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HTC Touch Pro2 (GSM) / Tilt 2


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Jul 23, 2010 by narn3049

By features and looks its awesome

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Oct 13, 2009 by StickyMango

This phone is a great WinMo device, yet there are many flaws.

We will start with the pro's...

-Huge, great looking display
- Tilt feature allows for nice veiwing angle for movies(If you have the time)

Cons (Now the fun part):
-This phone is excessivly huge, I stacked two ihpone 3gs's next to this ting, and they were the same size!
-Call quality is TERRIBLE. The headset volume all the way up is so quiet, its useless
-Speakerphone sounds great, but mic wuality is poor
-HTC still hasent fixed the issue with SMS's going through touch flo and not winmo, which causes lag when replying to messages.

The Skinny - This review is totally based upon the T-mobile touch pro 2, lets hope the CDMA version has some of these problems fixed :D

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htc touch pro 2 that is sooooo slooooow


Aug 1, 2010 by darrellxpe

This phone is not for someone that needs quality. It has good features however is so slow and the touch pad that is so unresponsive and quits when you need it. We bought 2 phones and both have touch screens that do not work. Nice idea but not dependable. Good key pad but touch screen is a tease only works sometimes. Certain things need the key pad and if it is not working you may as well throw it out the window because it will not work. It is not dependable. I am a Quality Engineer and would like to warn people this phone has a touch screen that is unrealiable and sooooo slooooow.

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hate it!


Jun 1, 2010 by TrueLaShun

I hated this phone with every sense of the word. I guess its because I am use to a trackball coming from a G1 and this phone is incredibly difficult to navigate! you pretty much have to close everything to get back to something (i could never find it in the drop down menu)...on top of that...have you seen the Windows Market for apps??? what a joke!

cons: navigation, os (windows 6.5), app market on windows, no trackball, the phone is ridiculously heavy no customization....the list goes on

pros: screen, camera

i did get this phone as an insurance replacement (thank goodness) so i called back and complained and they upgraded me to the myTouch 3g with the 3.5mm jack and after adjusting the onscreen keyboard im in android heaven!

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Touch Pro 2 is a very unreliable phone


Apr 9, 2010 by MpossibleBlueEyes

11/2009 I bought a Touch Pro 2.

3 days after getting my htc, a friend (that had an HTC) asked me why I pocket dialed him 19 times in one day. I thought he was teasing and ignored him. Then a couple other people said I was pocket dialing them. I couldn't see how it was possible since the phone has a sleep setting that had to be turned on and then within so many seconds, the number has to be dialed. Well... Mystery solved.. One day my phone called my friend while she was sitting next to me. Mine was upright in a cup holder not touching the sleep button on top or the touch screen. It was randomly dialing people.

I called Tmobile. Did a hard reset. Waited for windows mobile 6.5 & did another reset. Reinstalled 6.5 & reset again just to make sure I did it right. It kept happening.

T-Mobile sent me a replacement TouchPro2. It was worse than mine. The only way people could hear me was if I used a headset. That phone went back the day after I got it.

The next one they sent... People could hear me. Big plus over the last one... So I set it up the way I like everything and crossed my fingers.

3 days later, I was on my headset talking to a friend and all the sudden I started getting voice mail prompts to leave a message. I pulled the phone out of my purse. It hung up on my friend & called my home phone. (While in a pocket of my purse that didn't have stuff bumping it.) Ok fine.. Called her back & finished the call. Back in the car, it went in the cup holder as usual. In the next 10 minutes it called my home phone 2 more times!

And... the home phone... It's my home office. I NEVER call it cuz nobody but me is allowed to answer it. So it's not like the phone was redialing. Out of 700 contacts in my phone, that time it (thankfully) picked me as the random recipient of calls.

Final opinion... 4 months, 3 phones, all bad. Just say no to the TouchPro2

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I thought it is was good?


Dec 29, 2009 by Djicey702

I bought this phone for two reasons..
*Because it got good ratings from PhoneScoop
*Because I can use it to sync to my Windows pc


big screen
touch screen
and so on...


The owner's manual can only be viewed on the computer (and it sucks!) There is such a lack of technical/useful instructions and info. I am really surprised that HTC did that!

The menu for texting is kinda weird, there is two different types you can switch through on the phone.. Strange!

You cannot lock the screen if you setup a password to lock the phone. If you want to put the phone in your pocket, you press and hold the "end key" and it locks the device with a password but when you put it in your pocket all you hear is beep beep beep because your phone is expecting you to type in a password. If you don't setup a password to lock your device; you press and hold the "end key" and the screen locks like any other cell phone.
This is so freaking annoying!!! My last HTC product never did this.

And now the problems I have had with this phone.. I guess I am the only one according to T-mobile.

* I get this text message with a sim card icon that reads "129" (T-mobile said this is for 'visual voice mail' and they don't know why I am getting this message because I don't have 'visual voice mail' on this phone. They still haven't fixed this problem and they have a ticket open for it.. whatever that means!

* The touch screen locks up for no reason and you have to take the battery out to reset it.

* I keep getting this error message: "Cannot connect: epc.tmobile.com" It's for the Internet and T-mobile says they've never heard of such a problem.

* My "received" text message came in with the incorrect time stamp. They were always four minutes ahead of my device/system time.. T-mobile opened a ticket and it seems okay now.. but very strange!


I spoke with someone at T-mobile today, they are going to send me out another phone, let's see what happens.

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Great Windows Mobile Phone..But ANDROID IS BETTER!


Nov 10, 2009 by TMOBILEMAJORS

I had this phone for about 2 weeks.
Its a great phone, but windows mobile is just so lackluster compared to Android that I couldnt get into the phone.

Before i purchased the phone I had been using a G1 with android for about 6 months. The only reason I switched to get the phone was the keyboard which was bigger than the G1 and the tilt function which was pretty cool.

Pros :

TouchFlo is cool
Youtube is flawless
WinMo can support flash which is also cool (when it works)
Keyboard is big
Screen size is huge

Windows mobile never changed much and it gets pretty boring
No application store on the phone ( Android has spoiled me)
Phone had a lot of hiccups and sometime froze up
Program that allows flash only works on certain sites (No Hulu!) and it sometimes became annoying to use

All in All this is a great phone if you like WIndows but ever since android has come along I am in love with the features, the downloads and the interface, so i switched back to my G1. I dont think I will upgrade to the MyTouch because I need a keyboard and the Cliques keyboard is akwardly small. The Behold 2 also has android but Samsung's designs always look cheap for some reason and this is their first Smartphone for T-Mobile I will have to wait and see.

- Tmobile Majors! Over and Out

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