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Samsung SCH-A530


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The Best Phone So Far!


Oct 24, 2003 by Lawn4sir

So far my Samsung SCH-A530 has far exceeded my expectations. It is 100% reliable and simple to use. Far superior to my previous Motorola V60 which had many problems. One problem about the Samsung I keep hearing about, is that the exterior display cannot be viewed without opening the door to illuminate it. Not true! Although not mentioned in the directions (at least as far as I read) when the phone is closed, push and hold down the side toggle button for about 2 seconds and the front panel illuminates. I found that out by mistake. The Verizon rep who sold me the phone didn't even know this. Anyway, I highly recommend this phone. Great reception, no dropped calls, no static or buzzing noise and easy to learn and use. Great color display. Way to go Samsung!

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5 Stars


Jul 13, 2003 by Daniel Johnson

Samsung a530 is on of the best quality phones that has ever been released with Verizon Wireless. The all digital isn't a problem except in a few small areas which aren't a part of the VZW footprint. As a matter of fact VZW will be eliminating analog all together within the next 3 years. Anyway got on a tangent. The color of the phone is a bit undesirable if you're a man that's not confident in your masculinity because of the gold color!!!!! JK!!! The all digital phones have superior voice quality as well as digital reception verses a phone that operates in both analog and digital mode. If you're looking for a high end phone that's fully functional this is an awesome pick. The ability to put in pics as both your wallpaper as well as caller id, awesome. For those of you who have one it's done through get it now, just go to exego and it'll walk you right through it. It also comes with great included accessories, i.e. XT battery, an external charger, so that you can charge one battery while using another, belt clip. The mobile office kit is also now available for the a530 (same kit as the a310). VZW mobile office kit now comes with phone book manager so that you can sync your phone book. This phone is leaps and bounds above any offering from LG, and Motorola. I'm a motorola freak so that's significant coming from me. Anyway there is my two cents worth, sorry so long!!!

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All Around Good Phone


Jun 19, 2003 by Dick Grayson

I'll make this brief. First the bad: Displays. The main color display looks great, unless there is sunlight. Then it washes out almost completely. This is a real problem and if I take back my phone (7 days left) it will be for this reason only. The outside display CANNOT be seen unless you turn on the back light (done by opening the phone or using side button). It surprises me that Samsung even bothered making this screen color.

With the exception of the displays this phone is great. It is surprisingly comfortable to use for being so small. Keys are well positioned and convenient. Sound and clarity is quite good. Features included are what you should expect from higher priced phones(see Phonescoop detail page).

The A530 is a nice phone worth considering.

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Good, really good


May 31, 2003 by BEN DOVER

I got this phone about 2 weeks ago and its been great. I did some shopping around first and noticed that this phone was getting a higher rating than the LG VX4400, I decided to give this phone a chance to see what it can do. Its just been nothing but cool. Although it does not have analog capability, who needs it anymore? I owned the v60 before this and was having alot of problems, it popped into analog all the time, and I don't know about you guys but I can't hear people for shit when I'm in analog mode. With the samsung a530 I have not dropped one call yet. The only downside of this phone is the ring tones, the games and the screens you can download on this. There is not many to choose from so far, but this phone really just kind of hit the market, considering they had to fix the bugs that were wrong with it when it first came out. Give it some time and it will be one of the top phones, much better than the Moto T720. If you are looking for a phone, give this one a chance, you won't be sorry

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Samsung A530


May 29, 2003 by Steve Lee

I have been around cell phones for several years...I lived in a country that uses state of the art mobile technology. Being from Korea I tried the new Samsung A530...I have never been more please in a phone than this. Before this phone I had an LG VX4400 loved that phone as well but the size was something that I wasn't pleased with. The Samsung has a sleek design and good color quality. This is the closest phone that I can compare to any Korean phone. I'm just waiting for a Verizon phone like the Siemens SL55. In Korea they had this model a year ago made by a different company called SKY it was the best phone I have ever seen. Until this comes up I think the A530 is the best phone to purchase for all you Verizon users.

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Really Nice so far.....


May 14, 2003 by Bill Harris

Just got an a530 and one thing I can say apart from all the obvious comments already made, is this phone is very sensitive on reception.

