY is very good, pretty text-friendly; touchscreen is also very good, it's just right even it's resistive; lacking D-pad, or trackball, or optical mouse (BB 8520 style), controlling when closed may be a bit difficult, though you can "slide" the screen.
Storage: the info is confusing, but mine shows 256MB RAM; it takes 16GB microSD, and the cover is located on left side, rather easy to open.
Audio: I mentioned talking part, the music is up to what player you're using, I have pocket player installed, it works just fine, and audio is good through Sennheiser headphones (PXC350); the player supports streaming wma out of the box, you can get GSPlayer to add shoutcast and local ogg playback.
Software: PIE isn't that great, it has problem rendering some sites and pics, and it makes things worse because you can't use D-pad when it closed; Opera works well, and recommended.
You can also opt for Iris Browser, it works OK, but I experience some crashing.
Camera: the pic quality isn't that good, it has some washed out problem; I didn't try the video recording, it claims it can take VGA 30fps mp4.
Conclusion: you should get it if you have enough money, not to mention it can be tethered.

Upgrade Worthy!!!


Aug 30, 2009 by Mektah

I previously owned the Tmobile MDA which was my introduction to the world of HTC. I skipped the Wing as it was just not the step up I was looking for.

I was hooked on the TP2 and price or not I was gonna have it. That being said.

Pros:Great Qwerty Keyboard, great speaker phone. Call quality in Portland Oregon is great. Solid built. TouchFlo finger friendly. Opera browser included. Great pics for 3.2 MP.

Cons:Default Browser not Opera. Menu not intuitive.(People who have fave five plans but dont want fave five to be home icon have to change it in fave five settings not touch flow settings. No flash on cam. Only 3.2 MP. Screen orientation only in selective programs. Lacks 3.5mm jack.

Surprises:Touchflow hides windows really well. On screen keyboard better than expected. Extension not that big of a hassle.

Touch Pro2..my mini laptop/phone/camera/camcorder/dumbell


Aug 16, 2009 by MACKDEEZY510

I thought I'd let everyone know how great this phone is, by writing my review from my, Touch Pro2.

To be frank, I'm actually using the unlocked version of the TP2, but, both of these phones are equally superb.

Everyone needs to get the iphone out of their head for just a second, and the N97 as well, and just tinker around with this. I think you'll find yourself to be quite pleased with this phone. Especially after you get familiar with all of its functions and OS. It was very heavy upon unboxing. I wasn't sure if it would have what it takes, but, now, I can honestly say that this is 1 finely crafted piece of technology u got here. Like I said I'm writing my review with it and typing away pretty comfortably.

Pros: Touch Pro 3D is great
sharp screen
able to dl many programs
actual web (and have the option to view full sites)
great keyboard
easy to use (as long as you know how windows runs things)
nice looks and feels sturdy

Cons: battery life
doesn't feel as handy as the N97
a bit slower than the iphone 3gs and nokia n97
web browser doesn't detect links from far zoom super great (unless u use the stylus, or, zoom in a bit, or use the arrow keys)
no flash
for the unlocked version, the back cover seems to come off a little bit too easy (could just be my phone cuz i bought it off a private seller)

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this phone. It has many features yet very simple to use. Great for business and a great sight to see. I intend to use this phone for many years even if better phones come out. It has everything you've needed the past 5 years and then some. TP2 this aint a R. Kelly album but u sure can play it on here.

TP2 3rd times a charm


Aug 29, 2009 by FAM2

I reviewed this phone before as a bad phone because I had a hearing sound problem. I stated that I got a replacement and had the same issue. I was going to give up but I was talked into a 3rd phone. 3rd time was a charm. Not sure what was wrong with the 1st two phones but the 3rd sounds great. Thus I have nothing Negative to report on this phone. Well maybe I do.

Feels good in your hand.
3 ways of texting; touch as a bar, touch horizontally and slide it open. all full qwerty.
Display is beautiful and large
Finger friendly.

Overall Great Phone

No 3.5mm Jack.. (Heard Sprints Version is getting the 3.5mm)

Camera is good but would like to have seen 5mp or better.
No flash.

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