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Pretty Good!


Jul 9, 2005 by mikes63737

It's pretty good for how I use it. I had this phone before I got my Samsung X475 and I think it was really good! It worked for what I needed. The screen is easy to read in direct sun, too!

*Screen readable in direct sunlight
*Ringers are loud
*Battery life is great!!
*Phone is very sturdy/rugged
*No Camera (Cell Phone Cameras in the US are awful!)
*Easy to use

*No Speakerphone
*Unusual headset connector
*Faceplate looses color easily

However, this is a great starter phone because it is easy to use.

Looking to replace this puppy


Dec 10, 2004 by dhkbjk

The 6340i replaced my good ol' 7160, but has never performed as well.

I got my first 6340i (#1) as a refurb model when my 7160 flunked its swimming lesson.

6340i #1 had problems right off the bat - mostly rebooting or powering off at random. I thought it might be due to being a refurb and returned it for a replacement after about a week. 6340i (#2) was a brand-new phone and stayed with me less than 48 hours. It was even worse than #1 - switching off while sitting on my desk. 6340i (#3) was about like #2. And then #4 has been a keeper, but by no means perfect. Why did I put up with 3 bad phones? Simply put, I'm cheap and they kept replacing my refurb with brand-new phones.

With #4, which I've now had about a year, the performance has been adequate. It rarely turns itself off just sitting on my desk, but will sometimes in my pocket. I live in Atlanta and there are about three spots on m normal path that will cause the call to drop and sometimes cause the phone to reboot. I think it has something to do with switching to/from analog from/to GSM. When that happens the call _always_ drops and at various times of the year the phone will even reboot. I'd say it reboots spontaneously once a week on average.

I suspect, but Cingular won't confirm, that it has to do with their GSM network changes/upgrades.

500 contacts
Good volume
Good reception (ignoring the reboots)

Need more contacts (1000)

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Nokia still the best


Jul 8, 2004 by cingularstacey

this phone is a teriffic phone for people in low gsm areas. it always has signal and rarely drops below 3 bars. i would recommend this phone to anyone looking for the basics

it is very durable
big screen
easy to read
decent games
predictive text
voice commands

not a color screen
monophonic ringtones
a little too big
hard to get replaceable faceplates

Does the job and does it well


May 9, 2004 by Mark_S

Other than lacking even the most basic color screen(which is not an absolute necessity), this phone picks up signals where I have seen newer phones not cutting it. The audio equalizer setting is a charm when in areas where it is hard to hear someone. Timed profiles, multi-numbers and details per phone listing, easily found accessories, an external antenna jack, TDMA/GSM/analog network accessibility, very good battery life are to name some of the pros here. Cons are a bit large in size, the on/off button location and size, and very dim backlight. The proof is in the pudding and Nokia keeps proving itself....

Nokia's got you covered


Jan 27, 2004 by BENNY_D

Well, with one of the GAIT phones being the most worthless handsets ever made (Ericsson T62u)you are left with only one choice... Good thing it is the nooks 6340i. when one is looking for coverage look no further than the 6340i... The only phone that works off TDMA,GSM,ANA. it will get you coverage that no one else will get..
works just like every other nokia!!!!
big buttons for the older crowd as well as dialing drivers.
multi-network phone
big screen (not color sorry)
the button on top will break if dropped or bangs around.. take it from a cingular tech.
make sure your provider has no roaming restrictions on your account, if so when out of your home area it may not work even if your not really roaming...
if you are going GAIT go with nokia 6340i

can't destroy works everywhere


Apr 19, 2004 by zjc2a

This Phone will work everywhere including parts of Cuba for some reason. I have had mine for over a year and it has fallen down two flights of stairs although falling appart it came back together with no real damage and has even been run over by a go cart, Which then I had to replace the front cover but the phone still works fine. Not many features but its primary function is as a phone which it does very well.

Nokia has their act together


Jul 7, 2003 by bizkitsngravy

I currently work for a cell phone company and have had my chance at using/buying just about every phone we offer. Before I started working for this company I was with another carrier that did not offer nokia products and so I was stuck using either a kyocera(crap!) or an LG...Nokias simplicity of their phones and their determined will to be different and not conform to the ever-so-common siler flip phone you see in everyones hands or belt clip at every airport, grocery store, mall, or sporting event....This particular model has the capability of reading both GSM and TDMA networks and it still supports 800amps analog (which can actually save your butt sometimes if your car is broken down out in the boonies as I once discovered and analog is the only network coverage out there outdated may it be) Anyway, this phone performs wonderfully and as with every nokia you have access to worlds of ringtones, faceplates, and it so far has proven to be pretty durable too
If I had anything bad to say about this phone it woud be that it IS a bit on the large side, however not to the point it is inconvienent...The earpiece volume could stand to be a bit louder, and when the screen saver is on, it has brain-farts...it likes to reset itself to "0:00" if its set for digital or it shows on the analog clock as high noon....however, the clock on the screen itself has never stopped. Oh, and one time when I was traveling the phone got "stuck" on a tower and I had to call tech support to get them to release the signal and thats never happened before...probably just a fluke.
Anyway...wonderful phone, wonderful brand. I cant wait to see what nokia comes out with next!