I have compared it with several other high end current color models and this one really held calls VERY well in a weak reception area.

For the guy who works for Verizon, you sell the product and didn't know it was an all digital phone? Hmmmm...

No matter, sources I have heard from at Verizon said they intend to have digital sites on top of the current analog ones, very soon. So, hopefully the Bummer guy won't be bummed out for too long!

So far, I like it. Time will tell. I will hold off on the final star till then.

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Correct Information


Apr 26, 2003 by FAUguy

The Verizon Stores in my area (FL) did get this phone in about two weeks ago. After it was for sale for a few days, they had to stop selling it due to a "software issue". Once this "issue" is resolved, they will once again be selling that A530.

I stopped at the store last week and tried it out. I didn't like the gold color, and the buttons were to small for my hands. The external screen cannot be read unless you turn the backlight on.

The reception and voice clarity was good. If you are looking for a small phone will good features, and don't mind that it is gold colored, then it's a good deal. However, if you're a guy with large hands, then I would not recommend it. Phone felt too small and uncomfortable. Buttons were squashed together.

I will be waiting for the VX-6000.

As I said, they store in FL have the phone, but they are all in the back and not on display. They cannot be sold until the fix is available.

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Best color phone so far for Verizon


May 17, 2003 by Jeffrey Clemens

This phone has the best clarity I have had in a mobile, and no repeating, as I had with the V60. (when you hear what you said repeated) I was hesitant to change from Motorola, but was not happy with their recent submissions.

One thing that this phone has that the VX4400 does not, is message reminder. I gave up the LG because I need to know when I have a message waiting without checking the phone constantly. You can even adjust the tone and volume of the reminder!

A well built phone, I think it has an aluminum face, and it is still a full 1 oz. lighter than the T720, which is plastic.

The front screen backlight is activated by holding in the side button for 1 second, and you can set the voice dial to activate by the # button, opening the flip, or ear/mic.

There are complaints that this is a duel mode digital phone, and does not pick up analog signals. Verizon has progressed where analog is obsolete. In areas where signal strength is virtually non-existent, I have had no problems.

I do not like everything about this phone, for starters that can make a plain background available for both the wallpaper and menu item displays.

I also received an error when transferring my phone book. I believe this is due to the phone having the ability to hold 999 numbers with 12 spaces each, instead of 500 numbers with 24 spaces each. These are minor complaints.

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Samsung SCH-A530


Jun 7, 2003 by Alex Pitel

First the cons. The PC connectivity cradle is unavailable as of now for this phone. This seems very weird and unfitting for an expensive top of the line flip phone for samsung. Both screens are very dim without the back light on and are unreadable in the sun even when back lit. This is unacceptable in comparison to the Sony Erickson phones which have a decent amount of contrast when the screen isn't lit up. The phone has digital reception only, but this has not affected any of the signal quality.

The phone is very compact and easy to use. It has a very sturdy construction and a great looking finish. Using the tiny keys takes some getting used to, but overall they aren't bad at all. I was very pleased with the included extended life battery. The screens are both great, easy to read and have awesome resolution.

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Motorola 720 vs SCH-a530


Jun 10, 2003 by Kevin Hiroshima

Size: Very small and compact
Feel: Buttons have a nice feel when depressed and flip feels very sturdy
Screen color: Vivrant
UI: Quite intuitive
Ringer & Speaker Volume
Keyboard Light: Looks like a Passat!
Slim Battery Life: So far quite adequate

Front Display: The information is unreadable without the backlight and not as useful as an LCD. I don't really think it's necessary to have a color front screen.
Case Color: Gold? I got over it, but I would have preferred silver.
Vibra-Ring: After the vibration mode, the ringer is not adjustable in this mode, only level 5 (Loud)
Caller ID: Area codes must be input for the caller ID to function properly, in addition the '1' (ie 1-800-555-1212) must be eliminated as well for the ID to function.

My experience is a week old with this phone and so far I REALLY like it over the 720. I had some software issues with the 720 and overall, I was thrilled to reduce my form factor. I also have to admit, I was leary moving from Motorola. I switch phones every 6 months or so and have had many Motorola and Nokia phones. I am quite pleased with my first Samsung . . . but why gold???
Great phone.

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