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Outstanding Phone


Feb 28, 2004 by Consumer Joe

I have had my new Samsung phone for just over two weeks now and to be perfectly honest, I am going to have to dig deep to find a couple of cons to put at the end of this review. This phone is simply outstanding. I live in the Southern New Jersey area just outside of Philadelphia. I use my cell phone mainly for long distance from my house where cellular reception is not always the greatest. I am very happy to report that this Samsung phone has passed the test with flying colors. Reception and voice clarity are both excellent. I've had a Motorola Startac for two years prior to this one which was also a good performing phone. It was time for my "New Every Two" upgrade so I first tried the LG 4500 phone. BIG MISTAKE!! I was unable to complete a single call from inside of my house. The Samsung is a world of difference. I have even been told from other parties that my cell phone now sounds better than my 5.8GHz Cordless home phone. Imagine that. While the Samsung may lack some of the cool features of other phones, (ie speakerphone, camera, total voice command dialing) it more than makes up for it with its overall quality and performance. A key feature that for some strange reason seems to be left out by some other manufacturers.

For the budget conscious, the phone is a bit costly. Also, does not have a speakerphone and the voice activation can only be used if the name and number is pre-programmed. Limited ring tone selection. Much greater selection with Get it Now but of course that will cost you a couple of bucks. Like I said, these are very insignificant drawbacks to an otherwise outstanding performing phone.

Pros: Excellent reception and voice clarity. Easy to learn and operate. Sleek compact design and easy to learn and master. Voice activation is very convenient feature.

Cons: No speakerphone. Small buttons. Voice activation can only be used if number is pre-programmed.

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Aug 8, 2003 by CAROL DOUGLAS

I am currently a Verizon Wireless consumer and I have to tell you that this Samsung A530 has been great. Sometimes we think it is our service provider when we have certain issues with our phone, but thats not always the case. Our service provider is usually not the problem, its usually equipment and we know it is hard to find good equipment without taking chance on a lemon. Every since I picked up a Samsung it has worked wonders. I have friends who have taken their phones back on several occasions because they were having problems, but not me I just look and laugh because I know my phone is the best.

Thank You Samsung!!

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Best Phone overall for Verizon


Jul 20, 2003 by Mcflip78

First off this is an excellent phone by Verizon...Let's start off with the pros and cons

PROS: size, the screen, the reception, audio quality and battery life are all excellent...i previously had a T720 and this phone is leaps and bounds over the T720....

CONS: the gold color.....i mean i got over it but couldn't they offer it in like silver or something...The outside LCD is almost impossible to see in direct sunlight...and its almost too dark to see when it's not lit... Hopefully they will come out with better software to help correct this problem....

In conclusion, this is an a excellent phone and i am very happy with it!!!

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Overall excellent


Jun 18, 2003 by AVIOUS2001

I work retail sales for a Verizon Wireless authorized dealer so I have experience with just about every Verizon phone that has come out over the past 2 years. I must say that I was so impressed with the a530 that i went ahead and bought one for myself. The only downside I've experienced with this phone is the ringer volume. The polyphonic ringers which sound great are a little bit quieter than I would like. Aside from that however the phone has flawless reception even though there is no support for analog. The size is ideal a perfect fit for any pocket. The color screen is top notch blowing away other phones such as the T720. The battery life is great , i can get about 3 days of use from the regular battery. I still haven't even tested the extended battery which is bundled along in the box. All the menus are intuitive and quite easy to navigate. And overall I recommend this phone to just about everybody that walks into my store. ********Just to note the person who left the review saying that personal pictures cannot be downloaded. There is a new program available through GET IT NOW called exego. This program , that even has a free 12 hour demo, can now download personal pictures onto the phone that can be used for both wallpapers and picture caller id.

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Switched StarTac -> A530, amazing!


Jun 18, 2003 by neilah

Longtime Verizon customer and a member of executive management, was happy with my StarTac 7868W's reception and size. The A530 seems smaller in my hand, but screen is much brighter and phone feels significantly better built. I still drop calls in areas the StarTac did, but not having analog is not a problem. I was lucky to get a signal at my house with the StarTac, but I get 2 bars of strength and 1X reception now!

Kit included phone, desktop charger, AC adapter, belt holster, manual, and both std. and extended batts. Got $100 credit for 2-year service, phone was $100 - $50 mail-in rebate = $50 final cost (plus tax).

- Light, bright, compact size
- Seemingly stronger reception pull in certain areas than my StarTac
- Long battery life
- dual color displays
- smart button color lighting schemes for low-light function grouping
- voice dialing tags and regular phonebook entries live seperately in different directories
- enough basic ringers to satisfy business needs
- build quality
- 999 phonebook entries, with home, office, cell, pager, fax, alias, and email adddress entries per name

- champagne color case is a little too 'yellow'
- reports of some incompatibilities with headsets; headset jack may be 'smart Samsung jack'
- dual display clock wallpaper seems locked to only 'NYC' and 'Seoul'
- external display options are 2 different analog clocks, digital clock, and some 'patterns'

Overall, I'm impressed with this phone. It's small enough to fit in my pocket, yet loud enough to be heard in my meetings. An impressive, feature-packed replacement for my good old StarTac.

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Great Phone


May 8, 2003 by jasondock

I just got the Samsung A 530. Its a great phone! It has everything i expected in it. The exterior colored screen is very attractive and the menus are quite facile to use.

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Apr 21, 2003 by Jerome Gay

The 530 is a great phone is actually does not need to be Tri-Mode because 96% of the market is digital on Verizon Wireless. All digital phones also having longer lasting battery lives. This is a great phone and it comes with all of the necessary accessories. Verizon Wireless has the best network and the phone is set to launch soon

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Samsung gett good


Apr 28, 2003 by PROFESSORFRINK

Phone looks awsome! i could not wait to get it but i had a horrible glitch in the software, and from what i know all new Samsungs will come with a standard battery and an extended battery (530 and the I700) i dont really see any fault with the phone except the color but hey its differnt and at least they got some REAL ringers unlike the 310 guh, and if ya dont like em u can download more so i dont see a prolem with it, unlessu have really big fingers b/c the phone and keypad is a little small but well made the keys are rather easy to press but not to easy...GO SAMSUNG! i want the I700 tho and prob goin to get it as soon as we get it in. i herd it could possibly be delayed as well...but we will see

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Awesome Samsung and Reception


Jun 25, 2003 by bob lutke

Both displays on this are excellant with no complaints at all. The reception is excellant and the the overall operation is excellant. I recomend this phone to everyone and Verizon is a great company to go with. They have fantastic support and the reception is awesome. I have never dropped a call with this fully digital phone. Buy It.

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An Ok Phone


May 14, 2003 by Chris Stephan

Well, Ive been dying to get this phone ever since phone scoop first displayed it in Nov of 2002. I finally got it. The Phone Is Not as Great as it seems, But is an OK phone for Verizon. I was hoping For the A-530 To be kinda a replica Of The A-500 For Sprint. The A-530 has A nice Color Display, but the external display is kinda hard to see without the backlight turned on. Menu is pretty easy to use. Graphics are not bad at all. You Dont really Need Tri-Mode anyway because the phones that have Tri-Mode Always Switch In-to Analog Mode Anyway. If your into a cool phone for personal and travel use, this is the best one Verizon has Came out with so far.


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