Overall, very good cell phone


Aug 19, 2004 by jmeitzen

Picked after having used it for 2 weeks and having done about 6 months of research on cell phones.

-It's a GAIT phone (works on GSM, TDMA, and analog) so nationwide coverage area map is about as good as any I've seen. I have yet to put that to the test but around Austin, TX, it's worked better than my Moto.
-Cingular customer service is WAY better than ATTWireless's.
-Voice command dialing works better than the Moto v120 I had
-Equalizer is handy
-Can silence ringer without refusing call
-Internal antenna (great if carry in pocket)
-much easier to see battery level and signal strength than Motorola cell phones
-tried this phone in a notoriously bad area in town and although it went down to NO bars of signal strength, call was not dropped and didn't even get fuzzy!
-No camera
-Some friends of mine have two and they've been very durable even if the power button broke off one of theirs.

-no speakerphone (although other Nokias with speakerphones are not loud enough to use while driving on highway while Moto's are)
-being discontinued by Cingular (only carrier that offers it)
-no Bluetooth but that's overrated
-weak selection of ringtones, TEN that are mostly little songs. Nokia, I don't want my phone to play a song when my phone rings! No downloadable ring tones on NokiaUSA.com available either (contrary to the specs on this site).
-If you're in BFE, this would be one of the best phones to have a shot at getting signal. Only problem with GAIT technology (according to info on the awesome phonescoop.com) is if you're driving and the phone switches from say GSM to TDMA or vice versa, the call gets dropped but you should be able to easily reconnect with this phone since it'll connect with GSM, TDMA, AND analog towers. I'd rather take my chances with a phone I know will work in Taos!
-backlight isn't super bright but display size makes up for it.
-not the phone's fault but cell phone companies should stop rounding partial minutes up!

Definitely reccomend


Oct 9, 2003 by Chaotic19

Although this is my first wireless phone, I am in love with it. I am a customer care rep for one of the larger wireless providers, and compared to what I've heard about other phones (and I have a heard alot crap) and based on my experiences with, this is definitely one of the best phones out there today if not the best. The phonebook is awesome, w/ multiple numbers per name+ you can add their e-mail addresses and all kinds of stuff. I've had my fon on for almost two days now and i still have full battery strength. Awesome reception strenth as well. I love the games as well, especially the pass n rush football game. The only thing they could w/ this to make it better is give it a color diplay. I like the voice commands as well, much easier than dialing a number when your other hand is carrying something.

First Impression - Nearly Great (A-)


Feb 8, 2003 by fbates

I've had this phone for nearly two weeks, after learning that Cingular had activated GSM in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market. It's a bit on the bleeding edge of technology still, but so far, I'm happy. I am a heavy user, and previously have had the following Cingular Nokia phones: 8260, 3360, 8265. I like the Nokia interface. This phone's battery lasts. Even with heavy calling, it takes me two or three days to run it down to where a reacharge is necessary. Unfortunately, Nokia has changed the accessory plug, so the 8260 type earbuds won't work. You'll need to purchase a new one. The feature set is improved over the 8260/8265, and though I preferred the white on black screen of the 8265 better, this "traditional" one works just fine. If you need a phone that works as a phone, sends and receives text messages, vibrates when you need it to and rings when you don't, then this is the phone for you. It has a new feature of a timed profile. Say you want to select the "silent" profile while you are in a meeting or at a movie, but may forget to return to "normal" mode afterwards and thus miss calls. The timed profile counts down from the profile you select, and reverts to the previous profile at the expiration time you set. Very handy. The GSM/TDMA switching is not completely seemless. When the phone wants to switch, it does, regardless of if you are in a call or not. The phone appears to reboot into the different mode. Even with that minor annoyance, the sound quality is loud and clear. Like most mobile phones, it will get warmer the longer you talk, but this is a common trait, and not a major detraction. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first impressions. Buy it.

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